א = Aleph
[NOTE: The Hebrew characters in these lists have been omitted from this edition. ED.]

ab, first ancestor, father.
ab, master, teacher, councillor.
ab, desire.
abchh, destruction (applied to a sword[1]).
abk, to mix together, to roll itself together (as smoke).
abn, stone.
abr, to mount upward.
abir, the first.
abr, a wing feather.
abrh, feathers.
abrk, tender father (margin).
abr, poetically of God[2].
ad, vapour.
add, to befall, as misfortune.
adon, a lord, master, ruler, noble, adonaim, a triad[3].

adm, red, red man.
adm, applied to the female sex[4], menstrual flux[5]
adm, to dam.
adr, twelfth month, amplitude, width.
agm, a collection of water, reeds.
ap, first ancestor.
ap, guide, judge, head, chief.
ab, desire, wish.
abkh, leap, move, penetrate; ab, to brandish; kh, thing brandished.
abkh, varied or variegated plumes; ab, pied.
ab, tablet, statue, stone, ivory, horn; abn, stone wall.
apa, to mount, fly on high.
ap, first.
apr, preparer of bows, equip.
apru, a fillet of consecration.
ab, holy father; rek, to rule.
abur, God.
att, to soar, fly.
att, retribute; at, destitute.
atnu, captain; atennu, titles; aten, rank, quality, highest; aten, solar
  orb; atenu, penetrator, former, and ruler.
atum, the red deity, red sun.
atem, the 'Mother-Goddess of time,' or periodicity.
atem, to shut up.
atr, the limit, boundary, space, measure, distance.
akhem, a whelming wave; akh, reed.
ahb, to desire, wish for, sigh after, love, be attached.
ahd, joined together.
ain, nothing, negation, not.
aiph, a measure of grain.
ahi, ten, house, habitation, dwelling.
an, desire.
aob, python.
aob, a soothsayer, diviner.
aob, a bottle.
aud, to gird, encircle.
aud, to press down, as with misfortune.
aun, negation.
aun, iniquity.
ophn, symbolic wheel, or circle.
aur or avr, fire, to burn.
auth, a sign, a type.
az, behold, then.
az, an idol.
atzb, image, idol, representation of the female.
azd, gone.
az, formerly, former time.
azn, give ear.
azq, a chain or fetters, in the plural.
azrch, people of a district, natives, native.
achch, to burn, as fire.
ach, a fire-pot.
akd, to bind.
achd, the first one, first day of the month.
achor, the hinder or bottom part, rear end, the west, the latter time.
akph, to push, spur, drive on.
achu, reeds, grass, Nile-grass.
achz, to enclose, encompass, seize, lay hold fast, grasper, holder.
atun, fine linen.
atm, stop the ears, shut.
atr, to enclose with a hedge, bound.
aib, an adversary, enemy.
aiphh, a measure of grain, modius.
aish, typical male, vir, virile.
aki, corn, grain.
akr, husbandman, digger, to plough.
amh, cubit.
al, ancient name of the supreme deity, interchanges with Baal.
aiph, to bind, to bind up or together.
alh, to be round, move in a circle.
aiph, head of a family or tribe.
am, typical mother.
am, truth.
amn, to stay, sustain, support, to found, make firm, sure.
amn, to nurse a child; amnth, a nurse.
amth, truth.
amm, to join together.
anq, to he pressed.
anki, I.
ans, to urge, compel, force.
hab, wish; hap, to unite in marriage.
aahti, dual deity, lunar; ahti, legs, womb, bellows.
en, no, not, negative.
ap, a bushel of grain.
ah, house, stable, camp, storehouse.
uha, desire.
app, Apophis, serpent.
ap, to declare, show, manifest, guide.
ap, measure of liquids; ab, a water-bottle.
at, circle.
att, destitute.
en or na, negation.
un, bad.
api, the symbolic winged disk.
afr, fire, to burn,
at, a type.
as, behold; ash, then.
as, a statue, a typical image.
ash, seat, feminine symbol.
as, to go away; aas, go, haste.
asat, period of time.
as, lo!
uskh, a collar.
rekh, people of a district, native.
akb, fire.
akh, a censer.
akh, to suffocate.
hek, first in rule; hek-t, queen; hek, title of Amen, lord of first region.
akar, Hades, amentes, the underworld, the west.
kefa, hunt.
akhn, reed.
kes or keks, to bind, bend down, subject.
at and atun, a kind of linen.
atm, listen, hear, to shut.
atr, limit, boundary.
app, the Apophis, enemy of the sun.
apa, bushel.
ash, tree of life, symbolic; as, secreting part of body; ash, emission.
aka, grain, corn.
akan, ploughshare.
meh, cubit.
ar or har, the son, the lord.
arp, to bind, a bundle.
aaiu, orbit or orbits.
kherp, the first, principal, the majesty, the prow.
hem, typical female.
ma, truth.
min, to place firm, fix, found.
menâ or menat, the nurse, the nursing mother.
mut, truth.
am, together with.
ank, to squeeze.
ank, I, the king.
ans-ra[6], the opposer.


anph, breathe, emit breath.
Anush, son of Seth.
ash, to injure.
asa (Aram), to heal, physician,
asir, prisoners bound.
apis, swine’s snout[7].
aphud, image of an idol.
aphll, judgment.
aph, even.
aph, anger, breathing wrath.
aphl, to set, be hidden, obscured.
aphais, viper.
aphn, to twist.
aphr, some kind of headdress or ornament, a mitre in Syriac.
azb, uncertain root, perhaps to labour, to toil[8].
azi, noble.
ar, a hero, strong man, giant.
ara, lion, strong, Ares.
arg, to weave.
arkh, healing.
arh, to pluck off, gather grapes.
arch, to decree, appoint a time, make a covenant.
arch, a period, a course of time[9].
ark, length, space, continuance of time.
ash, foundations; ashb (unused root).
ashph, a magician, enchanter, to evoke spirits or practise magic.
ashh, a sacrifice.
ash, fire, fever.
ashr, to become the spouse or husband, attain puberty.
ashr, happiness.
ashrh, a sacred tree.
asartha, Pentecost offerings of first fruits, as loaves
 of bread and measures of meal[9a].
ashthun, rest.
avh, to desire, to wish strongly,
avth, to be, exist.
avth, to be, to exist, being, essence, body.
avth, a sign, mark, sign for marking portions of title.
avph, to measure.
avr, light, lightning.
am, substance, born.
ath, out of.
athi, for at, a feminine thou; athun, a she-ass.
athmcha, to be crucified.
athn, hard substance.
athn, perennial.
athr, place of God.
nef, breath.
anush, the wolf, Sut-Anubis.
ash, hurt.
usha, doctor.
sehar, overthrow.
aph, boar.
Apt, i.e., Thoueris; hept, shrine, hema-image; hept, sign of peace, plenty.
ap, judgment.
ap, equal or even.
auf, chastise.
hap, to hide.
hefa, viper.
pena, to turn, reverse.
apru, fillet, proof of consecration.
aasb, leisure; asft, idleness, fault.
as, noble.
ar, the Divine Son and Hero.
ru, lion.
ark, to weave.
ark, thirtieth of the month, end of period.
arr, vine, grapes.
ark, oath, covenant.
ark, a time, end of a period.
rek, time, rule, reckon.
asb, throne, seat.
shefi, terrify, terror, demoniacal.
as, sacrifice.
ashr, inflame.
sherau, pubescent.
sher-sher, joys; sheri, rejoice.
asru, tamarisk tree.
ashrta, meaning determined by a slice or portion of
 bread, corn, and a measure.
as, rest; tun, seat.
uha, to desire strongly.
an, to be.
at, born of; aft, the flesh; apt, the essence.
aft, the four quarters.
ap, measure.
afr, fire.
at, flesh, born of.
at, out of.
ahti, womb.
makha, balance, level, or crossing.
atn, some hard substance, tin.
aten, to make the circle.
athor, place or habitation of Horus.

