The following list of words, extant in the British Isles, compared with Egyptian wordsitself a work of yearsneeds but brief introduction. The title is not meant to be taken literally; it is adopted simply for the sake of classifying the words. The chief authorities for the Egyptian are the Worterbuch of Brugsch[1], the Egyptian Dictionary of Dr. Samuel Birch[2], and the Vocabulaire Hieroglyphique of Paul Pierret[3]. In these the references to the texts are given for each word.

On the English side the Provincial Dictionary of Thomas Wright[4] stands first, but numberless volumes have been ransacked for the result. Celtic, Cymraig, or Gaelic have not been especially drawn upon.

It may be stated generally, that the hieroglyphics contain no phonetic C, D, E, G, J, O, Q, V, W, X, Y, or Z, but that certain of these letters are introduced as equivalents by later Egyptologists. One sign is rendered by L as well as by R.

Paralleled as the words are, they themselves sufficiently explain the laws of permutation or interchange of the equivalent letters.


a, one. a, one.
ask, the oak-free. akh, how great, tall, green, magnificent.
acorn. aak (oak), ren, the young, shoot, offspring, to renew.
ab, sap of a tree. ap, liquid essence.
abode. abut, abode.
aboo, Irish war-cry, thirst, desire for battle, delight in the onset. abu, to dance, thirst, delight, brandish.
aby it, stand the brunt of it, stand against; by, against[5]. abi, against, in opposition to.
act. akh, verb of action; t, participial terminal.
adragoul or addergoul (Irish), a place between two river-prongs. atr, river-measure, limit, region.
aft, stern, place of helm. apt, hold of a vessel; a corner or end; apt, guide; aft, hinderpart.
agog, on the jog, on the start. akhekh, fly, on the wing.
ahoy, sailor's cry of hailing. ahaui, cry of joy or salutation.
ainted, anointed. ant, anoint.
air. karh, air.
air, or aer, appearance. her, appearance.


ait or oat. att, grain of some kind.
ait, island; ay, island. aa, isle.
allies. ali, companions.
am, them, both. am, together.
amain (Irish), infernal deep. amen, secret place, hidden region of the Abyss.
amakhly, in some conscientious way or fashion. amakh, mature, do justice to, fidelity.
ame, to guess, find out, tell. am, to find, discover.
amell, between, passage between. am, between, passage between.
amene, pleasing, consenting. am, pleasing, in, with.
ames, a plural noose, round a horse collar. aam, a noose.
an, of. n, of.
an, hair. anhu, eyebrow or bristle.
anaf (Gaelic), breath. nef, breath, spirit of the firmament.
anaks, provincial name for a fine kind of oaten bread. ankh, some kind of food.
ane, beard of corn. an, horn or thorn.
ane, one. an, one cycle.
anede, united, made one, oned. un, t, an hour, the complete cycle, oned.
anker, clasp of a buckle; inkling, getting a partial bold or grasp of. ank, clasp.
anne, to give, yield; annett, firstfruits. annt or anent, tributes of Nile.
'anon, sir.' han-han, command me, at your command; an, coming.
anotta, yellow colour, chemical used for adulterating milk. ant, yellow colour.
anshum-scranchum, to scramble after food in a wolfish manner. ansh or unsh, the wolf.
anti, opposed to. anti, go back, turn back.
aog (Gaelic), death, ghost. akh, the dead, a spirit.
ap (Welsh), son of. ap, ancestor.
ape or yape, a monkey. kaf, ape.
appear, pour. per, to pour out, appear.
apple-terre, apple orchard. ter, garden; ter, a limit, the extent.
apt, to fit to, adapt. apt, guide, lead, judgment.
arach (Gaelic), tie, bond, collar. ark, a noose, a tie, a binding.
ard, height. arr, t, staircase, height.
ardour, fiery fervour. artaur, flames of God.
are, plural of 'to be.' ar, to be (are).
are, to plough; ear, plough and sow seed. aur, enter, go between, beget.
arra, either. ari, one another.
ars, science; arstable, an astrolobe. urshu, applied to astronomical observation.
Art (Irish), name for the Great Bear. Ta-Urt, Typhonian, Great Bear; ta is 'the.'
art or airt, quarter. urt, a quarter; amurt, western quarter.
art. ar-t, deed, form; rut, to retain the form, renew, sculpture.
arte, to constrain, urge, compel; whence to milk. art, milk.
arted (Chaucer), constrained. art, milk, neck-chain.
ask, damp weather, lizard, water-newt; 'Askes and other worms fell.'
  (MS. Med. 14th century)
asskh, hurtful.
asise, a term of chess. asb, chess.
ask or ash, stalk of corn. askh, stalk of corn.
askings, publication of marriage by banns. ask, delay, then.
assembly, sam, assemble.
ate, eat, to eat. aut, food of some kind.
ath (Irish), ford. khat, ford.
athel, noble. ati, a noble.
athene, to stretch out; athening, extension, heightening. aten, extending in a circle.
athyt (Tusser[5a]), condition of housing corn. aat, house; at, type or condition; hit, corn.
atrick, usher of a hall. aat, house, abode, hall; rekh, to speak, announce, declare.
attach. tek, attach.
attack. atakh, trample.
attend. aten, to hear.


