a (Akk.), water.
aa (Akk.), moon.
aa (AIsk.), father.
aanu (Ass.), where?
abubu (Ass.), storm.
abaya (Ass.), a water-bird.
ab (Akk.), abu (Ass.), father.
abha (Ass.), unpolluted or unblemished, applied to priests.
ablu (Ass.), son, from abila (Akk.).
ad or adda (Akk.), father.
adn (Ass.), great water.
adu (Ass.), portent, sign.
aga (Akk.), crown.
aga (Ass.), a sacred day, the Sabbath.
agammu (Ass.), pool.
agarin (Akk.), mother.
agu (Ass.), a crown.
ak (Akk.), a ring.
ak (Ass.), a lord, a king.
aka (Akk.), to raise up.
akharru (Ass.), the west, hindward part.
akb, a name of Sin, the moon-god.
akh (Akk.), a worm.
akhit (Ass.), repair[1].
akhkharu (Ass.), vampire?
akku (Akk.), very high.
aklu (Ass.), noble?
alal (Akk.), a papyrus?
alam (Akk.), image.
a, water.
a or aah, moon.
aa, old, elder.
annu, to turn and look back.
beb, whirlwind.
hab, a water-bird.
ap, ancestor; ab, priest, as holy father.
ab, pure man, pure priest, his reverence.
ap, first ancestor; rru, child, children, a child to nurse.
at or atta, father, priest.
a, water; ten, extended.
atu, type, sign.
aukhu, diadem.
uka, festival, and a name of the week.
akhem, pool.
akh, sustenance; renn, the child, nursling; renn, to dandle.
aukhu, a diadem.
akh, horizon round.
akhu, the illustrious, the highness.
akha, to elevate.
akar, Hades, the hindward quarter, west.
Aah and T-akh, names of the moon-god.
kak, a worm.
akait, loss and injury.
akhekh, the dragon; am, to rise up.
akka-t, the height.
akh, noble.
ar, a calendar; ar-t, a papyrus roll.
ar, to make the likeness; am, belonging to.


allala (Ass.), great, noble.
amar (Akk.), enclosure.
amatu (Ass.), command.
amien (Akk.), crown
amir (Ass.), a master (ameer?)
ammat (Ass), cubit.
amut (Akk.), blood.
an, sign of a god, heaven.
ana (Akk.), measure, number.
anaku (Ass.), I am he (the king).
anaku (Ass.), I.
anki (Akk.), heaven and earth.
annabu (Ass.), hare.
ar (Akk.), mountainous district.
arali (Akk.), tomb, Hades.
ardu (Ass.), man, servant.
aria (Akk.), river.
arkhu (Ass.), a month.
arura (Ass.), land-measure.
asabu (Ass,), to dwell.
asaridutu (Ass.), pre-eminence.
asha (Ass.), criminally, wickedly.
astu (Ass.), wife, woman.
asi (Ass.), jackal.
asibut (Ass.), inhabiting, enthroned.
askun (Ass.), fixed (root sakanu).
assinnu (Ass.), typical figure, a breathing image.
at (Akk.), father, king.
atalu (Ass.), an eclipse.
azza (Ass.), healed?
arru, form, ceremony, a divine type.
mer, enclosure.
mat, a whip.
men, denotes a ring, collar, bracelet, to twine round.
mer, superintendent, prefect.
meh, a cubit.
mut, mother, water.
nuu, a divine type; nu, heaven.
an, the boundary.
ank, I, the king.
ank, I.
ankh, pair, to clasp.
an, hare.
aru, mountain, steps, ascend.
ar, lower, fundament; alu, orbit.
ret, men; aru, a page.
arui, river.
ark, 30th of the month.
am, arura, an acre.
asb, sea, throne, place, or dwelling.
seri, chief; tut, honoured, distinguished.
asiu, vileness; ush, blot.
shtar, betrothed wife; ast, Isis.
shui, jackal.
asiput, throne, seat.
skhenn, to settle, prop, sustain.
as, statue; senn, typical figure; senu, breathing.
at, father, priest.
ataru, fantastic, sham, unreal.
usha, doctor.


babar (Akk), write.
bahu (Akk.), name of Gula, lady of the house of death.
baku (Ass.), to weep.
bam (Ass.), power.
bap or pap? (Akk.), to be opposed, opponent, adversary.
bar (Akk.), all-powerful.
barikiti, time blessed.
barre (Ass.), fatness.
baru (Ass.), half.
basu (Ass.), (verb) to be.
bat? (Akk.), to open.
ber-ber (Ass.), a pyramid.
bibbu (Ass.), the planets, the sailors.
binu (Ass.), to create, same root as banu.
binu (Ass.), wine?
birut (Ass), pure, refined silver
bisu (Ass.), evil.
bitu, house, temple, abode.
bitiq (Ass.), work, form, fashion; bitruti (Ass.), carved, cut.
builgu (Ass.), division, divided.
bunnu (Ass.), an image.
bur (Akk. ), to raise, tumefy, swell.
bura (Ass.), a lighthouse.
burbur (Akk.), summits; bur, high, head.
but (Ass.), an interval or space.
papu, papyrus.
bau, the void, the hollow of the tomb; bau-t, peht, buto.
beka, to pray; beka, squat, depress, set down, naked.
ber, force, ebullience, to boil up.
baba or apap, the typhonian adversary.
Bar, god, the mighty.
baruka, blessings, benedictions.
abar, fat.
paru, one-half of the solar house.
ba, to be, be a soul; su or sif, the child.
peth, to open, open the mouth.
ber-ber, tip, cap, roof, summit.
beb, to turn, circle, go round.
ben, to engender.
bennu, the pain.
ber, to boil; ut, white; hut, silver.
besh, evil, wounded, revolt, hostile.
bu-t, the abode, womb.
buter, kind of workman or mason.
pu, to divide; rekh, race, or people of a district.
bennu, image of resurrection.
ber, to boil.
bu or pa, house; ra, sun, day or a blaze.
bur-bur, tip, cap, roof, supreme height.
beh-t, space.