ב = Beth

beth, the letter B, house.
baush, bad, wicked; bash, to stink, a stench.
pa, hieroglyphic house; bu-t, belly, vagina.
besh, naked, wounded, hostile, revolt, mystical sense.
bar, to declare, explain.
brr, void, purge, he empty.
bara, fountain.
bbh, aperture, cavity.
bbb, the apple or pupil of the eye.
bib, hollow, the pit.
bd or bdd, to separate, be separate, apart.
bda, to form, to fashion, used of a potter.
bdd, to devise or feign.
bhmh, Behemah.
bht, some kind of stone for pavement.
bua, sense of swelling up.
bgd, raiment, vesture, garments.
bgl, the lord, ruler, the husband.
bva, to bubble up.
bvg, to cook, to hake.
but, to bind, gird about, related to the priest’s dress.
brbr, fatted fowls.
beka, lamentation.
bqa, to cleave open, divide, divisions, half.
bqr, dawning of light.
bkrh, offspring, firstborn, young.
br, corn.
bra, to form, fashion, create, produce; bra, to beget.
bar, rejoice, be and make joyful.
buq, to empty, emptying, depopulate.
bush, ashamed; besh, shame, silence; besr, nakedness; bezluth, naked.
bchn, watchtower, beacon.
bchr, pleasure, love, mature; bechur-mut, first-begotten of death[11].
bg, food.
aben-bekn, a tried stone.
btn, womb.
bka, to drop, weep, shed, flow by drops.
bnh, to build, metaphorically to beget.
ben, son.
bqbuq, a battle.
barak, putting to flight, chasing, expelling, spoiling.
brq, to lighten, send lightning, also applied to the Great Serpent.
barakah, pools, great of waters of Gibeon.
par, show, explain.
per-t, void.
ber, to boil up; per, flow out, pour out.
beb, a well, sense of round, circular, cave, cavern.
bab, any thing round.
bab, hole, the pit.
bet, the foreigners, outsiders.
puta, form, shape, former personified as Putha, Egyptian Buddha.
put, to figure, type.
bekhama, hippopotamus.
baaiut, syenite granite.
bua, boast.
pkt, some kind of royal linen or tunic.
bak-al (Bak-Har), bak, hawk, sign of rule; har (Al), the lord.
bab, to exhale.
pefs, to cook, bake.
pini (t), pshent, crown[10].
ber-ber, tiptop, enviable.
beka, to pray.
pkhkha, to divide, divisions; peka, gap, divide in half.
peka, extend, pekal, to flower.
bakh, to engender, fecundate, conceive.
per, grain.
per, cause to appear; per-t, proceed, emanate from the creator.
sher, joy; sheri, rejoice (p, article the).
beka, bring forth, naked, squat; bekat, waste, deficiency, void.
besh, wound, bleeding, naked, mystic meaning.
bekhn, tower, fort, magazine.
bekh, too fecundate, conceive, enfanter.
pekh, food.
bekhn, basalt.
but, belly, vagina sign.
beka, to bring forth, naked, void, squat depress, bleed.
benn, engender.
bennu, sons.
baakabaka, reversal, topsy-turvy.
baruka, spoils and slaves.
buiruka, fulsit, fulguravit.
buiruka, a form of the two waters, l'eau miroité.
ג = Gimel
gah, high, lifted up, proud.
gb, the booth or brothel, οϊχημα πορνίχόν, τό πορνειου [12].
gb, gibbous.
gb, pit, cistern; gba, a reservoir, marsh, pool.
gbb, to dig.
ka, tall, high, lifted up.
kep, concealed place, sanctuary, typhonian.
kab, to double, double, turn corner.
kheb, low, lower Egypt, place of waters.
kheb, to dig.
gbh, to issue from the earth when hatched (as locusts).
gbul, boundary, limit, border, margin.
gbur, the mighty God.
gbur, the mighty hunter.
gbi, to twist, twist together, wreathe as a rope.
gbr, a man, vir, as generator.
gd-gd, to beat, to thunder.
gdd, to cut, break in upon.
gdh, banks, stone wall or bank.
gdih, a female goat.
gu or guh, icily, middle, body.
guih, dead body, corpses.
gua, to breathe out one’s life.
gv, majesty, to be great.
gvr, to ferment, seethe, effervesce, to draw in moisture.
gvri, lots.
gvsh, the Great Bear[13a].
gvsh, to search out.
gvsh, curdle, clot, clod, heap together, make firm, to coagulate.
gil, a circle, revolution, age; gul, go in a circle.
glh, naked, reveal, disclose, manifestation, primeval mode of
  revealing, the visible word.
gusa, an ark of papyrus.
gma, Nile reed.
gmm (an unused root), to join together, heap up, increase.
gmd, a staff or rod, a cubit.
gmd, to sit firmly, to establish.
gml, complete, mature, grown up.
guph, to shut upon.
gur, to turn aside from the way.
ghr, hiding-place.
gn, a garden.
gash, to thrust, be concussed.
grz, to cut oft, separate; grs, to break in pieces, expel.
gra, to scratch.
grph, to press together, to form a ball.
gshm, corporealness.
khep, generate, transform, create, shape, as of (as beetles).
khepr, the world, boundary.
khepr, the Creator, the beetle-headed god.
kafa, hunt, seize by force.
kab, to turn, twist, double, redouble; khepera twists the horns[13].
khepr, to generate.
khet-khet, to attack, reverse, overthrow.
khet, to cut, break in pieces.
ketui, circle, enclosure, surround with anything.
kahta, she-goat.
kha, belly, body.
kha, corpse.
khu, spirit.
khefa, might, puissance, potency.
kep, fermentation, heat, fertilize, fertilization of the Nile.
kheperu, happening.
Kepsh, the Great Bear, North Pole.
sheps, be concealed; kapu, hidden.
sheps, to conceive, be figured, shaped for birth.
karr, circle, orbit, course.
kheru, the word, voice, speech, know, make known.

khem, a shrine or ark.
kam, a reed.
kam, to create, form, produce.
khemat, kind of square-headed sistrum.

khemt, an adult, homme fait.
kafa, fist, seize by force.
kar, curve.
kar, secret, under.
khen or khent, garden.
khus, ram, pound.
khers, to dissipate, disperse, clear away.
kra, to claw.
khereb, to form, figure, model.
khem, matter; khasu, flesh, fleshy.
ד = Daleth
db, to speak.
db, a hear.
dbb, to flow gently.
dbiun, flux.
dvh, the woman’s illness, menstrual.
dvh, menstruation.
dbr, to lead, head, guide, rule, direct, lay snares.
dbrh, words, precepts, manner, mode; dbr, word of the Lord, oracle,
  logos, edict, the Ten Commandments on stone tablets.
dum, dumb.
dhr, to go in a circle.
dr, a time, a generation.
dur, generations, times; dur, roundabout.
tep, tongue.
tabi, a bear; Teb, the Great Bear.
tep, to drop.
tef, drop blood.
tefa, to menstruate; teb, to purify.
teph-t, abyss, source, hole of a snake.
tepr, head, tie, noose.
tep, tongue, type of utterance; tapiriu, an engraved stone; tapi,
  stone; riu, engrave.
tem, dumb.
ter, circle of time.

ter, time or times.


dud, to be troubled and agitated.
Dauld, David the psalmist.
duh or devh, menstruation.
di, having the sense of two, as Bicornis?
diq, a watchtower, place of lookout.
dlh, a door.
dath, the intelligence, understanding.
dr, generation.
dth, law, commandment, degree, statute.
tut, to tremble.
Tet, Lord of the Divine Words.
tua, menstruation; tb, tep, to drip, drop.
ti, two.
teka, see, behold, whilst hidden; tekhn, an obelisk.
terâa, door.
tat, the tat, eidolon, the soul, eternal principle.
ter, to engender.
tet, speak, speech, word, discourse, tell.
ה = Heh
he, duration.
hgh, to murmur, mutter, as the soothsayer, magician.
hgh, a thought.
hgh, to celebrate.
hgil, to rejoice, a religious dance.
hda, God.
hdm, to cut in pieces.
hdh, to stretch out, offer (direct the hand to anything).
hdm, to overturn, destroy, tread down, level with the ground.
huh, to breathe.
huh, to desire, long for, sigh for.
huh, to be.
huh, wickedness, fall, ruin, calamity, destruction, misfortune.
hui, ho! woe! alas!
havoth or avoth, cabins, huts.
hvn, to rest.
humm, destruction.
hm, to hum.
hin, a measure of liquids.
hna, god or city.
hnh-uhnh, here and there.
hrh, to conceive as a woman.
hsh, to rest.
ha, lo! see.
hah, cry of joy.
hubnim, ebony.
hud, majesty, honour, glory.
huzzab, the established[14].
ha, duration.
heka, charm, magic.
heka, thought.
hak, a time of festival.
hakr, applied to a festival.
Hut, the great god.
temu, to cut in pieces.
ta, to offer, direct, with hand outstretched.
tema, terrify, swoop down, subdue.
hu, spirit, the breath; haa, breath of life.
uha, want, long for, sigh, desire.
ha, essence, beginning.
hu, evil.
hut, tear the hair in grief.
hepti, ark or cabin.
hept, peace or rest.
ham-ham, to roar.
hum, locusts,
hin or henu, a measure.
hanna, name of a god.
hanu-hana, turn hack and return, go to and fro.
ar, to make, image the child, likeness; her, function,
as or hes, rest.
ha, to hail.
haa, jubilation; ahai, rejoice; ahaiu, cries of joy.
habni, ebony.
hut, throne, the upper crown, mystic sun.
hesb, hesbu, hesp, pavement, district, hieroglyph of land, and of Egypt.
ו = Vau
uzr, to carry, sustain. usr, to sustain, prevail, rule; the usr is the sceptre of power.
ז = Zayin
zab, wolf.
zbb, an unused root, but expressive sound.
zbh, sacrifice of a special kind.
sab, wolf, jackal.
sebhu, sob, groan, roar.
sabu, circumcise by castration; sab, eunuch.