auch (Celtic), a field. uakh, a meadow.
au, all. au, being, was, is, and to be.
aud, old. au, elders.
audience, hearing (Chaucer). aten, to listen.
aught, property, possession, anything. akht, thing or things, substance; akat, claw.
'auh woot' direction to horses. ahi, denotes a forward movement.
auk, invert. akh, turn over.
aukard, backward. akar, the hindward region.
auld, first, best, great. urt, first, chief, great.
autour, ancestor. ata, father.
autum, slang term for hanging. ath, drag, draw; am, a noose.
autumn. atum, red autumnal sun of the west & the lower world.
ave, to have. afa, to be filled and satisfied.
avit, weight. apt, measure, quantity.
awe. au, dignity, age, old one, chastise; aut, the crook sign of divinity.
awen, Druidic knowledge, science, gift, genius, inspiration. an or aun, priest, scribe, speech, decree, show.
awn (Welsh), the Word. an, speech of, speech to; un, reveal.
awyr. (Welsh), the sky or heaven, (Eng.) air. aaru or aar, the sky or heaven, Elysium.
ax, to question. akh, how, why, wherefore.
axe. aksu, an axe.
ay, yea, yes, also used for 'I have.' aia, I have; ia, yes, certainly.
aye, ever. heh, ever.
baa, lamb. ba, ram or sheep.
babs (Scotch), loops in garters. beb, hole, circle, round, around.
back. pe'h and pekh, rump; akh, spine (p, the article).
bad. bat, bad.
bad. but, abominable.
baffled, corn blown down by gust. paif, gust of wind.
baggie (Scotch), belly. buk, belly.
baide (Scotch), did stay, i.e. be'd. ba, to be; ba-t, made to be.
bait, of corn. bet, corn.
bait, refreshment, luncheon. ba-t, rations, food.
bait, food, luncheon. ppat, kind of food.
baith (Gaelic), grave. baut, hole of the tomb; baita, house.
ballow, cry of goal in a game. beru, cap, tip, goal.
balow, spirit. beru, force, fervour.
ban and fen, 'fen' such a thing. ben, no, not, under ban.
bane, poison. ben, pollute, no, not.
bane, destruction. ban, no, not, unclean.
baptism. b (fab), pure, priest, wash, baptise.
bar, a horseway up a hill. baru, cap, tip, top.
barley. peru, some kind of grain (? barley).
barley-bygge, corn for beer or strong drink. beka, palm-wine.
barr (Gaelic), a height. bur, cap, top, roof.
bass, fish. bes, transfer, pass, determinative, 'bass-fish.'
basen, extended. bess, dilate.
bases, aprons, an embroidered mantle worn from the waist to the knee. basu, an apron or tunic.
basin. bashn, glass enamel, porcelain.
ba-sket, woven. s'khet, to weave.
bast, a bastard. besh-t, revolt, hostile.
baudrons (Scotch), cat. pesht (Buto), cat-headed goddess.
baudy. buta, infamy, abominable.
bauk, a cross-beam. puka, a plank or log.
bay. bau, a vase or container of water.
bay-salt, rock-salt. baa, earth, stone, rock, or salt.
bay-tree. ba, wood, leaves.


bayete, procreate. ba-t, inspire, give breath, beget.
be. pa, beings; pu, to be.
beacon, hill. bekhn, tower, fort, magazine.
beano, born (Eng. Gipsy). benn, engender; bennu, sons.
bear. peru, to bear off.
beas, caws, cattle; bu, buw, buwch (Welsh), cow. behs, calf.
beast. bes-t, skin of a beast.
beat. pet, strike, beat.
beck, to bend the knee. beka, to pray.
bed. pet, a crib.
bed, uterus. bu-t, belly or womb.
bede, bend to the right, command to horses. pet, bend.
bee. ba, a bee.
beer, brew. per, a liquid made from grain.
beggar, beggary, poverty, full of weeds. hekar, starve, famished (p, the article).
being. pu, it is; pu, to be.
bekenn, to give birth to. beka, to bring forth.
bekke, to beg. bak, servant; beka, to pray.
belle, to swell; brew, boil. ber or bern, boil.
ben, good, well.  ban, enviable; bent, excellent.
ben, inner room. ben, place.
ben, a mountain. ben-ben, cap, tip-top, splendid, palm-branch.
ben, fig. set on top of last harvest load, dressed in ribbons.  
bend, a bond. baent, bind.
berry, a flood. peru, to pour out.
berry, edible fruit, Bopp traced it to Sanskrit 'bhakjam,' bhag-s-ja-m[6]. perru, food, appear, grow, manifest.
bert, perspire, bright; berth, byrht, manifest; purt, to pour out. pert, emanate, proceed; pert, put or pour out, manifest.
berewham, a horse-collar. peru, to surround, go round.
bese, to see, to behold. bes, exhibited, proclaimed.
besh, to sit (Eng. Gipsy). besh, to squat down.
besmear, harm, and besmear, in raiding. bes-mer, bind and carry off.
bewe, obey; beh, inclined. beha, incline.
bewe, drink liquor. ba, drink, water (? bua).
bewly, shining, lustrous. ba, to illumine, radiate, diffuse light.
bey, ox, bee, boy. beh, creature.
bib, drink, to bubble, to well forth. beb, well, exhale.
bib, which goes round a child's neck. beb, a collar.
bid, to command. pet, sceptre, sign of command.
big. pekh, extend; bekh, enfanter.
bight, the bend or loop of a folded rope. betau, called holes for ropes.
bill, a promontory. ber, top, cap, roof.
bind. baent, to bind.
bird. urt, bird; p, the.
bit (Scotch), place. bet, place.
bite, feminine privities. bn-t, belly, womb.
boban, pride, vanity, boasting. b-b, boast.
bock (Scotch), to gush intermittently, to vomit. bakh, to bring forth, void.
body. ba, soul; ti, abode; pauti, form, figure, body.
boggams, masters of ceremonies who wore red jackets. bak, hawk-sign of rule and lordship.
boging, evacuating; boke, to vomit. baka, to squat, bring forth.
boil. ber, boil.
bonnie, bears the palm. beni, the palm branch; ben, tip-top, splendid.
boot. bu, leg.
boon-master, a road-surveyor. benr, road, outside.
border. per, go round; ter, extreme limit.
bore or eagre of a tidal river. ber, well, boil up.
Boreland Hills, Scotland. beru, cap, tip, roof.
bosh (Eng. Gipsy), a fiddle. bes, god of dancing.
bosom, also besom. bes, dilate, pass to and fro.