Dabu (Ass), bear, the Great Bear.
dada (Ass.), a vase?
dahuti (Ass.), (plural) gifts.
dalkhu (Akk.), applied to an evil spirit.
dam (Akk.), woman.
dannat (Ass.), dimensions, extent.
dapanu (Ass.), a wheel.
dar (Akk.), race.
dâru (Ass.), eternal.
darati (Ass.), long, lasting.
datilla (Ass.), river of death.
desu (Akk.), heaven.
dhe? (Akk.), to revolve.
dim (Akk.), to judge.
dim (Akk.), a phantom.
dir-se (Akk.), name of the 13th month (or Ve-Adar); dir means dark:
  the intercalary days of the Egyptian year are the black days, the Nahsi.
du (Akk.), to go.
dubba (Akk.), an engraved tablet or brick.
dudu (Ass.), to go rapidly.
duk (Ass.), to have, to possess.
dumku (Akk.), omen of luck, prosperity.
dunku (Ass.), happy, holy, prosperous, (? living).
Teb, Typhon, the Great Bear; Tabu, a bear.
tata, vase, dish, jar.
tahuti, dual deity; tat, give, gifts.
ter, drive away; khu, spirit, manes.
m, mother; hem, woman, wife; t, article; Atum, mother-goddess of time.
tan, spread, extend; nat, limit.
teb, movement in a circle; pen, reverse, return, wheel round.
ter, all people, community.
tef, divide father; tepr, head; ter, all time, ever.
tera, time; ti, duplicates.
tat, death; am, river.
tes, heaven.
tha, to make turn round, revolve.
tem, to judge, distribute justice.
tema, to terrify, hover, swoop.
ter, frontier, limit, extremity; si, it.

tu, to go, go away.
tebh, a seal-ring, a wheel.
tata, to gallop.
teka, to lay hold, adhere, cleave to; tekar, a link or finger.
tem-khu, announce benefit; tem, to cut, in cut cards; tame, lad luck.
ankh (t prefix), life, living, live, sacred.
e (Akk.), a house.
ebir (Ass.), I crossed over.
ebiru (Ass.), to cross and pass.
ega (Akk.), a crown.
egiru (Ass.), to dig.
ekal (Ass.), palace.
ekim (Ass.), a class of spirits; (Akk.), ekimmu, a bull-like demon.
ekur (Akk.), temple, or God.
el (Akk.), splendour.
eli (Ass.), over.
emgu (Ass.), profound power, applied to the magi, august.

emi? (Akk.), people,
en, incantation.
enu (Ass ), eye.
enu (Akk.), or enuv, lord.
epar (Ass.), produce? dust.
eratu (Ass.), pregnant.
erim (Akk.), servant, whence rim, (Akk.) rim-aku, denoting the
  servant of the moon-god.
es (Akk.), house.
esara? (Akk.), the firmament as the dwelling of the fixed stars.
esiru (Ass.), a shrine, temple.
eski? (Akk.), I carved.
essa (Akk.), an ear of corn.
etiku (Ass.), to cross.
a, house or mound.
aba, to pass through, opposite; ab, passage.
apheru, the equinoctial crossing; Aper, the crosser.
aukhu, a diadem.
karu, gardener; akau, a ploughshare.
kher, shrine.
khemu, spirits; khem, the bull.
akar, Hades; kher, shrine, the word, logos, God.
her, heaven, day; aaru, Elysium.
an, ascend, lintel; her, over.
mak, think, consider, watch, rule; am, to discover, invent, belonging to;
  aak, the mage, be illustrious, august and glorious.
ami, inhabitant; aamu, Gentiles.
an, some form of speech or invoking.
an, an eye, to paint the eye.
unhu, bull, male lord; neb, lord (kheph).
par, produce; ap, dirt, to fly.
art, made, conceived; rattu, plant, retain the form, grow, renew.
rem, some kind of people, natives, aborigines.