zkk, to be transparent, clear, pure.
zhb, to shine, be golden, metaphor applied to the heavens[15].
zvg, to enclose, surround, bind.
zub, flow, to flow, menstrual.
zun, to nourish, feed, give food.
ziz, a full breast.
zua, to shake, agitate, motion.
zv, a precept.
zphth, pitch.
ziza, abundance.
zqim, chains, fetters.
zmn, to prepare, appoint, establish.
znb, something vile or contemptible.
gnb, tail, extremities.
znu, to form, put into shape, figure.
zen, kind, species.
znh, harlot.
zr, a crown.
zra, seed, seed of men, race.
zrh, to winnow.
zrh, an arm, arm of God.
zth, might, power, strength, help, helper.
zra, to plant.
zra, to conceive seed, speaking of a woman, be made fruitful[16].
saakh, to illuminate, glass?
seb, the star.
sefekh, noose, bind.
sef-sef, purge; sep, corrupt; sep, time, turn, spontaneous manifestation.
sen, food; sen-kan, to suckle.
shes-t, full breast.
sua, priestess, sing loud, shake the sistrum or seshish.
sept, a precept.
sit, pitch, bitumen.
susr, maintain, sustain.
skhem, to prevail, shut place, to imprison.
smen, to prepare, establish, appointed, place of establishing.
snab, fault, stain.
snab, legs.
senu, image, statue, found.
shen, brother, sister, brethren.
khennu, concubine.
shâr, a crown.
sheru, barley, children, pubescent youth.
ser-t, fan.
ser, the arm symbol, arm of the Lord.
sru, dispose at pleasure, chief, arrange, distribute, console.
srut, plant, dig, renew.
ser, a liquid like cream or butter, sacred, private, reserved.
ח = Cheth
chbur, a type-name of rivers.
chbq (Talmudic), girdle.
chg, festival in Talmud, Feast of Tabernacles, the Passover[17].
hgg, to keep a festival, go round in a circle, dance.
chgg, be drunk, or get drunk.
chdr, a chamber, woman’s innermost apartment,
 house of the mother[18], inward parts of the belly[19].
chdr, to surround, enclose.
chug, to describe, draw, or go in a circle.
chud, to put forth.
chvt, measuring line.
chyl, the phoenix.
chur, hole.
chuthm, a seal, seal-ring, signet.
chzh, hza, see as seers, abnormal vision; chzh, seer,  prophet,
 a zah or sa[20]; chzion, revelation, valley of vision, mount of vision.
chta, sin, grief, calamity, fault, penalty, misfortune, outcast, wander,
  purify, be purified, expiate, cleanse by a sacred ceremony.
chth, wheat.
chib, life, vivify, give or preserve life, feed life, anima.
chith, the beast of the reeds[21], an image of Egypt.
kabh, inundating; aur, river.
sevekh, noose, tie, girdle.
hak, festival, a time; hekan, poss. unleavened bread as 'skba-hut.'

heka, beer, drink.
hathor, habitation of Horus, as the mother; khat, the
atr, river measure, limit, margin, boundary.
khekh, a collar.
ut, to put forth.
kept, measured out.
khepr, the transformer, to transform.
kar, hole.
khetem, seal, shut, a signet-ring.
kashi, secret; sa, order of priests; shaunnu, diviner, divine shau or seer.
  The Egyptian 'sa' equates with 'hasai.'
aati, leprous, accursed, outcast, destitute, unclean.

hut, wheat, white corn.
khu or hu, spirit, genius, aliment.
khebt, the hippopotamus, type of Egypt in the North.
[p. 8]
chk, month, palate, internal parts of the mouth.
chkh, take captive?[22]
chib, what is best and most excellent.
chm, heat.
chma, to curdle, make cheese.
chmnim, images, plural of Hamon, and as the h changes with a,
  and these are sun-images, the name identifies them with Amen-ra.
chmz, that which is leavened[23].
chmsh, womb.
chmth, a bottle.
chu, grace, favour, goodwill, beauty.
chnu, making supplication.
chnh, to bow down, incline, prayer.
chnp, to lie profane, polluted, impious.
chph, bride-chamber,
chpsh, a beetle.
chiq, to surround.
chraim, excrements[24].
chrd, to be frightened.
chrt, unused root; to cut in, to engrave.
chrishi, silent, quiet; charesh, secretly.
chrp, autumn, fruit season, to pluck, gather, reap.
chrs, the sun.
chrphah[24a], the shame or reproach, the feminine period.
chshah, be silent, still.
chshb, reckoned, to reckon, to think upon, consider.
chshb, the girdle of the high-priest, which
 bound the ephod[25].
chsn, bind together, be strong, possess power, treasure, abundance.
chezb, to destroy, slay.
chq, an appointed time.
hkh, dfined, established, law, ordinance.
chqr, secret depths, hidden, to search beneath.
chthm, to shut, seal, seal up, set a seal upon, a seal.
chthth, to break, to break in pieces.
chth, wheat.
khekh, throat, gullet.
hak, captive.
kherp, to excel and surpass.
âm, heat.
ham, to conceive, make a child; kam, to create.
images of Amen-ra.