boss, a head or reservoir of water. bes, inundater, transfer.
bote, amends; to boot. baat, recompense.
bote, material to mend with. baaiuti, substance, material.
both. pehti, pauti, pet, both.
bottom. pet, foundation; am, belonging to.
bough. bu, a branch.
bout, a round. put, a round.
brag (Welsh), malt; brew (Eng.). per, corn; akh, spirit.
bramble. bram, the snatem wood or thorny acacia.
bread. prut, to appear, proceed, emanate from grain; pent, food of corn.
breath; burr, halo. per, to surround, appear, emanate, proceed from.
breathe. prut, to void.
bright. per, to appear, shed; akt, light, fire, splendour.
brittene, to divide into fragments. prt, show, appear; tna, separated.
broad. prut, manifest, proceed, spread out.
broo, the top of anything. buru, cap, tip, roof-top.
brose. pers, food. 
bub, to throw out bubbles. beb, exhale.
bucket, bent stick for stretching legs of a slaughtered pig & hung up. pekht, a crooked stick, to stretch out.
Budd-Ner, British god of victory. pput, god; ner, victory.
bug or puck, goblin; bagan, devil; buggy-bane, game played in the dark. pukha, infernal locality; ha, a dwelling.
bury, a castle or great house. buru, the lofty roof.
bush. pesh, branch, flower, or fruit.
busk, inner support of stays. besk, viscera, heart, inner organ, mainstay of life.
busy, spelt besy besi, pass from one place to another.
but-shot, a bow shot. put, a bow.
butt, a measure; beat, a measure. baat, a measure.
butty-shop, where wages were paid in food. pati, feed, food.
bwrdd, a Welsh name for Arthur's table. perr-t, food, appear, store.
by, a place, bi, by, or bye, a town or village. bi, a place.
bysyschyppe, activity. besi, pass, go, one place to another; skhep, transfer; skheb, goad on.
caad, cold. khat, a corpse.
cabbage, applied to the horns of a deer, and to come to a head or horn. kaba, horn.
cabin. kabin, vessel, ship.
cabobble, to puzzle. ka, say, talk, type, cultus; bob, go round and round in a whirl.
cackle. kaka, to cackle; Kakur, the great cackler.
caft, intimidated. kaf, seize, hunt, make desolate.
cag-mag (Eng.), cag.magu (Welsh), a tough old goose. Kak-ur, the old Kak, a name of Seb, who carries the goose.
cage. khekh, collar for prisoners; ha, a shrine, shut place.
cagg, to make a vow, firmly carry out a resolution. khaka, be obstinate, stupid, mad; kaks, bind.
caird (Scotch), carver of horn spoons. kart, sculptor, mason.
calf, first form of the cow. kherp, first form or formation.
cali. khar, speech, speak, word, cry with the mouth.
cam, crooked. kam, a crook, to bend.
camel. kamaru, camel.
can. kan, service, power, ability, courage, valour.
canal. khanru, a canal.
cannie, knowing. khennui, intelligence.
canoe. khenna, a boat; ma-khenna, the boat of the dead.


cant, a secret language. khent, inner, interior, concealed.
cant (Corn. Eng.), to contain. khent, to contain.
cantlet, a little corner. kan, hieroglyphic corner.
candy, festive, happy. khent, joy, delight, circumstance of a festival.
capes, ears of corn. khepu, crop of corn; khepi, harvest.
capon and capul, fowls. khepen, geese; khep, kind of duck.
capper, to coagulate. khepr, the transformer, to transform.
car, low-lying land. ker, under, nether, below.
carcern, a prison; carchar (W.), a prison. ker, a prison.
carcharu (Corn. Eng.), to confine, imprison. ker-ker, seize, hold, imprison.
care-cloth, marriage canopy. ker, circle, round, zone, sphere.
carp, speech. kher, word, to speak; p, the.
carry. kar, carry, support.
carse (Scotch), fertile flat. kars (Heb.), vineyard/field growing produce; kar (Eg.), power, property.
cart. kart, to carry.
carve, a 'carve of pasture.' kherp, sufficient supply.
carve. kherp or kherb, to form, figure, model.
case. kahs, habit, custom, state.
cat, to vomit. ka, to vomit.
cat, the pudendum f. kat, womb.
caw, rot in sheep. khau, malady.
caw (Welsh), enclosure. kahu, enclosure, cove; or noose.
caw (Welsh), band, associates. kaui, a herd.
caward, backward. ka, tail, behind.
cayvar, some kind of ship. khepf, hold of a host.
ceannaigh (Irish), pedlar. khennu, to carry, convey, traffic.
cease. khes, to stop, turn hack.
celi (Welsh), the mysterious or secret one. kherui, the word, logos.
cell. ker, cell.
cent, one hundred. shent, orbit, circle, million.
cerdd (Welsh), utterance, word, songs of Keridwen. kher, voice, speech, word.
ces, measure of compatibility. ses, the measure of compatibility.
chache (Scotch), blind man. kak, darkness, god of darkness.
chair. kar, under.
chapel. kep, a sanctuary.
chapel, a printing-house. khepui, types.
chaps, double, a pair of tongs. kab, double.
charm. kr, to lay hold of, seize, possess; am, charming, pleasing.
chase. shas, to follow; khakh, to chase.
chat, child. khat, child, race.
chates, gallows. kaiti, punisher.
Chatham, where the waters of the Medway are landlocked. khatam, a fortress shut and sealed; flat, shut, seal, lock.
check, stone chest, kistvaen. kek, a sanctuary.
'chech-chech,' cry to pigs. khekh, whip, follow, chase.
chech, church. khekha, an altar; kak, name of a sanctuary.
check or choke. khekh, a neck-chain or collar for tying up with.
check, in reckoning. khekha, reckoning.
checked, caught. khekht, repulsed, collared, checked, caught.
cheens (Corn. Eng.), loins. kena, loins.
cheper, ass exchanger, a seller. khepr, the changer.
cherry (Devon.), ruddy. tsheru, red or red-wood.
cherven, to writhe, twist, turn. ref, the snake and worm.
chest. khest, some part of the body.
chet, slang for a letter. khet, shut, seal.
chete, a ring. kat, to go round, be round; flet, a seal ring.
chew. khu-khu, beat, strike.
child, one who bore arms; childing, bearing. kart, to bear, have, carry.
chimney. kam, black.
chin-chin (Gipsy), a carried child. khen, to carry; khen, child.
chirp, a first form of note. kherp, first form, formation.
chivy, to pursue. kfa hunt, seize.
chop, to exchange, 'chop and change.' khep, transform, change.