as, house.
as-aaru, house of heaven, the upper.
ser, a holy place.
sekha, to write, depict, cut, represent.
hes, Isis, zodiacal goddess of corn, su or sa, corn.
tek, crossing, transit.
gabdi? (Ass.), glory.
gabi? (Ass.), reaper.
gabri (Akk.), a duplicate.
gabut? (Ass.), an ark.
gal (Akk.), hollow, cave.
gallu (Ass.), name of a class of evil spirits.
gam (Akk.), a dwelling, subduer, a trampling down.
gam (Akk.), to bend, be bent.
gamir (Ass.), accomplishing.
gan (Akk.), an enclosure, a garden.
gap (Akk.), hand.
garru (Ass.), food.
gasitti or kasitti (Ass.), the 'warrioress,' a title of Ishtar.
ge (Akk.), a cleft, valley, abyss.
gi (Akk.), a spirit.
gi (Akk.), a reed tablet.
gibil (Akk.), a burning.
gig (Akk), sick, plague, affliction.
gig (Akk.), night.
gigi (Bab.), Saturn?
gigim (Akk.), demon.
gil (Ass.), enclosure, rim round.
gilda (Ass.), applied to some animal (? gelt).
gim-gim (Ass.), a god, son of Bel.
gin (Akk.), to stand up, be firm.
gir (Akk.), vault of heaven.
girri or garri (Ass.), course, passage.
gisru (Ass.), mighty.
gi-umuna (Akk.), a title of Hades.
gu (Akk.), doubled.
gud (Akk.), go to bed, rest.
guddut (Bab.), he tore or cut?
gude (Akk.), to proclaim.
guga (Akk.), title, name.
gum (Akk.), man, male.
gusur (Akk.) wood for bridges, beams.
gusur (Akk.), light.
gusuru (Ass.), a beam.
gutium (Akk.), people in the north of Mesopotamia.
guttav (Bab.), the ecliptic.
guza (Akk.), throne.
kab-ti, double honour; pehti, glory.
kab, cut down; khepi, harvest.
kab, double.
hept, an ark.
kar, cave, hole under ground.
kheri, evil, enemy.
khem, shrine, prison, bruise, crush, subdue.
kham, the bent posture of submission or adulation.
khem, to be master of, be potent, have the power.
khen, an enclosure, hall, sanctuary, inner region, garden.
khep, hand.
karu, food.
Seti, goddess of the arrow.
ki, land, inside, cut.
khi, a spirit.
kha, a book.
kep, to heat; afr, to burn, fire.
khakha, venom, sting; khaku, man vomiting.
kek, darkness.
kehkeh, the old man.
khu, spirit; khem, dead.
kar, enclosing circle, a course.
karut, testes; kart, cut.
khem, a god; kam, to create.
kan, be able, courageous, valiant.
aaru, heaven.
kar, course, orbit.
kesr, power personified.
ki-ansen, the hidden, inner land.
kiu, a second, another, one more.
ka, to rest; khut, shut and seal, a bound, the grave; khat, a corpse.
khet, to cut, tear, break.
kat, inscription, title, proclamation; kat, tree of knowledge.
khu, title; khekh, sign of rule.
khem, male type of potency.
khus, build, found, construct.
khesr, arrow or sunbeam.
seser or keser, to sustain.
khept, the hinder-part, north.
khet, zone, circuit, circle; tep, heaven.
hes (khes), throne.
hantu? (Ass.), circuitous.
hedri? habitation.
hidu? (Akk.), moon.
hin or hinna (Ass.), a cabin.
hirat (Ass.), wife, woman, mother.
hanti, returner to and fro.
hat or hathor, the habitation.
hiti, sun and moon, conjoined.
hani, cabin or bark of Sekari.
urt, the bearer.
i (Ass.), masculine plural.
ia (Akk.), glory.
ia (Akk.), pure.
ib or ip (Akk.), region.
ibbu (Ass.), white.
i (as iu), plural.
a or aa, glory, praise, ah! oh! hail.
ia, wash, make pure.
ap, equal or mid-region.
ab or ib, white.
ibbutav (Ass.), written guarantee?
ibdi (Ass.), the square.
id (Ass.), hand; id (Akk.), power, action.
idu (Ass.), to know or make known.
idiu or itlu (Ass.), noble, warrior.
igigi (Ass.), spirits.
igira (Ass.), warred, from garu.
igiti (Bab.), celestial spirits.
ikhimu? (Ass.), he devoured.
ikhiqu (Ass.), gathered, bounded, as waters.
illi (Ass.), infant.
im (Akk.), cardinal point.
ina (Ass.), eyes.
innun or ennun (Akk.), a period or watch.
ip (Akk.), to create.
iru (Ass.), to conceive a child; same root as eratu.
ir? (Akk.), a complete vessel.
irka? (Ass.), limits.
irriti (Ass.), accursed.
irsu (Ass.), bed.
Ishtar (Ass.), mistress, divine spouse.
isdu (Ass.), foundation.
iskhi (Ass.), houses of some kind.
isme (Ass.), he heard; root samu.
issip? (Akk.), king.
iti (Ass.), wall, frontier, border, that which supports, upholds.
ittu (Ass.), wheat.
itu or idu? (Ass.), moan.
Iu (Ass.), a god.
izinu (Ass.), smelled?
izzakaru (Ass.), they recorded; root zakaru.
hapu, laws, legally; teb, be responsible for, seal.
aft, four corners.
it, to figure, portray with the hand of the artist.
itu, to figure forth.
taru, the hero, the unparalleled.
akhu, khu, or khekh, a spirit.
kar, war.
akht, light, lofty, spirits.
ukha, to devour; akhem, to annihilate.
khekh, made to recoil, be repulsed, as waters.
art, child.
am, west, the crossing.
an, an eye.
un, unun, a period or hour.
apa, divine ancestor; ap, prepare.
ar, to make, child, take the form or impression, create.
ur, the chariot.
arkai, limit, end, finis.
retuu, unclean, filthy, sanies.
urs, pillow or headrest.
shtar, betrothed wife.
st, floor.
as, house; khi, extended, high, vast, elevated; skhi, very lofty.
sema, hear.
as-sep, enthroned ruler.
iti, a boat; atb, a wall.
hit, wheat.
utu, Taht, lunar god.
Iu, a god.
sena, to breathe.
sekha, write, remember; sekhar, depict, plan, picture, instruct, record.
ka, proclaim.
ka (Ass.), tooth or tusk.
ka (Akk.), mouth, as door of the body.
kab (Akk.), before, that which is in front.
kabat (Ass.), rendered the centre[2].
kak, (Akk.), to create.
kaka, (Akk.), speak.
kakkarrit (Ass.), an anniversary.
kalu (Ass.), to burn.
kan (Akk.), reed, sign of writing.
kan (Ass.), a fish.
kanul (Ass.), conduit, watercourse, gutter, canal[3].
kanuli (Ass.), probably for conveying water.
kar (Akk.), food.
kar (Ass.), walled round, a fortress.
kararu (Ass.), to revolve.
karsu (Ass.), belly.
karu (Ass.), to invoke.
kas (Akk.), two, twins.
kasar (Ass.), king (? Kaiser).
kaspu (Ass.), a measure of ground, seven miles.
kasu (Ass.), to cover.
ka, call, cry, say, proclaim.
ka, horned.
kha, vagina emblem.
kaba, horn; ab, horn, oppose, pass through, opposite.
khept, the hinder thigh of heaven, the hind-quarter.
, to create.
ka, call, cry, proclaim, say.
hak, festival; kar-t, periodic.
karmu, furnace.
kan, the sculptor, scribe’s chisel.
an, the fish.
khen, conduct, carry; ar, water.
kanru, to scatter, disperse.
kar, food.
kar, to go round or be round; karti (plural), prisons.
kar, a course; ruru, turn round, revolve.
karas, the womb of earth.
kheru, to invoke, say, speech, cry.
kes, to bind together.
ka, lofty, highest; ser, ruler; seser, Caesar.
khesf, stop, turn back; hesp, district, square, in calculo.
kas, a coffin, a funeral, burial.


