{Note: The Aah-en-ru is a place of plenty, a field of rest, also the Heaven of the Gates, or divisions, belonging to the mythological astronomy, whether Sabean, lunar or solar; the Egyptian Elysium was like the latest heaven of the Book of Revelation, which has twelve gates. The Sabean heaven had seven gates; the lunar, twenty-eight; the solar, twelve, thirty-six, or seventy-two, according to the divisions of the zodiac.

The bark of Khepra is the boat of the transforming sun and souls. The Apap is the monster to be found in darkness, faced in death, and fought with as evil in all its forms.

The cross is the tat of Ptah, set up in Tattu, the eternal.

The eye is a type of a reproducing circle, on account of its reflecting the images of things.

The word-made-true is my rendering of the title of Har-Ma-Kheru. The sentiments and illustrations are entirely Egyptian; chapter and verse can be given for them in the Magic Texts, solar litanies, and the Ritual.}


Up from the Land of Bondage, and no longer bend or sue,
To the paradise of promise in the Aah-en-ru.

Who ploughed and sowed as mortals, and their furrows straightly drew,
They are gods that reap, says Horus, in the Aah-en-ru.

The bark of Khepra bears us, with the good fruits that we grew;
Let them sweat who have to tow it to the Aah-en-ru.

The gods at rest are hailing the endeavours of our crew,
As the solar bark goes sailing for the Aah-en-ru.

Strike the Apap monster breathless; break his bones, and piecemeal hew
The coils he rings them with who voyage to the Aah-en-ru.


We can never die again; we shall soar as spirits do;
No more turning into reptiles in the Aah-en-ru.

We shall make our transformations, and in linen pure of hue,
We shall work in white for ever in the Aah-en-ru.

We shall find the old lost faces and the nestling young who flew
Like hawks divine, gold-feathered, to the Aah-en-ru.

We shall see the good Osiris and his son the word-made-true,
Who died and rosethe karast!in the Aah-en-ru;

He who daily dies to save us, passing earth and Hade through;
Lays his life down for a pathway to the Aah-en-ru.

Lo! the cross! uplifted in the region of Tattu!
Outstretched with arms of welcome to the Aah-en-ru.

We shall follow in the gateways that our god hath travelled through:
He will meet us, he will greet us, in the Aah-en-ru.

Here we talk of all the glory that each morning doth renew,
We shall share it, we shall wear it, in the Aah-en-ru.

Here we filled the Eye of Horus, here we fed the Eye of Shu,
To be luminous for ever in the Aah-en-ru.





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