mesi, cake; mes, some kind of cake.
meg-t, place of birth; mes, bear, bring forth; kha, belly; khepsh, womb.
hemt, feminine emblem; hem, fount or well, with bottle sign.
han, nod assent, favour; ân, appear beautiful.
hannu, to supplicate.
haniu, adore.
nebt, evil of some kind.
khep, sanctuary, secret place, the uterus.
khepr, time beetle-headed god.
khakh, a collar; khakri, a necklace.
aari, faeces.
her, fear, terrify.
ruti, to engrave, figure; karb, sculptor.
karas, funeral, place of embalmment; karast, the mummy.
kherp, a crop; Repit, goddess of harvest.
Res, surname of Osiris, as watcher, the eye of heaven,
repa, lady, virgo, feminine repeater, wife of Nile.
kashi, secret.
sap, count, reckon; saph, examine.
seb-seb, encase, gird; shebu, a collar or tippet;
 shebu, traditions; khesba, blue, lapis-lazuli.
senh, bind; senn, to found, establish; shen, granary.
hesb, destroy, destruction.
hak, a trifle appointed.
heka, rule.
kar, secret; khr, under; kari, digger.
khetem, to shut, lock, seal.
khet, to break in pieces.
het, wheat.
ט = Teth
tbur, summit, lofty place, the height.
tebh, a slayer, to kill, executioner,
tba, to seal.
tbth, month of dirt.
thur, physical purity opposed to impurity, to cleanse in the primal sense.
tepr, head; tep, heaven, top.
tethu, kill, destroy, exterminate.
teba, seal.
tepht, the abyss, a lake of mud or matter.
ter, rub out, wipe out, wipe away, obliterate, purify.
tua, to be miry and foul.
tutphuth, written scrolls worn fillet-wise, called frontlets.
tur, an enclosure, wall, fence, boundary.
tchr, to be illuminated.
ttah, pollution, filthiness, unclean.
tam, to perceive.
tam, judgment, royal decree, sentence.
tan, to cut through.
tphth, a drop.
tu, filth, stain.
tut, word, language put, circle.
ter, limit, extreme frontier, boundary.
teka, to illuminate.
taut, slime, venom; tâa, pollute.
tam, to spy out.
tma, make just; tema, announce; Ma and Tum, gods of justice.
ten, to cut in two.
teft, to drip; tef, drop.
י = Yod
iab, to desire, to long.
ibb, to cry out, joyful exclamation.
igh, sad, afflicted, grieved.
iaga, wearied out, exhausted.
id, the hand.
idun, a judge, or judged.
ida, to perceive, see, know, he aware of, understand, ideal, imaging.
ihuh, supreme deity of Hebrews, rendered Jehovah.
iar, a river.
ihr, union, junction, together.
ibm, to conceive, have sexual intercourse.
im, the sea.
ium, the west.
isd, to found, establish, settle, be based, seated, grounded.
ial, to rise above, ascend on high.
ian, howling animal of the desert; a name of Baal
  corresponding to Pan.
ian, to say, utter, speak, sing, howl.
iaz, councillor, chief leader.
ichid, the ego, self, or soul[26].
iatzr, potter.
iaqb, Jacob, 'taking hold of the heel,' who was to be multiplied.
igb, to dig or plough.
iqvm, the existing substance.
iqtn, little (Arab. kahtan).
iqim, a setter up.
iqshn, fowler.
ird, downward flowing, pour abundantly, flow, pull or draw down.
irch, a month, that which makes a circuit (monthly), as the moon.
iarkh, hinder part, extremity, end.
ish, being, existence, esse.
ism, to be set, placed.
ishh, to stand, stand out, stand up.
ipha, he shone forth, to shine forth.
iri, foundation.
ishi, salutary.
ab, desire, wish.
heb, shout of triumph, festival.
aka, depressed, subdued, quiet.
akha, dead.
it, to figure forth with the artist’s hand.
aten, title, officer, hear, listen; atum, the judge.
it, figure, paint; at, form, type, make.
heh, deity, the eternal.
aru, a river; also aur.
her, with, together with.
ham, to conceive; kam, to create.
iuma, the sea.
am, the west.
sat, floor, base; set, scat, race, rock.
har, to rise above, ascend on high.
an, the ape, the type of speech, a form of Taht,
  earlier Sut-Anubis, or Bar-Sutekh.
an, speech of, from, to, speech personified as An.
as, the great and noble; asi, venerable, august.
akhet, the spirit, manes, the dead.
attusa, applied to potters.
âkab, tendon, a part of the body (heel?); akab, multiplied.
kheb, to plough.
kham, matter.
kett, little.
khem, ithyphallic.
ushnu, fowlers.
art, to milk, or milk.
ark, thirtieth of the month.
ark, end, finis.
ash, liquid, seminal source, emission.
sam, remain, dwell.
as, secreting part of body; ash, emission; asut, testes.
ub, to shine, sunrise; af, a name of the sun in the lower hemisphere.
ar, fundamental.
usha, doctor, health-bringing.
ishi, Jesse, stem of Jesse[27] and the root.
isha, deliverance and help, raise up, saving; ishi, salutary.
ithr, a distinguished, noble one.
ash, tree of life; Aash, an ancient deity.
shaa, to raise; usha, doctor, feed and heal.
taru, the hero alone.
כ = Kaph
kab, pain, be in pain, sore, sorrow, afflict, to be afflicted.
kab (unused root); in Ethiopic, to roll, roll round, globe, ball.
kbd, liver.
kbud, glory.
kbrh, measure of distance.
kpbl, double, doubling, twofold; kbr, bind together, make, multiply.
kbsh, coition, to beget.
kbm, to be bellied, big, pregnant.
kbs, to tread with the feet.
kabs, to force a woman.
khshn, a furnace for smithing.
kbrh, sieve.
kd, a symbolical pitcher[28].
khl, to be able.
khn, priest, to minister.
kuba, helmets.
kvkb, a star, the star of Chivan.
kv or kvn, in Hebrew, Phoenician, Arabic, Ethiopic, to happen.
kvs, a cup, place of reception, pouch, emblem of sex.
kar (unused root); to break with violence, rout an enemy.
kh, virile strength, might, potency.
ktr (unused root); snare, ensnare.
kla, a prison.
kih, a space of time, complete end.
kich, a full or ripe old age.
kms, to lay up in store.
kmr, priest, priest from thirty years of age.
kmr, blackness.
knp, a wing, wings.
knphith, corner.
kun, the cake-offering; the μύλλοι offering to Ceres.
kiun, a goddess.
kun, to erect, to create, form, found.
ksa, the full moon, first day of full moon, point of turning hack.
ksh, to conceal.
kss, to divide, distribute.
kph, hand, hollow, curved, bent.
kepher is used for covering with pitch and ashes.
kphr, ransom, redemption, atonement.
krub, a symbolical figure, a griffin or other chimera.
khab, prostrate, phase of eclipse; kabu, be poor, weak, miserable.
kab, turn, fold, redouble, roll up, as Khepra rolled his globe of earth.
abt, liver.
khu, glory; but, in front.
kepu, measure; khepr, the scarab-headed time-measurer.
kab, to double and redouble.
khep, create, generate.
khebma, the pregnant hippopotamus, the genetrix Typhon.
kheb, to dig; khebt, dance; khepr rolled his ball with his feet.
kheb, to violate.
kafnu, an oven.
khip, sieve.
hat, the womb.
kar, power, ability.
ken, title; kan, service; khennu, sanctuary; khen, act of offering.
kheprsh, helmet.
Kheb, Typhon; khabs, star; khepsh, Great Bear.
khep, to happen.
khepsh, female emblem, hinder thigh.
khesr, to disperse, dissipate.
ka, the male power, masculine sign.
kar, to entrap, to ensnare.
kar-ti, plural of prison.
kar, circle, round, zone, complete.
kar, the course; akh, age.
khem, house or shrine; khems, ear of corn; khamu,  transfer.
khemt, man of thirty years of age (ordained?), homme fait.
kam, black.
khen, fly, wave the wing.
kanbut, ideograph of a corner.
kuna, pudendum f.
ken or katesh, the naked goddess.
kna, embrace; knau, condition, doing.
khes, turn back.
kashi, secret.
khesr, disperse, dissipate.
kefa or khep, fist.
khepr, the scarab that covered its eggs with dung.
khepr, to transform, regenerate the dead.
khereb, form, figure, the first form or model figure.