kat (Ass.), hand.
kat (Akk.), to accomplish.
katamu (Ass.), the bolt or bar of a door; katma, closed, sealed.
katim (Ass.), concealed.
katu? complete, a corpse.
kazir (Ass.), restorer.
keba? (Ass.), mysterious.
kep (Akk.), image.
kha (Akk.), fish.
kha’aru (Ass.), to marry.
khairu (Akk.), man, husband.
khammu (Ass.), heat.
khar-ra (Akk.), heaven.
kharra (Akk.), master.
kharru (Akk.), the deep, lower heaven.
kharub (Akk.), a sort of grasshopper.
khi (Akk.), glorious.
khilip (Akk.), a god.
khul (Akk.), evil.
khut (Akk.), die.
khut (Ass.), day-spring.
ki (Akk.), with.
ki (Ass.), thy.
ki (Akk.), suffix for land.
kibaa (Ass.), mysterious.
kilib (Akk.), the splendid and magnificent
kima (Ass.), like.
kin (Akk.), written letter, message. (See gi.)
kinati (Ass.), women-servants.
kip (Ass.), something for enclosing and capturing animals[4].
kippi, (Ass.), curses?
kiprati (Ass.), regions, places. (See comment below.)
kir (Akk.), word.
kiribu (Ass.), an offering.
kiriru (Ass.), the fields of heaven?
kiru (Ass.), plantation or garden.
kirubi (Ass.), sort of cherubs, symbolical figures.
kisalli, an altar.
kisip (Akk.), measure, valuation.
kissu (Ass.), some sacred book?
kissuta (Ass.), feast-day?[5]
kita (Akk.), below, under.
kitar (Ass.), auxiliaries, irregulars.
kiti (Ass.), earth.
kitu (Ass.), linen.
kor? (Akk.), an age, time.
krb or garbu (Ass.), rendered interior.
kud (Akk.), cut.
kuduru (Akk.), warrior, ku-kru? (Ass.), a voice, a cry.
kuku (Ass.), rendered boats.
kul (Akk.), seed of animals.
kulu (Ass.), voice.
kum (Akk.), fire.
kum (Akk.), linen.
kummu (Ass.), palace.
kupru (Ass.), cement.
khept, hand.
khet, to accomplish.
khetama, shut and seal, a fortress.
khetem, shut, sealed.
kati, complete course; khat, a corpse.
khesr, disperse, clear, dissipate.
kapu, mysterious.
khep, image, shape, form, transform, generate, cause to be.
kha, fish.
kharu or am, to beget.
karin, the testes.
shemmu, heat, flame.
khar-ra, circle of Ra or day; aaru, the heavens.
kar, power, property.
kar, akar, infernal region; kar, Hades,
khereb, a first form, a model figure.
khu, glory, glorious actions.
kherf, the majesty, divinity or princeps.
kheri, evil.
khat, a corpse.
khu-t, place of the solar resurrection.
ki, another, second, one more.
ki, thou, thee.
ki, a particular land or region, within.
kepu, mystery.
kherp, his majesty, principal, excel, surpass.
ki, another; ma, like.
kannu, inscriptions, titles.
khenti, work-women (weavers).
kep, to receive; kaf, hunt, seize.
kheft, the godless; khebsta, some place accursed.
khepr-at, circle of Khepra, earth or world; kab, corner; art, four.
kher, word.
kherp, an offering of first-fruits.
kruru-t, the orbit or completed circle; aaru, the fields of heaven.
kar, gardener.
khereb, a model figure, a type.
khesm, holy of holies.
hesb, in calculo, account, reckoning.
kas, embalm, bury; khes, a religious rite.
khus, kill, immolate.
ki-ta, the inner land.
khetr, occasionally.
kit, land.
khet, the loom and woof.
kar, a course of time.
kherp, principal, first, consecrated; kher, a cell, a sanctuary.
khet, cut, break in pieces, reverse, overthrow.
khu-khru, a voice of command.
ka-ka, boat.
karu, testicles.
khemu, voice.
shem, fire, flame.
hema, hemp.
khemu, shrine, house, place.
khepra, scarab rolling up a ball of dung or cement for its eggs.
kur (Akk.), to conquer; gurus, warrior.
kur (Akk.), country.
kur (Akk.), an enemy.
ku-su (Ass.), throne and palanquin.
kussut? (Ass.), empire.
kutmuti? (Ass.), golden.
kuttav (Bab.), ecliptic.
kuzbu (Ass.), beautiful adornment.
kar, battle, war, trample, vanquish.
ker, country.
kheri, an enemy.
hes, throne and palanquin.
khesut, district.
ketem, gold.
kat, to go round; tep, the heaven.
khesba, blue, lapis lazuli, type of the true, beautiful or heavenly.


lakie? (Ass.), dissolute.
likku (Akk.), dog.
liquat? (Ass.), gatherer (of the people of God).
lisanu (Ass.), tongue, language, speech.
liti (Ass.), statutes, divine ordinances, memorials, records.
lubat (Akk.), a beast.
luga (Akk.), to burn.
lule? (Ass.), twisted or wreathed work.
rekal, culpable, profane, scorners.
rekh, the knower.
rekht, pure spirits, wise, magi.
ras, tongue.
ret, to cut in stone, carved stone, to retain the form.
repat, a beast.
rukai, brazier, fire, heat.
rer, circuit, go round.


ma (Akk.), land.
mada (Akk.), a land or country.
magar (Ass.), to worship and pray.
magaru (Ass.), the month of Ve-Adar, which fulfilled or made true.
magusu (Ass.), mage.
mahru (Ass.), face, presence.
mahar, receiver.
mabaz (Ass.), stronghold, fortress and strong place.
mahiru and mahrit (Ass.), facing opposite.
makannu (Ass.), ship, or a country supposed to mean the ship-region.
makat? (Ass), pathways.
makh (Akk.), supreme.
makhtru (Ass.), an equal.
makh-khaz (Ass.), to strike; concussit.
makru, a name of Marduk.
makut? (Ass.), sovereignty.
malku (Ass.), king, monarch, ruler.
mamit (Ass.), image, pledge, token, sign of covenant and salvation.
mana (Akk.), coin, money.
mauzaz (Ass.), standing, station.
marat (Ass.), daughter.
marhita (Ass,), wife.
marduk (Ass.), the young warrior-god.
maru (Ass.), son.
mas? (Akk.), soldier, warrior.
masak (Ass.), skin, covering.
masati? (Ass.), painted.
maskanu (Ass.), a dwelling.
maskim (Akk.), demon, incubus.
masi? (Ass.), tribute.
mat? (Ass.), strength.
ma, place; mat, division of land.
mat, division of land.
mak, to watch and meditate.
makheru, epithet of Horus, the fulfiller or Word made Truth.
mak, watch, think, regulate, rule; aak, mage; sa, sage or mage.
ham, face.
mer, a reservoir.
maha, enclosure; as, sepulchre.
ma-hem, mirror.
makhennu, boat of the dead, also the bark of Atum.
makha, walk, road.
mak, to rule and regulate; makh, to be blessed.
mak, match; makba, balance; Har-mak-heru, Har, the equinoctial level.
khes, to pound, ram down, beat.
makheru, a name of Horus.
mak, rule, regulate; ut, sceptre.
mer, superintendent, overseer; khu, to govern; akh, ruler.
mem, dead; tt, figure, mummy image of the dead, a type of immortality.
mana-tata, money (tata, heads).
ses, to reach land or standing ground.
merut, beloved, related person; mu or ma, the mother; rut, repeated.
mer-t, people attached, bound, married; mar-t, female relation or office.
maharu, the young warrior hero.
ma, male seed; ar, child.
masba, archer, soldier.
meska, determinative, a skin.
mest, colour for eyes.
skhen, hall, dwelling.
mes, reborn; khem, the dead; meska, purgatory.
mast, bring, tribute.
mat, granite, established.
mat (Ass.), a country.
mazzarti (Ass.), fortresses, bulwarks.
me (Ass.), one hundred.
mele (Ass.), lake.
meruhhi, Libya (Merod).
men (Akk.), personal pronoun.
men (Akk.), to be.
mer (Akk.), crown?
metu? (Ass.), mazes or windings.
mi (Akk.), night, sunset, black.
mi (Akk.), multitude.
mikit (Ass.), furnace. From a root meaning 'to burn.'
mimpi (Ass.), Memphis.
mis. (Akk.), divine hero.
misah? (Ass.), unction.
misari (Ass.), the goddess Mithra; masari, the abode?
misir (Ass.), bands.
mu, to give.
mu (Akk.), year.
mu (Ass.), water; me, waters.
mudu (Ass.), skilful, accomplished, one who knows.
muk (Akk.), building?
mukh (Ass), brain.
mukilu (Ass.), word, saying.
mul (Akk.), a star.
mulu (Akk.), man.
mumu (Bab.), the waters.
mun (Ass.), eternal abode.
munihu (Ass.), rest, firm, fast.
munir (Ass.), subjugator.
muntahzi (Ass.), fighting men.
murani (Ass.), young of animals.
mu (Akk.), serpent.
musakir (Ass.), glorifying, honouring.
musaru (Ass.), writing.
mustesar (Ass.), ruler, support.
musu (Ass.), night.
mut (Akk.), to create.
mutu (Ass.), husband, the male.
muzu (Ass.), source, issue of waters.
muzza (Ass.), gathering, mass.
mat, a division of land.
mesaut, stone-cutters; sart, sculpture, carve, make.
meh, to fill, full, complete, turns numerals into ordinals.
mer, lake.
meru, Egyptian name of Nubia.
men, the bull, the male I personified.
men, to be fixed.
mer, circle, ring, bind, swathe.
mehat, enclosure, with a fold or winding.
mi or am, west, Hades.
ma-st, many.
khet, fire, furnace.
mem, dead; pa, house or city.
mas, the anointed one, the prince.
masu, anoint.
mes, bear or bring forth; ari, ar, child, children; mes-ur, birthplace.
ser, to enclose, involve; mer, anklet.
ma, to give.
mu, year.
mu, water; meh, liquid, the waters of time abyss.
mahauit, courtiers.
makht, a mason.
mak, think, consider, rule.
makheru, true word.
suer, governor, overseer.
suer, a man attached to a temple, a prefect, superintendent.
mu-mu, duplicate of water.
manu, place of spirits perfected.
mena, to ride or rest at anchor, stop, rest. It also reads menahu[6].
nar, victory.
meni, soldiers; menh, officer; tasu, weapon of war.
rent, cattle, young.
messi, serpent as sacred word. Horapollo says it was called meisi[7].
sekar, sacrifice, cut, deprive, cut the flesh, castrate?
mer, engraving, sculpturing, inscribing.
meg, diadem; tser, ruler; tser, the rock.
mesi, night.
mut, the mother.
mata, phallus, the male, the mate.
mes, source, be born, product of the waters.
mes, engender, mass; ush or mush, mud; us, to produce, create.