chopping, a quart measure. khepeni, a measure of liquids.
chout, a performance, an entertainment. khu, glorious actions, a ceremony, a representation.
chummy, a chimney-sweep. kam, black.
chwed (Welsh), speech. kheft, called the living word.
ci (Welsh), a dog. khaui, dogs.
ciric-sceat, church tithe paid in corn. skhet, corn.
city. ketui, orbit, circle of abode.
clef, the initial mark for the key. kherp, the first figure.
cleith-ras, a covered temple. resh, a temple.
clowze (Corn.), tomb or enclosure. karas, place of embalmment, a tomb.
cuight, a hard boy. nakht, hard land.
cuight or knight, pubescent. nakht, phallic power.
cnuch (Welsh), to copulate. nak, fornicate.
coach-horse, the dragon-fly. khekh or akhekh, the dragon.
cock, the needle of a balance. kkekh, a balance.
cock-brained, foolhardy. khekh, fool, obstinate, mad-headed
cockroach. kaka, darkness, night, black.
cof or cove, an inner recess. kep, a sanctuary.
coff (Welsh), belly. kefau, the navel.
coff, to change. khep, to change.
cowan (Welsh), to gather. kaf, seize, claw hold with the hand.
cold (Welsh), wood. khaut, wood.
comb. kant, hair.
coney, beehive (compare the cony). khennu, interior, cover.
cooch (Scotch), a dog-kennel. khakh, a collar.
coof (Scotch), an ape. kauf, an ape, monkey.
cooked, to make the balance fraudulently. khekh, a balance.
cooser (Scotch), stallion. ka, typical male; ser, chief.
corder, a troop of soldiers. kar, war; ter, people.
Corfe Castle, once a royal residence. kherp, first, chief, consecrated, the sceptre.
cori (Eng. Gip.), penis. karu, testes.
cote, a wood. kaut, wood.
cots, to coast. khet, to navigate, ford, port.
count, a title. kannt, a title.
cover. kepher (Heb.), to cover.
cow. kaul, cow.
coward. urt, peaceable, mild, meek,
cows (Welsh), a wood. khaki, a wood.
cradle. khart, child.
craibhdhigh (Irish), people who mortify the flesh. kherp, to consecrate.
crape, for mourning. kherp, consecrated, to offer, pay homage to.
crawfish. krau, claw.
creed. kher-t, the word, speech.
crefydd (Welsh), religion. kherp; to consecrate.
cro (Irish), fold, hut, hovel. khru, cell.
croot, a puny, feeble child, also colt. khart, child.
crut, a dwarf; child (khart), by permutation. Harpocrates, the child.
crop, the top, produce, fullness, plenty, over-full. kherp, first, principal supply, produce, excel, surpass.
crow, cry. kheru, voice, speech, word; karru, cackle.
cuch (Welsh), to contract, a contraction. khekh, a collar; keks, to bind.
cuckoo. ka-ka, to cackle.
cuddle, to clasp in the arms. khet, to enclose.
cun, chief, sovereign personage. ken, titles, kan, able, victor.
cup. kab, libation, refresh, enjoy, liquid, quantity.
curr, to sit on the boughs or hams. kar, carry, hear, under.
curve. kar, curve.
cut, a cut, a go. khet, to cut, go.
cut. kt, sign of a blade, to cut.
cut or kutte, the pudendum f. khet, womb.
cutty, short; get (Scotch), a child, a little one; kitty wren. ket, little.
cwch (Welsh), boat. kaka or kek, boat, caique.
cyphel, the houseleek. kefa, seize, lay hold, claw hold of.


cypher, joiner's termcypher off a square edge; make two edges. kab, to double.
cyve, a sieve. kht, a sieve.
dad, a piece in the hand. tat, a handful.
daddle, the fist. tat, the hand.
daddy, father. tat, father.
daft, to be put off, set aside; daft, mentally. taft, desolate.
dag, day. takh, to see, to behold; t, the; akh, light;
daimen (Scotch), rare. tem, perfect; tameh, precious stones.
daive, to soothe. tef, fragrance, pay attention.
daker, corn. teka, corn.
dam, to stop up. teru, no, not.
dandy, one hand. tan-t, one half.
darfe, bard, cruel, stern. taru (tarf), to afflict, bruise, drive.
daubing, making a house of clay. teb, brick of clay.
daw (Welsh), a tie or bond. t, knot, tie.
dawn, on the horizon, midway. tan, half, half-way.
day. tuai, time, morning, morrow.
deak or deke, a ditch. takh, a frontier.
dearly, extremely. ter, extremity.
death. tet, death, block, decapitate.
deem, judge. tem, judge.
deme, to judge, condemn. tma, make just, show, distribute justice.
den, evening, sundown. ten, the inverted half (as the moon).
dent, a cut; dunt, a hard blow. tent, cut in two.
dewskitch, a good pummelling. skhet, to beat, a blow, knead bread.
dibatones, huckle bones used for gambling by guessing. taba, some kind of game; tep, to guess, divine, announce.
dicker of hides, in, a quantity, a 'dicker of wit'[6a]. tekai, a measure; tekh, weight, supply.
dickey, all over, an end. tekai, a measure.
dickey-bird. tekai, bird.
diet, a body.