chbrth, coupling-point, place of junction; chprth, mercy-seat, place of
  the two cherubs; in Egyptian arks two scarabs, later feather-winged.
krs, a vine-dresser.
krs, the belly or womb, a pregnant body.
krth, to castrate.
kshph, sorcerer, witchcraft, enchanter.
kthim, people of the isles and sea-coasts.
kheprat, house of two beetles; Crab  constellation,  as place of summer
  solstice, point of junction; sign of the god Khepra.
kari, gardener.
karas, the coffin, or place of embalmment, womb of mother earth.
karut, testes; kart, stone-cutter.
sheft, demonial.
khet, navigate, go, sail, i.e., as the seafarers; khet, a ford, a port.
ל = Lamed
lam, a people, a nation.
lg, log, measure.
lh, study of letters.
lvr, begetter of the heir to the childless widow.
lqh, arts, doctrine, knowledge.
lqhi, the learned, imbued with learning.
lhqh, an assembly of prophets[29].
luh, joined closely; leui, levi, adhesion, plural. See 'rehiu,' and 'leuiub.'
lul, to twist round, wind round, go round.
lta, to cleave to the ground.
lkt, to collect, gather, collect money[30].
lshon, the tongue, to tongue.
rema, people, natives.
rekh, reckon.
rekh, to know, be wise; rekh-rhet, Magna.
repa, the heir-apparent.
rekh, to know.
rekhi, intelligent beings, the wise men.
rekhi, pure, wise knowers, intelligent beings, the Mages.
rehiu or reh-h, twin, the twin Lion gods.
rer, circuit, go round.
ret, plant, germ, retain the form, grow, root.
rekh, to reck on, account.
res, tongue.
מ = Mem
mbul, a flood, the Flood.
mad, strength, force, exceeding might.
mah, 100.
maur, light, a light.
man, to refuse, he unwilling.
msa, a bearing, carrying.
mas, melt, flow, abroad, run.
mg, a Mage.
mi, male seed.
migdol, tower (of the Mages?).
minqth, wet-nurse.
mgl, a sickle.
mgn, shield, protector, covering, means of saving.
mkun, place, habitation, dwelling of God.
md, a measured portion.
mdh, to measure, extend, applied to a measuring cord.
meh, the abyss of waters; ber, to well forth, be ebullient.
mat, granite; mata, heart, spine, phallus.
meh, fill, full, complete.
mau, light, shine.
men, no, not, defect, fault.
mes, to bear, give birth.
mes, product or source of river.
ak, a Mage; mak, to think, regulate, watch, consider.
mai, male seed.
makatura, a Migdol.
menkhat or Menât, the wet-nurse.
ma, hieroglyphic sickle; kar (gal), to curve.
makhennu, boat or ark of the dead, in which they crossed safely.
ma, place; khen or khefn, interior.
mat, a division of land.
matai, rope, pole, tie, means of measuring.
b’mu, water, with, in, into.
musd, foundation, basis.
muza, origin, a going out, the place from which one
  goes out, that which goes out or is produced.
mzr, constellation in the north.
mmuth, a corpse, the dead, state of lying dead.
mnchm, the comforter.
mnchth, resting-place, the grave.
murh, a teacher, (Arabic) lord; mara, a lord.
mrkb, chariot.
muth, the abode of the dead.
mth, staff, blossoming-rod, branch, twig, sceptre, expansion, extension.
mth, the tribe.
mthg, a bridle.
mtr, to rain, pour down rain, be watered.
mo, water; moab, water, seed, or progeny of a father.
mut, to shake, waver, totter, fail, decay, to die.
musb, the circuit.
musd, a founding, laying foundations, foundations.
nasa, a dart.
mna, to restrain, keep back, 'I will restrain its flood'.
mnaul, the Hebrew word for lock or bolt or bar[31].
mnh, pound.
mah, the womb.
mar-keth, a pile of the showbread, the showbread, bread of ordering.
msha, retreat.
mia, to fill, make full, be filled, lie full, to satisfy.
mn, manna arabica.
men, origin from the parent, creative matter, author, efficient cause.
mrah, mirror, looking-glass.
mra, a friend, companion.
mrq, to cleanse, by washing or anointing, to scour.
msa, bearing; the 'burden of Jehovah'[32].
magr, the enclosing, imprisoning, hence a prison.
mshh, to draw out.
mshh, to do at evening, yesternight.
mshuh, the anointed, prince or priest, consecrated by anointing.
mshch, to anoint and consecrate for office.
mskith, imagery, chamber of imagery.
mshchr[33], the 'womb of the dawn.'
mshkn, abode, temple, tent, Tabernacle of  Israelites and of Testimony.
mu, water, with, in.
mest, sole of the foot, to be generated and horn.
mes, generation, engender, birth, horn, child, product;
 mest, sexual part.
mest, sexual part, birthplace; ur, oldest, first; mizar, star in Ursa Major.
mum, the dead; it, to figure forth.
menkam, kind or quantity of wine.
mena, repose, death, sleep, rest.
mer, person attached to a temple, monk, a superintendent, a deity.
maru-kabuta, chariot.
mut, tomb.
mata, phallus.
mahaut, elan, family, cognate.
mut, mouth; ak, to rule.
matur, growth, renewal.
mu, water; ap, first, ancestral, essence.
mut, end, die.
seb, to encase, girdle round.
mest, place of birth; mesaut, stone-cutters.
mash, an archer.
men, to fix, place firm, anchor fast, impound.
min, written with sign of bolt, hieroglyph of locking up, symbol of Khem.
mna, pound.
ma, the mother; hem, the pudendum.
merr, cakes; khet, corpse, the dead body.
meshu, turn back, return.
meh, to fill, fulfil, be full, satisfy.
min, a name of Khem, the bull; kami, gum arabica.
kam (Min), to create; khem, creator; kam, matter.
man or maher, mirror.
user, love, attach, kiss, will.
rekh, to full, wash, purify.
mes, to bear and bring to birth.
meskar, the birthplace and purgatorial prison.
shu, to extend, stretch, elongate.
masiu, evening meal on the night of the last day of the year.
masu, to anoint, dip; masu, a lotion.
mas, to anoint.
mes, to imagine.
meskar, the womb, north pole, place of rebirth.
mesken, the place of new birth; mes-t, sexual part.
mshnh, double, twofold, one who takes the second rank or place.
msa, tribute.
msa, singing; hsr-hm-sa, leader singing, carrying of the Ark[34].
shen, two, twofold circle; shen, second, the other, the alter ego.
mâsi, bring tribute.
sua, to sing loud.

נ = Nun

nad, a bottle.
nah, to sit, to dwell, keep at home.
nam, speech, oracle, utterance, prophecy, word, 'thus saith the Lord.'
ngh, the south, southern quarter.
ngsh, sexual intercourse.
ndr, to consecrate, to vow or be vowed.
ns, a banner-pole, ensign, uplifted flag.
nuh, to sit down, to rest.
nuah, to let down, deposit.
nub, a place.
nua, to move to and fro.
nap, to fornicate, commit adultery.
naz, to be despised, rejected, derided, contemned.
nba, to bubble up, pour forth, prophesy, publish, tell.
nbh, to be high, prominent.
nbhz, a deity of the Avites[35].
ngid, a prince, leader, noble, one in power.
nud, get away.
ndr, vow, vows, vowing, avowed.
nub, fruit.
nanm, comfort, consolation, help.
nka, to touch a woman, lie with her.
ndh, menstruate in, menstrual discharge.
uda, to thrust forth, expel, be expelled, an outcast.
nvd, to be bulging and belly-shaped.
nvth, dwelling-place.
ndph, to dispel, drive hence.
ngd, issued.
nam, pleasant, soft, tender, gracious, delightful, producing.
nah, shaking motion.
Noah, lord of the Deluge.
nar, to roar, to shake out, shake off.
nphh, to breathe, blow, breathe out, blow out.
nphth, to breathe.
nphil, giant.
nphtlim, sons of Anak, the giant.
nphsh, breath, the soul, anima.
ntzh, laid waste, desolated.
naza, something cast out, excremental.
naza, a flower.
ntzr, to watch over, depend, preserve, guard, keep.
nchsh, the serpent.
nzb, to set, fix, mike firm, rigid.
na, the bottle; t, terminal; nnut, receptacle.
nnau, to sit, abject, miserable, p1aced down.
num, speech, word, utterance, earlier form netem, as in gestation.
nekheb, goddess of the south.
nak, to fornicate.
neter, a priest, holy father.
nhas, to erect.
nun, rest.
nâ, come, descend.
nâu, place.
nnu, go hither and thither.
nahp, to copulate.
nasa, abused, abandoned; neshen, plucked; nes, broke; nasi, foul, vile.
nehp, emit, emission, day, wail, complain; num/nub are equivalents.
neba, palm tree.
Anubis, the jackal-headed deity.
nakht, power, powerful, a giant.
neti, out of.
neht, vow, netr, priest, servant, divine.
nubs, date.
naham, take away, rescue, joy, make rejoice.
nak, fornicate.
neti, being, existence, negative, froth, sign of bleeding, female source.
neta, out of, compel, afflict, punish.
neft, breathed, gestating.
Nepht, goddess of the house; nut, place, house.
netf, to untie, detach.
nakhekh, sprinkle, fluid, essence, seed.
nemt, (pleasant), sweet, delighted, engendering, or gestating.
nahub or nnuh, shake, toss, motion.
Nu, the god; Num, lord of the inundation.
nru, awful, victory.
nef, breath, wind, pass, fill the sail.
neft, a fan; neft, breathed.
Nepr, a god.
Nep, god of 'breath of those who are in the firmament'; nakta, giant.
nef, breath; sha, born of.
nasa, abandoned.
nasi, foul, vile.
nashu, flower-pots.
nasr, a superintendent, governor.
nas, the fire-breathing serpent of Hades.
naspu, to numb and stultify.
nqbh, the female (of woman or beast).
ngh, Venus of the Kabbalists.
nthr, to divide, loosen, break oft, separate.
kheba, inferior, lesser, lower kind; khep denotes the hinder-part.
ankh, an Egyptian goddess.
nuter, the axe emblem of divinity; natrau, to cut, to make work, create.
ס = Samekh
sah, measure, a rabbinical measure, mystical.
sba, to drink, carousal.
sbb, to turn, go round, surround, turn, a turn, cause to turn.
sbk, to bind.
sbka, a harp-like instrument.
sgur, a shutting up, an enclosure, shut.
sdd, to shut.
sdm (Sodom), burning, conflagration.
shr, roundness, p round, surround.
sod, a conch, seat, sit, sitting.
sod, secret, mystery, 'the secret of God was on my tabernacle'[36].
sus, to leap for joy.
susha, a mare[37].
suph, to destroy, make an end of.
suph, sea—something, sea of Suph.
schr, to be red-coloured.
shrth, supposed black marble pavement tessellated in colours.
skk, covered, hedged, protected.
skk, to weave, interweave.
skn, to dwell, inhabit; skent, female friend.
skh, tabernacles.
skuth, Ark or Tabernacle, 'Succoth-benoth'[38], poss. image of Pleiades.
skth, to be silent.
slh, 'rest, pause, silence?'
sla, the rock.
smk, to lay-on the hand in blessing.
smn, appointed place, marked off[39].
smr, horror, as if bound with fear, horripilation[40].
sphich, a flood, an inundation.
sha, measure.
sebu, drink.
sep, turn; beb, a revolution, a round; seb, time and period.
sefkh, to bind, capture.
sefekh, number seven, seven-stringed instrument played before Sefekh.
skhet, shut up, to hinder.
shet, closed, shut.
set, flames; am, belonging to.
ser, oblique, involve, enclose.
set, back of a chair, sell, sit.
shta, shet, secret, mystery, mystic, sacred, box, chest, ark, sarcophagus.
seshsh or sses, the sistrun.
ses-t, a mare leaping.
seft, put to the swirl.
seft, pitch, bitumen.
tsher, red.
srut, sculpture, carve, engrave, tessellated.
sak, to bind, a cabin.
skht, weaver.
akhen, ball, place, embrace, give life to.
sekht, an ark or tabernacle.
sekht, ark; bennu-t, Phoenix constellation, emblematic of resurrection.
sekher, to be silent.
srau, private, reserved, involved, oblique.
seru, the rock.
smakh, to bless.
smen, place, dispense, prepare, appointed, place of the eight gods.
smar, bid, enswathe, for slaughter.
Sefa, goddess of the inundation, to make humid, to liquefy.
ע = Ayin
ab, steps.
abd, to work.
abur, passing, transition, pass over to an opposite place[41].