na (Akk.), setting.
nab (Akk.), divinity.
nabadis (Ass.), deceitfully.
nabali (Ass.), musical instruments rendered harps?
nabd (Ass.), music.
nabhar (Ass.), all, the whole.
nabnit (Ass.), produce, offspring, germ, production.
nabniti, the whole of the created races.
nat, to descend.
nub and nef, names of a deity, the Lord.
nebt, evil of some kind.
nefer, the viol or lute.
neft, breathed.
neb, all, the whole, both sexes.
nap, sow seed, grain, corn.
nab, all; neti, existing or in being.


nabu (Chaldean astronomy), title of Mercury & Venus as prophets.
nabu (Ass.), fruit?
nadan (Ass.), gift, act of giving, giver.
nagab (Ass.), curses or blasphemies.
nagu (Ass.), a district.
naku (Ass.), sacrifice.
nakhiru (Ass.), a narwhal[8].
nakru (Ass.), hostile.
nam? (Ass.), to speak.
namir (Ass.), black or dark figure called khamir.
namirtu (Ass.), sight or seeing.
nanga (Akk), district.
napah (Ass.), the rising (of sun or star).
napistu (Ass.), life.
naplu (Ass.), surpassing, distinguished, extraordinary, admirable?
naplu (Ass.), bless.
naqu (Ass.), libation.
nasa (Ass.), to carry, carrying.
nasikk-amma (Ass.), na-siqu, kiss me.
natruti (Ass.), guards, protectors, protecting divinities.
naze (Ass.), flight.
nazir (Ass.), guardian, protector, preserver.
nazirti (Ass.), treasure.
ne? (Akk.), the deep.
nen (Akk.), lord.
nene (Akk.), plural.
nesu (Ass.), name of the lion.
ni (Ass.), us, our.
nibit (Ass.), glory, fame.
nibut (Ass.), noted.
nigab (Akk.), porter, keeper.
nigiu (Akk.), interior.
nigin (Akk.), to explain?
nikatbu (Ass.), writings.
nimedu (Ass.), fixed.
nimr (Ass.), leopard.
nin (Akk.), any one.
nin (Ass.), son.
nin (Akk.), wife, lady.
nipihu (Ass.), air.
niqqu (Ass.), sacrifices.
nisu (Ass.), uplifting.
nita (Akk.), male.
nizu (Ass.), standards, signs.
nmsuka (Ass.), crocodile.
nu (Akk.), no, not.
nu (Akk.), to rest.
nu (Akk.), image.
nuhu (Ass.), rest.
an, un, period, repeat; ap, manifest, proclaim; Anup, prophet as Dog-star.
nabs, dates, date-palm, or sycamore-fig.
nat, offering, present tribute.
naka, impious, criminal, blasphemous.
ankh, the people of a district.
nakh, to slay.
nakh-am, water-bull.
kheri, enemy.
nam, speech, utterance, discourse.
kham, black.
nem, see, perceive; ma, see; art, eye.
ankh, sign of a district.
nahp, the time, conjunction, emission of light, day.
nef, breath, spirit of life.
nefer, good, divine, handsome, perfect, regal, youthful.
neferi, bless.
nakhkhu, liquid, sprinkle.
nusa, pedestal, base, support.
na-sek, na-ska, come, salute, adhere, play, on a stringed instrument.
neter-ti, two goddesses; neterut, temples; neter, god, gods, divine.
as, go, haste, flee.
nasr, governor, superintendent, victory.
nasr-t, kind of frontlet, glowing, probably applied to jewels.
mu, lower heaven, water.
nen, type, portrait, rank, a god.
nnu (or nene), plural, fellows.
nas, fire and flame: the lion was a type of fire.
nu, we, our.
peht, glory.
nab-t, epithet of Amon-Ra.
nakhb, title.
khen, interior.
khen, news, to tell, inform.
nakhbu, inscribe, engrave, indicate.
nemtt, forced, vanquished, place of execution.
nem, the spotted skin, leopard-type.
nen, type, form, portrait.
nun, little boy.
nef, as the negative, passive type.
nef, breath, pass.
naken, slaughter.
nusa, a pedestal for uplifting; nas, out of.
anutu, fellows, males.
nasu, the standard.
muh, crocodile.
na, no, not.
nnu, to rest.
nu, image, type, likeness, statue.
nnu, rest.
pa (Ass.), mouth, speech.
pa (Akk.), wing.
pa-gri (Ass.), corpses, victims.
pal (Akk.), a time.
pa, hieroglyph of water-fowl with open mouth; peth, open the mouth.
pa, wing.
pa-kheri, the victim, fallen.
par, to go round, make the circuit of the sun.