tet, a body.

dight, to clean corn from chaff. tekat, possibly same meaning[7].
digle, secret.

tekau, to lie hidden.

dike, a boundary. tekh, a frontier.
dil, penis. ter, penis.
dim (Welsh), no, none.

tem, no, not.

din (Welsh), hill.

ten, the high seat.

dinner. tennu, ration; ten, reckon each, every; naru, aliment.
disen, to bedizen. tes, ornament of dress.
dod, to cut or lop off.

tet, to decapitate.

doit, to stupefy. tuha, to be drunk.
dole, to lay out, grief, mourning.

ter, layer out, mourner.

dose, sleep awhile. tes, suspend, separate, leave, transport self.
dose, a given quantity; dossel, a bundle of hay or straw. tesh; so much land bounded in a district.
doup (Scotch), backside. tep, keel of a boat, the bottom, hinder-part.
dout, extinguish.

tet, death.

dove, to thaw. tef, to drip and drop.
down, a company of hares. tun, to complete, fill up, unity, total.
draw or drew. teru, drawing

ter, libation; ankh, to sustain life.

druid-heachd (Gad.), enchantment. hekt, charm, magic.
dry, a sorcerer, 'Try the spirits.'

tri, invoke.

dub, to clothe, ornament, equip. teb, to clothe, equip, be clad.
duck; dig, a duck.

tekh, the ibis, a water-bird.

dude (Eng. Gip.), the moon. Tet, moon god.
dule, goal, doole, a bnundary, heap. ter, limit, extremity, frontier.
dumb-wife, a fortune-teller. tema, dumb, announce, tell.


dwfr (Welsh) water. tef, drip, drop.
dwyfol (Welsh), divine. tef, divine father.
dyke, a wall or ditch. tek, a boundary.
ea, water. ai, ia and a, water and a stream.
earth. urt, car, that which bears; Ta-urt, the bearing mother.
east. ast, a period of time, light.
eaver, one quarter of the heavens. aft, quarter, four corners.
edan (Ir.), hill brow of the rampart. aten, taking a circular form.

hef, viper, snake or worm; hefnr, lizard.

egg (on), to overrule. hek or ak, rule.
eke, a final tumbler of toddy, a dominus.

hek, drink, rule, ruler.

elf, to entangle in knots. arp, to tie up in a knot.
ell and elbow.

al, a measure of length.

Emma, a woman's name. hema, the woman, wife, lady.
end. antu, division or limit of land; unn-t, hour, end of a time.
enef (Corn. Eng.), the soul. nef, breath, spirit.
enough. henufi, fulness, riches.
entity. enti, being, existence.

ter, entire, complete, all.

eric (Irish), fine for homicide. rek, culpable, criminal.
esking, the penthouse. uskh, plan of a hail.
ether, bindings for hedges. atr, limit, boundary.
eve, to become damp. aft, exudation.
ever. ap-ar, type of totality.
ayre, to go, move, haste, speed; Justices in eyre, on circuit. ar, go along, make the circle.


fad, fashioned. t (fat), to build, form.
fade, decayed, dirty, disgusting. t (fat), outcast, unclean, filthy.
faff, to blow, move violently. paif, a gust of wind.
fag, paunch. fekh, fullness.
fag, coarse, reedy grass, meadow. kh (fakh), reed, meadow.
fag, to beat, thrash. kh (fakh), to let fly, shoot.
fagot, tie up, bundle together. fakat, the gathered result.
fair, manifestly, evidently. per, manifestly, apparently.
fambles, hands. m (fam), fist.
famish. m (fam), consume.
fan, found.

funa, sure, real.

fang, to catch, grasp, clasp, clench. nkh (fankh), to clasp.
fantail, for reversing the sails of a mill. pena, to reverse, turn round.
far. r (far), extremity.
fare, to resemble or act like another. ar, likeness, correspondence.
fare, game. r, game.
fare, to go, cause to go. r, to bear off, go along.
fap, tipsy, drunk. p (tap), mount up, become tall, be elevated.
fang, to clasp, clench, bind, strangle. penka, to capture, squeeze, staunch.
fasguntide, ash-tide festival. sha (fasha), applied to a festival.
fash, tops of turnips, fibres of roots. sh (fasts), seed pods.
fash, trouble, anxiety, be troublesome. sh (fasts), cry, plaint.
fat. tu, fat, grease.
fat, abundance, plenty, piece over. fat, a load.
fathom, a measure. fat, a measure; am, belonging to.
faud, a fold; fawd, a bundle. paut, a circle, a company.
faugh. uau (fauau), reproach.
faukun, falcon. khem (fakhem), eagle.
faut, to find out. tt, detect.
fauty, decayed. ut (faut), dead matter.
feather, to fly with. ppat, to fly.