abr, used of tears and of myrrh-dropping.
agb, to love, enjoy, pleasure, delight.
agn, to be shut up.
ad, add, as timeperiods, periodicity, testimony, testifies, revelation.
ab, steps; ap, mount.
abut, work.
apr, equinoctial crossing, place of Apheru, Anup, Aper, the crosser;
  aba, pass through, opposite; ab, passage.
abr, ambrosia, ointment; aft, exuding, distilling.
kab, refresh, enjoy.
akhn, to shut the eye.
at, type of time, circle, deficient; att, speak, manifest; at, emanation.
ad, prince[42].
aduth, revelation, a revealed psalm.
adn, time, a year.
and, to surround, go round, make go round.
auth, to be bent, croaked.
aup, to fly, fly away.
uz, strength, might, power, potency in man and beast.
azr or uzr, to help, aid, a helper.
atp, to cover over; atr, to crown, a crown.
aug, to go in a circle.
aitm, a place of ravenous creature.
am, conjunction, communion, together with.
amd, to stand, stand firm, endure, stand up, be set,
 placed to bear, column, pillar.
amm, to hide, conceal, shut close, the hidden.
amq, to be deep, unsearchab1e, 'valley of blessing.'[43]
anh, sing, call, read, lift up voice, speak, answer, reply (Chaldee ana).
anub, bound together.
anm, two fountain
anq, to adorn with collar or necklace.
apht, full of foliage, flourishing.
atzb, image of an idol.
atzh, backbone.
asha, to make, beget, in the beginning.
at, prince; attet, word.
atut, speak, speech; tet, manifestor, word; atut, praise, glorify.
atn, create, make a circle, reckon, the solar disk.
aft, the four quarters.
aut, crook or book.
ap, to fly, to fly on high.
us, create, produce, great, extended; usr, symbol of power, victory.
usr, prevail, valiant, sustain, the Caesar.
atf, the divine headdress, or crown.
akh, to turn, horizon.
atem, to enclose, to annihilate.
am, together with.
umt, stand firm, py1on, beam; umti, wall, rampart;
 umt-het, firm heart.
amam, to hide; amen, secret place, Hades.
amakh, mature, devoted, devote, strengthen, blessing, to bless.
anu, speech of, speech from, speech to.
nahp, conjunction; nub, twin, two; anup, together, double Anubis.
nem, two; nem, waters.
ank, clasp, the ankh sign.
afa, filled, satisfied.
aseb, God, typical seat.
usert, the vertebral column.
sha, beginning, all forms of commencement.
פ = Peh
peh, mouth, opening. (Peth, secret parts, is Eg. peht, hinder-part, rump.)
paga, reached.
peh, this or that, the place.
puh, to breathe, to blow, to pant.
pun, to set, as the sun.
punh, 'turning itself'; penah, face, turn towards.
psg, to divide, separate, fix limbs.
puq, to go out or give forth, bring to an end.
pah, to call, cry out, used of a woman in labour[44].
pqch, to open; peka, to he cleft.
priah, a term for wrapping the skin round the glands in circumcising.
pra, to loose, let go, begin, make naked, go before.
, manifestly, excrements, be dispersed, separate, declare, said.
persh, to break.
pth, pudenda muliebria[45], interstice; beth, feminine abode.
pa, open mouth; peth, open the month.
peh, to reach.
pa, the, this, it is, the feminine place.
peh, function of breathing; pef, breath.
pen, back, one with pest, sunset.
pena, reverse, divert , return, turn towards.
pesh or pekha, to divide, separate, the division, also peska or pesak.
beka, to shed or bring forth.
pa-pa, to bring forth. woman bringing forth.
peka, gap, bole, extend; pka-kha, divide, be cloven.
pri, to slip, wrap round.
pra, show, appear, cause to appear; per, go forth, emanate, proceed.
per, manifest, pour out, come forth, emanate, bleed, speak words, explain.
pershu, to break.
bu-t or ba-t, womb.


pthch, open, to open, opening, opened, be loosed.
pthchiah, Jah is Putak, the opener.
pthur, interpretation, to interpret, interpreter.
pethu, to open, as the mouth or a bow.
putah, the opener, the god Ptah.
ptar, perceive, show, discover, explain, interpret.
צ = Tzaddi
tzah, to go out, cast out, excrements.
tzb, a lizard.
tzba, go forth, as a star, or light; zaba, the starry host.
Tzabaotb, Hebrew Lord of hosts.
tzbth (in the plural[46]), a handful.
tzboim, hyenas.
tzd, the adversary.
tzphrda, frog.
tzud, to lie in wait, set snares, catch.
tzuh, to set up, constitute.
tzuch, to cry out, joyful exclamation.
tzuph, to overflow, drop slowly, ooze.
zufa, to thrust out, as excrements.
tznz, shine, bright, splendour, glance invitingly, flourish (as a woman).

tzuq, to pour or make liquid, as molten metal.
tzur, rock, 'rock of Israel,' divine leader; Zur, leader of Midianites.
tzvar, to twist.
tziun (Zion), heap, pillar, cippus, sign erected.

tzir, to go in a circle, also a messenger.
tzpr, to go in a circle, to turn.
sa, pass away, corrupt; shaa, substance born of; sah, hinder-part.
seb, reptile.
seb, star, morning, god.
Seb, deity of starry time, signs, and circles.
shep, hand; shept, a handful, slice.
sab, jackal.
St-Typhon, the adversary.
khepr-ta, frog-headed god of the earth.
ssat, noose, catch.
suha, to set up, erect.
sua, cry aloud, sing.