palat (Ass.), race, family, lineage[9].
palat (Ass.), duration of life.
palu (Ass.), a year, a time, a lifetime.
parakku (Ass.), altar.
parid (Ass.), opening, expanding.
parra (Akk.), a day, light.
passur (Akk.), dish.
pata (Ass.), the whole.
patu (Ass.), to open.
patesi, a title of the early rulers of Babylonia.
pis (Akk.), to be pregnant.
pisan (Akk.), writing.
pisannu (Ass.), papyrus.
pitu (Ass.), to open.
pulug (Ass.), divisions, regions.
pur (Akk.), to explain.
pa-ret, the race; per-t, seed.
ret, to retain the form, endure.
par, a round, go round, surround, make a circle.
khakha, altar.
per-t, emanate, proceed.
par, go round, one turn; ra, a sun, a day; pa-ra, day; per, going forth.
pes, paintbox, inkstand.
pat, completed course; pata, company of nine gods; pauti, biune-all.
puth, to open.
pat, image of God; asi, ruler, august, venerable.
pessh, to stretch, extend; bekh, to become pregnant.
shen, to write; p-shen, writing; pes, paintbox, inkstand.
shen or shent, written papyrus, roll; p, article the.
peth, open mouth.
pu, to divide; rekh, people of a certain district, mankind, race.
pur, to explain.
ra (Akk.), to inundate.
ra (Akk.), to bear towards.
rabu or rubu (Ass.), prince.
rabu (Ass.), beast.
radu (Ass.), addition.
rak? (Akk.), vulva.
ramu (Ass.), raise.
res-eni (Ass.), raise the eyes.
ri (Akk.), to shine.
rieti (Ass.), monstrous? (applied to the slain dragon).
rim (Ass.), buffalo or rhinoceros.
rubatu (Ass.), lady or queen.
rubu (Ass.), lord.
rutu (Akk.), troops.
uri, name of the inundation.
raau, come near; ran, go near.
epa, prince.
rep-t, beast; rebu[10].
ret, repeated, several.
ru, gate; kha, belly.
rem, to rise, surge up, to erect.
ras, raise; an, eye, see, look.
ra, the sun, day.
retuu, sanies, corrupt, filthy in blood.
ramakh, rhinoceros; also reads rama; rem, fish or native of waters.
repa-t, lady; rubata, mystical cow.
repa, lord.
ruten, attack.
sa (Akk.), bond.
sa (Akk.), star.
sa (Akk.), field.
sananu (Ass.), to repeat.
sabadbu (Ass.), a staff.
sabakh (Ass.), lie at rest.
sabaru? (Akk.), an image.
sad? (Ass.), king or ruler.
sadu (Ass.), a mountain.
sadbru (Akk.), written.
sakba (Akk.), the mamit.
sakri? (Ass.), magic; sikin, tricks.
sakus (Akk.), leader, chief.
sakutzt (Ass.), unclean food.
saimu (Ass.), some token of a completed transaction.
sam (Akk.), price, amount paid in penalty, sum, ransom.
sa, a tie.
sin, star.
sha, field.
shen, orbit, circuit; an, to repeat.
sheptu, a stick or staff.
saba, solace; sabka, refresher; sabak, prostrate.
sefr, typical image, a gryphon.
sut, king, royal.
set, hill, rods, mount of the horizon.
shetrut, engraving.
skab, the mummy-type.
sakher, plan, design, act, picture, represent.
sekh, rule, conduct, protect.
sakhut-si, cake of corruption.
sharumata, to convoy peace-offering.
shem, measure, tribute; smau, total.
samma? (Ass.), history.
samu? (Ass.), ceasing.
santu (Ass.), the year.
sapat (Ass.), lips.
sapru (Ass.), writer; siprati, writings.
sar (Akk.), to put in a line.
sar (Akk), push forward, grow.
sarru (Ass.), king.
sara-ziggar (Akk.), 'sacrifice of righteousness'
 month Nisan, zodiacal sign Aries. (Meaning doubtful.)
sam (Ass.), the cardinal points.
sarrutu (Ass.), majesty.
satti (Ass.), years.
se (Akk.), corn.
sedu (Ass.), a spirit (divine bull).
sem (Ass.), wheat.
semu (Ass.), hearing.
semiru (Ass.), diamond.
semu-kki (Ass.), drugs, poison.
seni (Ass.), support, fulcrum.
ses-lam (Akk.), race or region.
shariri (Ass.), refulgent.
sher (Ass.), barley.
si (Ass.), she.
sib (Akk.), lord, shepherd.
sibbabti, curb, restraint.
sibbu (Ass.), threshold.
sibit (Ass.), seven.
sibta (Ass.), song, or mode of musical celebration.
siggarra (Akk.), tower.
siggurat-sadi (Ass.), mountain peak.
sikh? (Ass.), corruption.
sik (Akk.), cloth; saku, woven.
sikkat? (Ass.), gate.
sikru (Ass.), kindness.
siku (Akk.), sky, heaven.
sikudi (Ass.), the steersman.
simmu (Ass.), destiny.
sini (Ass.), two; sun, plural, 'their.'
sinik? (Ass.), enclosed or walled round, as a garden.
sinipat (Ass.), two-thirds.
sippar (Ass.). The two Sipparas, one on each side of the river.
sipru (Ass.), law, explanation.
siptu (Ass.), lip.
siptu (Ass.), record.
sirmu (Ass.), used for witness-seals.
sita (Akk.), bond.
siten (Akk.), to rule.
siti (Akk.), genetrix.
soss (Akk.), measure of length.
srasa (Ass.), herself.
su (Akk.), bucket.
sam-ma, true representation.
sam, stay, stop.
shent, the circle, orbit, cycle, period.
sepat, lips.
sefkh, goddess of writings; sep, temple people; rult, engrave, figure.
ser, to arrange, distribute, execute, dispose.
ser-t, germinate, grow.
set, chief, head.
sera, ram; sekhar, sacrifice; skher, a picture, sign,
seri, arrange, place, distribute; ser, mount of the four corners.
serut, flabellum, sign of majesty.
set, thirty years' festival; asat, period of time.
su, corn.
shetau, spirits.
shems, ear of corn.
sem, hear, listen.
semir, some kind of stone[11]; shamir, Solomon’s stone.
shemm, poison, venom.
sen, to found; skhen, prop, support, fulcrum.
rekha, people, natives, inhabitants.
shu, illuminated; rer, all round.
sherti, barley.
su, she.
sep, judge, throne; san, shepherd.
seb-seb, encase; sebti, wall, rampart.
seb, gateway.
seb-ti, five and two, also the flute.
sebt, flute.
sekaru, a fort.
sut, hill.
suakh, decay; si, corrupt.
sikhet, weaver.
sekhet, a gate.
skarhu, to soothe.
skhi, sky, heaven, elevated.
sekti, mariner.
sem, adopted, destined.
sen, two, plural.
senhu, to bind, conscribe, a prison.
shen, duad; put, no. 9, and three-fourths of a circle.
sper, one side.
sep, judge; ru, discourse, chapter.
sptu, lip.
sapti, register.
sirru, to engrave.
sett, catch, noose.
suten, king, royal.
seti, goddess, genetrix; set, female.
ses, measure of compatibility; ssu, length of time (six hours, six days).
shera, female; ba, the person, eidolon or self.
shu, pool, vessel of water. 'So' (Eng.) is a tub of twenty or thirty gallons.
su (Ass.), his.
su (Ass.), him.
su (Akk.), month of Tammuz.
sud (Akk.), to extend.
sugab (Akk.), hand.
sukali (Ass.), with intelligence. Root sakalu.
sukh (Akk.), to seize.
sukin (Ass.), prepare.
sukti (Ass.), covert, shelter.
suku (Ass.), reed (pen).
sulu (Ass.), a mount.
sumilu (Ass.), the left hand.
suntu or suttu (Ass.), a dream.
sunu (Ass.), pronoun 'their.'
sur (Akk.), mighty.
surbu (Ass.), king or chief.
sus (Akk.), no. 60.
surqlnu (Ass.), altar, table, Hebrew.