fee, property. fi, his.
fee, reward. fek, reward, plenty, fullness.
fek (Scotch), quantity, a number. fek, fullness, abundance.
fekh, poke and other variants. fekh, to capture, denude, despoil.
fet, fetched, borne, carried. fa or fe, to carry, bear, direction.
fetch, an apparition. fetk, to sink, disperse, exterminate (make a ghost of).
fie, a term of disgust, to reproach. fi, to disgust, repel.
file, bard or interpreter. pra, to interpret, make manifest.
fine (Anc. Ir.), a tribal unit. fennu, an unit of number, a million.
fingermell, a finger's breadth. meru, limit.
fire. afr, fire, to burn.
fob, froth. ab (fab), to pour out.
fobble, quadruple. aft (faft), four.
fobedays, holy days. b (fab), holy, pure.
fode, a youth. at, lad.
fuoen, dirt. fennu, dirt.
fog and fogo. kb (fakh), incense, censer.
fog, aftermath; feck, plenty, fullness; feckless, negative of. fek, fullness.
food. put, food.
foot. fut, separate, divided.
fote, a refrain. fut, a measure.
fou (Scotch), to be elevated with ardent spirits. fu, dilation, ardour, large, extended, elevated.

fent, sign of the inundation.

foust, fogo, foul, fouty, a fool, rots in fu, pu and bu.

fu, vice, fault, sullying; fu, dilation, large, be extended.
fouth, plenty. fut, load, measure.
foutnart, foumart, a polecat. futi, impurity, ordure.
froth. pert, pour out, liquid, appear.
fuff (Scotch), to blow intermittently. paif, wind, breath, gust.
fuff or five, as in the hand. f, hand.


gaf, a sort of hook for catching eels. kaf, hunt, seize.
gag, exaggeration. kak, to boast.
gag, to hinder motion by tightness. khekh, a prisoner's collar having nine points.
gaggle, nine-pins.  
gnu (Welsh), words. kher, word, voice, speech.
gammer, the wife. khem, rectum, rectrix, domus mulierum.
gammon of bacon. kamh, a joint of meat.
gammon, to deceive, and many forms of pretending in a lowly posture;
  kham, to crook or bend; gammy, to 'do the gammy' in begging.
kamui, a lowly posture of the conquered, soliciting, imploring,
  adulating, adoring, bending.
gan (Irish), the little or young one. han, the young one.
gun, gons, or cons (Corn. Eng.), f. pudendum. knau, f. pudendum.
gant, a village wake; gantly, frolicsome. khant, circumstance of a festival, joy, delight.
gao'th (Irish), wind. khet, to navigate, sail.
garden, enclosure. kerrt, zone, enclosure, en, to be.
garre, chatter; gene, chirp; gargate, throat; garry-ho, loose
  language; ho, out of bounds.
kher, to speak, speech.
garth, enclosure; garter, girdle, girth. karr-t, orbit; kar-t, indwelling.
gash, cut. kas or kasha, cut.
gash (Scotch), talkative. kasau, tongue.
gat, a goat. kah-t, a she goat.
gat, a narrow passage; gut. khet, to enclose, ford, port.
gate, road, difficult of ascent, cliff and coast roads. katt, bad road.
gate, for shutting. khet, to shut.
gauve, to stare. khef, to look intently.
gavel, a sheaf of corn before it is tied up. khef or gef, corn.


gavelet, a seizure of land. kafa, to seize.
gay, joy. khaui, joy.
ge, ye. ke, thou, thee.
geasa (Irish), spells. khes, a religious rite.
gob, to turn up the eyes in derision. kef, some kind of a look.
geboned, polished. kabni, habni, ebony.
geck or gouk, a fool, April fool. khak, a fool; keh-keh, an old man.
ged, dead. khat, dead body.
geese, a horse's girth. kes, bind, tie.
gelt, deprived of testes. karut, testes.
gereve or greve, a governor. kherp, principal, chief; or kherf, his majesty.
gerse, grass. khersh, a truss.
get, to catch. khet, to net.
gib-fork, two-pronged harvest fork. kab, double.
gig, cock-boat. kaka, boat; kek, a boat.
gig, whipping-top. khekh, whip.
gig, 'the gig's up.' khikhi, to extend, enlarge, elongate.
gig, machine formerly used for winnowing corn. khekh, fan.
gipseys, eruptions of water on the downs of East Riding, due to rain. kep, the inundation; si, passing.
gis, an oath, 'by gis.' khes, a religious rite; kes, to bind, covenant.
gise, to recline. kes, to bend or lie down, be abject.
giss, the girth of a saddle. kes, to envelope with a band.
git, yet, still, time, when. khet, stop, when.
glamour. kra, to lay hold, take, seize, possess; mur, love.
glebe, sacred land. kherp, consecrated.
globe, sphere, model of the earth, skies, symbol of imperial power. khreb, first form figured as sphere, egg of Ptah; kerp, majesty's sceptre.
gnar, as a dog. nar (Heb.), to roar.
gnat, fly, anything small, worthless. nat, small, enemy.
go, a measure. kha, measure.
go. khu, spirit, go, with whip sign.
goa, earth-goddess. ki, land, earth, inner region.
goal, end of the course; char, a course. kar, a course.
goat. kaht, she-goat.
goats, stepping-stones. khet, ford.
God, also god's-good, yeast. khut, a spirit.
goge, throat. khekh, throat.
goigh, very merry. khak, to rejoice.
gome, a man; gomman, the father, game. khem, be who has potency, virile power personified.
good, a measure of length. khat, a dry measure.
gorsed (Welsh). kar, course, circle; keru, word, voice; set, seat.
goud, the plant woad. kata, young plants.
graf, first spadeful of earth. kherp, first.
grape. arpe, grape.
gruagsch (Gaelic), Apollo. kheru, word, logos; khekh, light.
guare or guary (Corn.), a spoken play. kher or kheru, to speak, utter a speech.
gue, quick to catch; cue. khau, to seize.
guess, applied to barren cows or ewes kheu, stop, stay.
guest, one who stops and stays.  
guide. khet, navigate, steer, when, or when to stop.
gwes-par (Cornlsh), vespers. khes, a religious rite; per, manifestation, go round
gwiddion, British god; cad, a familiar spirit; caddy, a ghost. kata, name of an Egyptian god; khut, spirit.
gwy (Welsh), sinuosity of shape. kai, shape, figure.