sefa, to dissolve, make humid set, to purge, purify.
ses, no. six, breathe, clothe; sesmut, the going mother, register of
  compatibility, reach land after the period.
, liquid.
ser, rock; ser, arranger, disposer, leader, comforter.
sep, turn or turns.
senn, found, statue; sen, guide; sen, name of Esné; 'sen-hru,' 14th epiphi,
  day of summer solstice when the eye was full and year completed.
shar, crown; ser, a child, a consoler or comforter.
sep, to turn, a turn, time.
ק = Qoph
qa, to vomit.
qb, hollow vessel or cup.
qab, a dry measure.
qdd, to cleave.
kthm, gold.
kthnth, coat of skin, of many colours, sacred and symbolical garment.
qdm, eastward, Eden, image of the eternal and of the beginning.
qu, strength, might, rule, give law.
qum, rise, erect, stand, perform, set up, bring come forth, exist, restrain.
qoph, to surround.
qoph, an ape.
qosh, bow.
qvch, to hind, enclose, knot, fetter, capture.
qit, qlvt, dwarfed, marred, maimed, short-footed, crippled.
qmh, stalk of grain.
qn, abode, nest.
ka, evacuate.
kabh, vase of the libation.
kaab, measure; kepu, measure.
khet, cut, cleave.
ketam, gold.
khetenu, an image, a similitude, symbolical.
khetam, shut, a circle, closed, seal-ring, with ankh image of life.
khu, govern, whip, rule, spirit.
khem, lingaic image; khem, master of power, potency, bull of the mother.
ket or kep, to enclose, grasp.
kaf, ape, monkey, the ape used in the mysteries.
kesr, arrow.
sefekh, noose, catch, capture.
khart, the cripple, maimed child-deity, Har-pi-khart.
khems, ear of corn.
khen, inside, central place; khan, the pudendum f.


qna, to become red.
kena, image of jealousy.
Chiun, the goddess.
qnh, measure of six cubits; beam of a balance.
qnh, hone.
qtzb, end, extremity, furthest reach, margin, verge.
qrn, a horn, symbol of male power.
qsh, straw (collected)
kesh, chaff, dispersed.
qthm, marked, 'thine iniquity is marked before me.'[47]
ken, illness, become ill.
khefnu, member.
Ken, the naked goddess.
kan, number.
ken, bone.
khes, to stop, turn back, the verge being reached.
ka, karu, and karunata, male symbols.
shesh, harvest.
khesr, to disperse.
khut, accuser, painted; am, belonging to khetam, seal.
ר = Resh
rb, chief, captain, leader; rbrbn, lords.
rah, to see, to eye.
rosh, head, summit, highest, supreme.
ruch, breath of the mouth, spirit, the creative spirit.
rchm, to be soft, tender, too passionate.
ruham, womb.
rum, high, lifted, raised up.
rann, green, green thing, to put forth green leaves, be flourishing.
rvth, a female friend.
rz, a secret.
rtzd, to observe, insidiously watch, lie in wait.
repa, lord, governor.
ar, to see, eye.
ras, raise up, south, place of summer solstice; res, absolutely, entirely.
ru, mouth; akh, spirit; rekhi, pure spirits.
rem, to weep.
ru, mouth, gate, door; hem, female.
rem, to rise up, surge up, be erect.
rennut, goddess of growth, harvest; ren-pu, young shoot, green plant.
Rept, the lady, a goddess of the Nile.
res, watch, be vigilant; rusha, watch anxiously, guard solicitously.
ras, to watch.

ש = Shin

seht, highness, dignity, excellency.
sba, full, plenty, abundance.
sbkal, the killer of the giant Saph.
sgb, set up, set aloft.
sdb, land, field, ground.
sh, cattle, beast.
shd, record, testimony.
sug, a hedge, to fence round.
sr, prince; sorah, principal.
soor, power.
sus or ses, rejoice, be glad, leap, sing.
sch, a thought, to meditate.
schh, to swim.
Stn, the adversary, resister.
sua, excellency.
sib, elders, grey headed.
sd-rh, ranges.
scht, pressed[48].
slchh, prayer or speech.
skih, pictures, image, appearance, ensign, standard
sokhoh, to weave, intertwine.
sut, king, royal.
sebu, basketful, quantity.
sebekau, the subduers.
skeb, figure of the deceased set up in the tomb.
set, land, nome.
sa, beast.
ashet, book, papyrus.
sakh, shrine, gate, enclosure, protect; sekt, horizon or house.
ser, chief, head.
usr, power, the staff of power.
shes, singer, draw bolts, open, pass.
saakh, Intelligence, influence, illuminate, writing.
sekht, ark, cabin, boat; skat, tow, conduct a boat.
set, to drag; saat, catch, noose; Sut, Typhon.
su, king, royal.
gab, magus, counsellor; shept, elders of some kind.
set, extended; ru, to be.
skhet, squeeze.
seka, lift up, cry.
skha, to depict or picture; skher, picture, design.
sekhet, net-weaver.
subk, entangled branches.
ski, guiding, teachers.
sekhu, watchtower.
sma, on the left-hand, the north.
smch, rejoice, rejoiced, be glad, make glad.
smikh, coverlet, carpet.
sair, hairy.
sair, goat.
sarh, barley.
sphh, lips, the bank, margin, edge of.
sphh, devouring.
sephek, to strike a covenant.
sphch, scab-smitten.
sphr, book, writings, scribe, secretary; Asaph, scribe with David.
sq, sackcloth.
sqd, bound.
sqr, wanton with the eyes.
sr, chief, ruler, head.
srt, cut, cutting.
sra, stretch out.
srph, fiery, burn, burned.
srr, rule, bear rule.
sthr, secret parts.
sthm, shut.
sefekh, noose, capture, the capturer.
skher, instruct, counsel, plan, educate.
sekaru, fort.
semhi, left hand.
smakh, rejoice, bless.
sma, encircle; smat, wrap.
sherau, pubescent.
ser, goat-kind of sheep.
sheru, barley.
sept, lips, shore, margin.
seba, the devouring serpent; sep, the corrupter.
sefekh, a binding, tie, register.
sefekh, corrupt.
Sefkh, mistress of writings, secretary of Taht, lord of divine words.
saka, sack.
sekhet, net, take, shut up, trap, bind.
sakh, salute, pierce.
ser, chief, head, noble.
surut, cut; serut, cut down.
ser, extend, elongate.
serf, blast, hot breath, jet of flame.
ser, arrange, dispose, rule.
sheta, secret, mystic.
shet, closed, shut, box, chest.
shaul, the shades, or valley of shadow, hollow.
shar, kin, blood-relation; shereet, posterity.
sharh, female, blood-relations.
shbth, tribe.
shbt, captives.
shba(g), seven.*
shbz, embroidered, figured in gold.
shbr, break, hurt, destroy.
shabr, God, victuals, corn.
shbth, ceasing, be still, to cease.
shd, breast.
shed, devils.
shd, destruction.
shdt, Hebrew divinity.
shdh, the mistress, lady; shedeur, casting forth of fire.
shu, vanity, emptiness.
shua, vanity.
shvd, a destroyer, a mischievous demon, to lay waste.
shva, to make noise, crash, be terrible; shvh, to terrify.
shual, fox.
shnh, substance, flesh.
shuph, cover of darkness.
shuq, to water, overflow.
shum, garlic.
shu, shadow, void, destitute, deficient.
sher, child, son.
sherau, daughter.
shept, a class of men of some unknown kind.
Sevekh, the capturer.
sefekh, seven.
sheps, figured.
shab, injure.
sheb or shebu, food, support, nourishing, flesh.
shabti, a sepulchral figure, the mummy.
shet, suckle, breast.
Sut-Typhon, Egyptian Devil.
shât, cut.
shat, sow, suckler, or Dea MultimammaeShat, a name of Hathor.
shtar, betrothed wife in a secret, mystical sense.
shul, vain, deficient, empty.
shu, vanity.
sheft, terrible, demonial.
shefi, terror, terrify, terrible, demon-like.
shu, fox or jackal.
shââ, substance born of; shebu, flesh.
sheb, shade.
sekh, liquid.
shm, hot.