susib (Ass.), to seat. From asabu.
susru (Akk.), founder, surname of Anu.
susu (Ass.), elephant. From su, the tusk.
su, his.
su, him.
su, the child, son.
sut, to extend, elongate.
kep, fist.
sakhu, to understand.
ska, to take and lead captive, subdue.
sukbai, prepare.
sekhet, the ark, shut up, hinder.
sukha, write, determinative a reed pen.
seru, the mount.
semhi, the left hand.
senta, terror; suatem, to beat rest, reposing pleasantly.
sen, they, their.
sser, power personified.
ser, arrange, govern; ur, chief, principal; bua, head, archon.
ses, no. 6.
ser, altar, table, sideboard; khenu, act of offering, whence serkhenu,
  an altar or table of offering; serkh, a shrine; serkh, to supply food.
asb, a seat.
sesr, var. of usr, sign of founding, establishing, the backbone, sceptre.
susu, hard and enduring, as acacia wood.
t (Ass.), feminine terminal.
tab (Akk.), to adjust, to place, to add.
tabin (Ass.), straw; Hebrew זבת.
taddi? (Ass.), say.
tairat (Ass.), returning[12].
tak (Akk,), a stone.
taktu? (Ass.), jewelled.
tal (Akk.), to put through.
tam (Akk.), day.
tam (Ass.), sun.
tam (Akk.), forms part of ordinal numbers.
tamsil (Akk.), figures of constellations.
tap or tab (Akk.), to seize.
tar (Akk.), separate.
tar (Akk,). to cut, pierce.
tar (Akk.), young.
tarud (Ass.), expel.
tatta? (Ass.), pot.
te (Akk.), foundation.
te (Akk.), floor.
tibu (Ass.), quiver-case.
tik? (Ass.), a jewelled crown.
tiksi (Bab.), name of the seven planets.
til (Akk.), to complete, be finished.
til (Ahk.), life.
tim (Akk.), cord, line (applied to enclosing).
tin (Akk.), life.
tipa? (Ass.), to cook.
tir (Akk.), a jungle.
tiskhu (Akk.), planet Venus.
tsi or zi (Akk.), inherent spirit.
t, the feminine terminal.
teb, turn, adjust, place, instead, clothe, clad, equip, recompense.
tebh, corn; tehaf (teha), straw.
tet, speak, discourse, tell, say.
ter-t, a time, awhile; rut, repeated, several.
tekht, stones.
teka, sparks, to sparkle.
tar, sieve.
tam, announce, golden, renew, make over again; tem, completed.
tum, setting sun.
tem, a total.
am, crossing, transit; ser, arrange, dispose, conduct, confer, regulate.
teb-tebu, to entangle.
tar, sieve.
taru, a pike.
tera, young bird.
teru, drive away, obliterate, rub out, wipe out.
tettu, vase, dish.
ta, earth, heap, to bear, carry.
tai, threshold.
teb, a cover, equip (the quiver-case).
teka, spark, sparkle, twist, join, bedeck.
tek, cross, transit; si, star.
ter, entire, complete, all.
terf, lively.
tami, a hank, loop, noose, or hand.
tennu, to create, grow, increase.
teb, purify by fire.
ter, a limit, to hinder.
ti, twofold; sekhu, illuminator.
tes, the enveloped self; the soul.