hasp (Devon.), go back. happ, to go backwards.
haben, ebony. habn, ebony
hack, place on which bricks are arranged to dry. aka, dry up.
had, rank, quality. haut, go first, precede.


hag, an enclosure. hak, a fillet.
hag, witch. hek, charm, magic.
ha-ha, of laughter in full tide of triumph. haa, rejoice; au, long-continued triumph; haa, jubilation.
ha-ha, sign of rejoicing. haa, rejoice.
hain, to spare, preserve, save. han, for mercy's sake.
hak, serpent, snake. hauk, reptile.
halo, a round of light. haru, the circle of day, or round of light.
ham, a covering or enclosure; home. am, tent, house, enclosure; hem, seat, place.
hammock. aam, noose or sling; akh, up.
hanap, the Sangreal cup was first called hanup. han, a vessel; ap, liquid, essence.
hand, the member. hunt, the matrix or creative hand.
hand, a workman, performance. hanuti, labourers.
hang, a tie, to stick to. ankh, a tie, a noose, to clasp.
hang, a crop of fruit. hank, an offering of vegetables.
hange, the pluck, heart, liver and lights. ankh, symbol of life.
hank, knitted loop. ask, clasp, a loop.
hansel, the money first appearing. han or an, to appear; first sight of.
hap, to cover up. hap, to hide; hep-hep, hide, screen.
har, light ascending mist. hair, fly up.

kart, stone; ert, the hard, that which retains the form.

har-har, shout of pride, pleasure used at witches' Sabbath[7a]. har, pride, pleasure.
harp. uarp, to be joyful, charmed, delights.
harry, plunder, haste. hura, plundered.
haste. as-t, hasten.
hasten. ustennu, stride.
hasty. hasheta, hasten.
hasty pudding. hastu, some kind of drink.
hat, futuere. hat, to espouse.
hat and ought, circles. at, circle.
hat, to take off the; 'hat,' to salute. hatte, reverence, salute.
hathe, matted together. hut, bundle; hata, mat.
hau, to the left. hai, direction, go back.
have. haf, to seize, possess, have; afa, to to be filled and satisfied.
havel, slough of snake; hoof, goes on the ground; havil, young crab; ivy
or ale-hoof; hafru (Welsh), sluggish; hafarch (Welsh), crawling along.
hef, snake; hefu, crawl; hef, crawl, squat, go on the ground as a snake,
  viper, or caterpillar.
hawbuck, a country clown. hau, rustics; bak, labourer, servant.
hawid, hallowed. hatt, reverence, salute.
haws. hau, first-fruits.
hay, hail, stop. hai, hail, stand.
hayne, park, enclosure. hain, join, touch, near.
he. ui, he.
head. het, upper crown.
heaped. hept, heaped.
hearse. hun, pillow or headrest.
heart. artt, milk, has the heart-sign; aurt or haurt, some substance.
heat. Heht, goddess of fire; uat, mistress of heat; ut, fire.
heat, one course. hut, hour or course.
heath, cover. hut, shrine, secret enclosure.
heave, wave. hefa, heave, crawl as the snake or caterpillar.
heaven, open. uben, sunrise, shine, light.
Hebber-man, fisherman on the Thames below London Bridge. heb, ibis, fishing, fisher.
heeze, to raise. hehs, to raise.
hegar (Cor. Eng.), captive. ha, captive.
'heigh-ho,' sigh of longing. uha-uha, desire, long for, sigh.
height. akht, height.


height. hai-t, ceiling.
height, to right, driving horses; woot. ha-t, sodden; aut, go along.
heir, eldest son. ur or her, eldest child.
hell, a prison, Hades. kar, a prison, under, Hades.
hem. hem, border, frontier.
hemp. hema, hemp.
hen. an, hen.
henkam, henbane. ankham, some flower, bud.
her, she. er or ru, she.
heraude, herald. uarut, go, fly, carry on foot.
herb. kherp, a first, chief, principal thing.
here. her, here.
hero. ma-haru, the typical warrior, the true (ma) hero.
her-out or erout, for without. her, with ut, out.
Hertoga, an overlord. her, over; tka, a fixed frontier.
hessen, coarse flat woof. ushen, net.
heste, a command. hes-t, order.
hete, to be named or called. het, to consecrate.
hetherims, rods twisted to keep the stakes of a hedge together. hetar, to compel; atr, limit.
hewt, high. ati, hills.
hey, hail, stand. hai, hail, stand.
heyho, the green woodpecker, the long-tongued bird. hu, tongue.
hey-lolli, a refrain. heloli, mad, frantic.
hie, in haste. hih, seek, search.
hire (Welsh), boar, pig. hekau, a pig, boar.
hingers, ears. ankh, ear.
hingy, said of beer when it begins to work. ankh, life, living, alive.
hip, hip, hurrah! hep, unite, join together.
hipping-stones, for crossing a brook. hepti, an ark or cabin for crossing the waters.
hips, seed of the wild rose. hebs, corn seed.
hit. hit, strike.
hithe, an enclosed haven. hut, shrine, secret enclosure.
hobby-horse, ridden in the old mythical representations. hebi, to celebrate the triumph of return; heba, joy, pastime.
hobnob, together, touch glasses, sign of conjunction. heb, a festival; nahp, conjunction; nob, all together.
hobnob, a figure carried in the festival processions at Salisbury. neb, lord of.
hocktide. hak, a festival.
hocus-pocus. huka puka, magic and conjuring.
hoddy, a net. aat, a net.
hoden, beaten.