* The oath, covenant, binding, synonymous with seven, (Eg. sefekh) as in Hebrew, read 'shevag' by some transliterators (we take the ayin to have the sound of 'g').


shnshn, the lily, so-called.
shush, of a white texture.
shchb, worship.
shcht, to shy animals in sacrifice.
shchr, dawn, dawning.
shchiph, ceiling.
shchth, destroy, lay waste.
shth, gum acacia.
shtch, to spread out, extend.
shtr, to write, inscribe.
shtph, to gush out, flow abundantly, overflow.
shtr, to sing.
shtth, to set up, to put, to place.
shith, dress, attire.
shkur, drunk, drunken, drunkard.
shkl, to cause abortion.
shkm, to rise up early in the morning for some purpose, devotion?
shkm, shoulders, as symbol of bearing or sustaining.
shkn, habitation, dwelling.
shkn, cause to dwell, to abide
shloshim, number thirty.
shin, thither, whither, thence.
smd, destroyed.
shmini, eighth.
shmir, an adamant stone, diamond.
shmn, anointing.
shma, hear, hearing.
shma, to call, to summon.
shmei, famous.
shmr, to fasten, to keep, preserve.
shmsh, to minister.
shmsh, the sun.
shenee, two; shnim, two, of a twofold kind.
shnh, circle of the year.
shns, to gird up.
shss, to be despoiled.
shnh, a measure of time.
shaph, division.
shuph, cover, hide, conceal.
shphchh, typical maid, handmaiden, family, as a noun of unity, whore.
shphchh, privy member.
shpht, to judge (primary idea to set up).
sheft, a judge, magistrate.
shphir, beautiful, beauty, elegance.
shphk, pour out blood, feminine urethra; shephek, place of pouring out.
shphth, to put.
shqd, to watch, lie in wait, as a leopard.
shqh, water, drink, libation.
shqn, drink.
shqutz, abomination, filthy.
sshnn, lily-lotus.
sesh, paper, papyrus, linen.
saakha, adore.
sekhet, to slay, sacrifice, a goddess.
sha, rise from; shu, light; bar, under.
skhi, elevated, roof of heaven, sky.
suakh, destroy, lay waste.
ash-t, gum-acacia.
st, to extend.
shetr, engrave (syllabic shet-rut).
seti, shed, pour forth.
sheri, to rejoice.
set, seat; aba, set up; suut, stand.
set, put on dress.
sheka, drink or drunken.
skher, plan, scheme, strike, wound, throw away.
skhem, shrine.
skhem, prevail; sekhen, prop, sustain; skhem, Shrine of the Bearer.
skhen, hall, place.
skhennu, to make to alight, to alight.
sha, thirty.
shem, walk, go, retrace, traverse.
sema, smite.
smen, eighth (Ashmunein).
smer, an unknown kind of stone.
smeh, anoint; sma-t, consecrate; smen, prepare, anoint.
smat, turn a deaf ear.
sma, invoke.
sems, distinguished, chief.
smeru, to swathe and bind.
sems, minister.
shemm, heat, flame; sem, the double solar plume.
shen, two, twofold.
shen, circle, orbit.
shennu, to wrap round.
shes, serve, servant, follow, made to serve.
sha, clepsydra.
sheft, section.
shap, hide, conceal.
Sefekh, a goddess, consort of Taht.*
khepsh, privy member, called the hinder thigh, the image of Typhon.
sep, to judge; sept, throne, pile, heap (of witness).
shepta, some office; shept, some kind of divine officer, prob. judges.
sefu, colours, paints.
sefekh, the place of execution.
sept, put to the sword.
sekhet, the cat- or leopard-headed goddess, a watcher.
sekh, liquid, libation.
sheku, drink.
sek, corupt, evil.

* Her name is number seven. Sefekh is a survival of khefekh or khepsh, of the Seven Stars, who was once the living word, degraded as the Great Harlot.


sharash, the shoot of Jesse, the Messiah.

shrb, the desert, mirage, heat, parching.
shrbit, the royal sceptre.
shruth, bracelets, chains.
sheruth, beginning.
shesh, number six.
shsha, uncertain; rendered, 'I will turn thee back’; 'I will make thee
  go astray'; 'I will deceive thee.'
shshr, vermilion; srd, red.
shth, buttocks.
sheth, foundation.
shthh, drink, give drink, banquet.
shtbi, the warp.
shthm, shut.
ser, plant, shoot; sher, adult youth; ash, tree of life, personified by
  name as the 'Sarosh,' the messiah of the Avesta, the Egyptian Ser.
serf, blast, hot breath, sirocco.
user-pet, sceptre of the gods, sceptre of power.
serut, anklet, chain.
surut, to make, build, dig, plant.
ses, number six.
sha-sha, disgrace.

teshr, red.
set, thigh, seat.
set, floor ground.
set, pour forth, libation; shethu, spirits of wine.
setkh, weave.
shatmu, shut.
ת = Teth
tham, to be twin, double, twinned together.
thanh, coitus.
thnn, to extend.
thbh, an ark or chest, ark of Moses, Noah’s ark.
thbun, intelligence, insight, understanding.
thu, tau, cruciform sign.
thudh, thanksgiving, praise; taudah, testimony.
thuph, to spit.
thur, what goes, turns round in circles, order, turtle dove, bird of return.
thv, desire.
thm, to come to an end, cease, disappear.
thchsh, skin, kind or colour unknown, covering of the Tabernacle.
thchth, lower, below, beneath, nether.
thima, a desert.
thkn, to weigh, to measure, a measure.
theken, to set up, to fix.
thm, whole, complete.
tham, upright.
thmim, truth (plural).
themah, perfect, integrity, just.
thmh, something astounding, miraculous.
thmid, perpetuity, continuance.
thar, to be marked out, a border.
tashur, some kind of cedar.
thmruq, purifications of women.
thnim, uncertain wild beasts of the desert.
thnh, to distribute.
thnuah, alienation.
thnuphh, called the wave, or waving, offering.
tam-t, total of two halves; tema, unite; am, together, with article.
tennu, create, generate, increase.
tun, to extend.
teb, chest, box, sarcophagus, close, shut.
tebn, to illumine or be illuminated.
tat, cross.
tet, speak, speech, word, discourse, tell.
tef, to spit.
tepr, noose, tie; ter, time, season.
teb, prayer.
atem, to annihilate.
tesh, red.
tet or tuat, tomb, depth, eternal abode, lower heaven.
tehma, a waste.
tekh, weight, to weigh; teka, corn measure.
tekhn, all obelisk.
tem, total.
tam, scepre.
tem, perfection; Ma, goddess of truth in dual character, article t.
tma, just, distribute justice.
tema, announce, terrify, hover, swoop on wings.
temt, the total circle, completion.
ter, limit, frontier, border.
teshr, red wood.
tem, avoid, negative, prohibitive; rekh, wash, purify, make white.
tenemi, make to recoil.
tna, to divide.
tna, turn away, separate.
ta-nep, typical corn; tenf, dead ancestor; tennu, tribute, offering.
thmrurim, bitterness, (plural), bitter, weeping of bitterness.
thnn, to extend (tent, extent, etc., having similar meaning).
thab, abhor, abominate, abominable, shameful; taboo, be unclean.

thph, the timbrel; teff, play the timbrel, dance; tephuzah, dispersion[49].
thphuh, an apple, the round fruit.
thphl, to spit, spit out.
thphs, to enclose, to hold.
thphthia, lawyers, learned in law, their answer almost the same as law.
thrin, two.
thrph, (unused root). In Syriac, to inqure.
thrvmh, heave-offering, offering of food.
theraphtm, images, distinct from idols.
temu-ru, dumb, silent; rem, to weep.
ten, to extend; tennu, increase, multiply, grow, millions.
teb, to purify, close, shut; tebu, chaff; teph-t, source, abyss, valve,
  hole of a snake; Typhon, Tepi, the devourer.
ten, to dance, dismiss, send away; tupar, tabor or tambourine.
tef, pupil of the eye, as in apple. (As in Eng., turnips getting round.)
tef, to spit, evacuate.
teb, box, chest, ark, chaplet, ring.
teb, answer, responsible for, hold; ta, magistrate; ti, interpret.
teriu, two times.
terp, certain rites of Taht; tri, to question and inquire.
terp, food, duck, fowl; terp, rites of Taht; ma, to offer, give.
ter, time; ap, manifest, declare, expose, guide.

NOTE—The Hebrew in this list is but roughly rendered, the consonants only being transliterated as best suited for the purpose of comparison. Also, a word here and there has been selected for some nuance of the meaning found to be corroborated by the Egyptian.





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