tsir (Ass.), serpent.
tsiri (Ass.), long, length.
tu (Ass.), day.
tuhami (Ass.), twins.
tul (Akk.), hill.
tum (Akk.), to bring down; tarn, the sun.
tum (Akk.), to produce.
tur-dan (Akk.), powerful chief.
tur-tanu (Ass.), generalissimo of the armies.
turi (Akk.), to pass, leap over?
tutu (Ass.), Ubara.
tutu, father of the gods.
tzulit (Ass.), authority, protection.
ser, basilisk serpent.
ser, extend, elongate; old form tser.
tuai, day.
tema, unite, twin.
ter, tower, height.
tum, the setting sun.
tam, produce, make again.
tehan, elevated, promoted.
tehani, the repa, when nominated as the prince, the heir-apparent.
teru, limits.
tutu, a divine image of duration; tat, a god.
tut, father, engenderer.
tser-t, ruler.
u or iau, (Akk.), lord; iu (Ass.), a god.
ua (Akk.), sole lord or chief.
ub (Akk.), quarter, region.
ubara (Akic.), the glow.
ud (Akk.), day.
ud (Ass.), a weight, also no. 8?
udda (Akk.), light.
uddium (Ass), the rising of the sun.
uddu (Ass.), to go forth.
uk (Akk.), great, paragon, day.
ukkum (Ass.), he arose. From kamu, to rise.
ummu, (Ass.), mother.
umde (Median), eye.
Umlu-Bit-Umlu (Ass.), an unknown temple (1st letter an unsual um).
umme-da (Akk.), femme enceinte.
umtat (Ass.), to stop or hinder.
umun (Akk.), Hades.
un (Akk.), man.
un (Akk.), people.
unassa? (Ass.), blazes.
ur? (Akk.), the nadir, foundation.
urati (Ass.), old.
urakhga? (Ass.), a bird, constellation.
urakis (Ass.), I or he bound. From rakasu.
urhu (Ass.), path, road.
urkhi, terminus.
urru (Ass.), day.
uru (Akk.), to engender, to beget.
urud (Ass.), sculptured figures.
urukku (Ass.), white-headed.
uruku (Akk.), evil genius.
urume, Ururnians (Ass), a people.
us (Akk.), blood.
us (Akk.), male, offspring.
us (Akk.), great (ruler).
us (Akk.), to extend.
usabsi (Ass.), to be.
usbi, she sat. From asabo, to sit.
nakha (Ass.), bow down, or make to bow.
usser, protect.
ussusu (Ass.), name of Anu as the founder.
ustatil (Ass), be established.
usukkath (Ass.), to stab, wound sacrificially.
ut (Akk), light, white.
ua, captain, the one; Iu-em-hept, a god.
neb-iu, title of Osiris.
ua, the one, one alone.
ub, region of sunrise; ubn, sunrise, light, shrine, splendour.
ub, shine; ara, rising, ascending.
ut, light, issue forth, send out, glow.
uta, weight; uti (Taht), Esmen or eighth; uts, kind of steelyard.
uta, light.
ut, light, issuing, put forth, send out.
uta, to go forth, issue forth, put forth.
akh, how great, paragon, day; akhem, rising up, swelling, soaring.
mu, mother; m or hem, a mother.
um, to perceive; ma, see, eye.
meru, a goddess.
hem, female; ta, pregnant.
uamti, a rampart.
amen, or menti, the Hades.
unhu, the typical male.
on, beings; uni, people.
nasa, fire; nasr, phlegethon.
ar, fundament.
urt, old.
rekh, phoenix.
ark, hands, enclosings, encirclings, to envelop.
heru, road, path.
arkat, end, finis.
hru, day.
ar, to make, conceive, or create the likeness.
ret, carved stone.
rekbiu, pure, wise, magi; rekh, to make white.
rekal, wicked, rebel, profane, culpable.
rema, people, natives.
as or hes, blood.
us, to produce, create; su, offspring.
as, great (ruler).
us, to be extended.
sheps, conceive, be figured, born; shep to be; at, a child.
asb, the seat.
sekha, lead captive, subdue.
user, defend, sustain and maintain.
sesesu, a name of Sut, or his origin in the south, where he was lord.
tat, to establish.
sukhat, to sound, sacrifice.
ut, light; hut, white.
utu (Akk.), below, lower part.
utukku (Ass.), an apparition,
utuq (Akk.), magical spirits.
uzu (Akk.), chair.
uzu (Ass.), flesh or body.
uzzu (Ass.), fire.
uat, Lower Egypt, north.
ut, put or sent forth; ukhu, a spirit.
ut, magic; ukh, spirits.
bes or as, seat, chair.
as, flesh; sha, substance born of; flesh.
ushu, to destroy by fire.
ya (Akk.), pure.
ya (Akk.), glory.
ia, wash, purify,
a or aa, glory, praise; ah, oh, hail.
zabu (Ass.), young.
zacaru (Ass.), to record, to remember.
zadu (Ass.), to hunt.
zakir (Ass.), renowned.
zali (Ass.), suppliant, submissive.
zamant (Ass.), evil schemes and designs.
zamu (Ass.), conjuror.
zaru (Ass.), arms.
zazaft (Ass.), figures.
zdn? (Ass.), probably sandal- or satin-wood.
zibu (Bab.), wolf.
zibit (Ass.), foundation.
ziggurrat (Ass.), tower. (From Akk.)
zikaru (Ass.), memorial, to remember (see above).
zikti (Ass.), potion, poison.
ziku (Ass.), pure.
zikum, the Great Mother.
ziku-ra (Akk.), heaven.
zilli (Ass.), to engrave or sculpture.
zhnu (Ass.), circle, ring.
zippati (Ass.), trees of some kind, probably cedar.
ziru (Ass.), corn-seed.
zmaku? (Ass.), some house of pleasure or worship.
zu (Ass.), parchment for writing.
zu or su (Akk.), body.
zubat (Ass.), a veil (velum mulieris).
zum (Akk.), to destroy.
zunnu (Ass.), rain.
zunuti (Ass.), foundation.
zuzu (Ass.), a fixture.
sif, son, child.
sekha, to remember, memory; sekh, to paint, depict, etc.; ru, writing.
ssat, to catch in a noose.
skhakr, embellish, decorate.
sharuma, salute, salaam.
sama, culpable, accused of crime.
sam, mythic representations.
ser, the ideographic arm.
sas, embellish; ati, form, type, figures.
set, aromatic.
sab, jackal, wolf.
sebt, to prepare, build, wall, rampart.
sekaru, tower or fort.
sekher, to declare.
skhet, hinder, shut up, wound, deprive.
saakh, a pure influence.
sekhem, the shrine of the child Horus.
sekhi, sky.
ser, to engrave or sculpture.
semau, total of two halves; sema, encircle.
sefti, cedar oil.
sheru, barley.
smakh, to bless, rejoice.
shu, papyrus, book.
su, the person, the body.
shap, hide, conceal; shepat, shame, fem. purification.
sam, to devour.
shen, secondary; nu, water.
sunt, to found.
ses, attain land, re-establish, curdle, a six-sided block, a cube.

NOTE—All the words in this vocabulary, with a hundred and forty more not in it, were taken from the lists printed by Norris[13], Lenormant[14], Sayce[15], and others, or from the various interlinear texts. The total has been severely taxed, queried, and abbreviated by Theo. G. Pinches[16], Assyriologist, British Museum. Sometimes the word is questioned; at others, the translation; and in a few instances it may be the Egyptian will suggest the true meaning, and determine the right rendering.





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