hutn, strike, beat, smite.

hoer, she. ur, she.
hoer (Cornish), sister. hari, the name of Isis and Nephthys as the sisters.
hog. heka, sow.
hoit, to indulge in riotous mirth. Hathor, goddess of the dance and merrymaking.
hondey, Lancs name for an omnibus; handydandy, swinging to and fro. hanti, the returner that goes to and fro.
honour. hon, majesty, sanctity, royal; ar, being.
honour, obeisance. han, to adore.
honor, a title, Norman fief noble called an 'honor.' anr, hail; anr, a title, door-opener.
hoo, hunting cry; woo, how? hey? huh, to seek after.
hood, hut, hide. huth, table cover.
hood, the raised crust of a pie. hut, upper, height, the upper crown.
hook. hek, hook.
hoop, to hide. hep, to hide; haup, spy, deserter.
hooro (Irish), cry. hru, to cry, call.
hop, plant. ap, mount, rise, fly on high, climb up, tall.
hope. ap or khepr, the beetle, sign of hope.
hoppe, dance. hep, festival.


hoppo, anything relating to custom house laws in Anglo-Chinese. hapu, laws.
horse and arse. ur, principal; ur, to carry or bear; ar, fundament; a, he, she, it.
hot. ut, glow; haut, fire.
hot, ordered; Odd-fellows, an order. hut, order.
hot waters, spirits. hut, spirit, good demon.
hot. hut, onion; hti, consume.
hoy, a boat. hau, transport boat.
huath (Corn. Eng.), fresh, anew. uat, green, fresh, colour.
hucksy-bub, a name for the female breast.

akh, sustenance; si, child; bub, well or source.

hud, mystery. hat, terrify, fear.
hud (Welsh), charm, spell. ut, magic.
huey, tramps' term for a town or village. hui, a limit, boundary.
hufen (Welsh), cream. hebnu, honey, conserves, etc.
huff, bully, hector, swagger, scold. uta, grasp, chastise.
hukni, (Eng. Gip.) art of fortunetelling. heknu, supplicate, invoke, discourse, address.
hum. hem, locust.
humstrum, female emblem. hem, female emblem.
hunch of bread, lump. uns of bread.
hunger. hun, food; kher, take, seize, claw, reach for, claw hold of, fight for..
hurdle. hart, orbit, enclosure.
hurrah. hurahu, courage, prevail over.
hurricane, terrific wind. heru, terrific, terrifying; khen, blow, puff away, typhoon.
hurry. uaru, go fly away.
hurt, blue in heraldry. hurt, above, heaven.
hush. usha, nightfall.
hush, to wash ore. ash, to wash.
hut, abode. hat, abode, habitation.
hymn, to hymn. ham, to invoke with religious clamour.
hyps, blue devils; hypo. habu, haunt; habau, infest.
inch, island; ing, field, enclosure; ingan, onion; inkle, tie. ank, clasp, a tie.
ink. na or nak, ink.
ior, circle of the sun (Welsh). har, day.
is. as, is, it is.
ith (Irish), corn; yd (Welsh). hit, corn.
ivin, north. kheb, north.


jads or jouds, rags. uat, rags.
jock, to enjoy. hak, a festival.
jowser, diviner for water with a rod. user, a sceptre, the rod of authority.
joy. khaui, joy; ahaui, cries of joy.


ka, say. ka, say.
kach, evacuated. ka, evacuate, foul.
kae or kye, cow. kaui, cow.
kaeawk (Welsh), Druidic wreath of beads. khakr, adorn; khakri, necklace.
keb, name for children's crying. kab, to be weak, feeble, wretched.


keb, a villain (in the modem sense); kheppen, to hoodwink. kheb, hypocrisy, deceit, disguise, violate, change.
kecche, to catch; kook, to choke; keck-corn, windpipe. keks, to bind; khekh, collar, throat, gullet.
Ked, British goddess. Kit-mut, a goddess; Khept, goddess.
keen (Irish), to recite the virtues of the dead. khen, to tell, convey, be agitated, act of offering.
kell, a welling water. karua, water welling.
kep, to lie in wait. kepu, to be hidden, lie in wait.
keeper, a clasp; kep, to catch; cap, a shepherd's dog. kep, to seize, catch.
kemp, champion. khem, to prevail, be master of.
ken (Cor. Eng.), hollow. khen, interior, hollow.
ken, to know, to be acquainted with. ken, accompany.
kent, to shut up close. kensh, snap, extort, hunt.
Kent, called the garden of England. khent, garden.
kep, to catch or enclose. kep, closed hand, fist; kep, to receive.
kepe, to meet.  
ker, business, occasion.
   'An hundred knights good of ker,
   Her better no may wepen ber.'[7b]
kar, business, to bear battle-harness; kar, power, property.
kesh (Irish), kind of causeway made of wickerwork. khus, found, foundation, construct, i.e. road making with a man pounding.
kex or kecksie, the dry stalk of withered hemlock. kehkh, the old (man); si, pass away, corrupt, decay.
kecky, for kecksie. kah-k, reeds.
kest, a twist or knot; kish (Ir.), wicker-work. kes, to bend, to bind.
ket, filth.

shet, sin or crime of some kind.

ketter, to diminish in size. ket, little.
kevin, lower part of the round of beef. khept, thigh, hind quarter.
kewto, to kitten. khut, sign of maternity.
ki, quoth. ka, say.
kick, to sting. khekh, to sting.
kick the bucket. 'The pitcher broken at the fountain.' kekto break.
kick; kick, rebound of a gun. khekh, repulse.
kick-up, sort of balance used for weighing half-pence in 18th century. khekh, balance.
kid, of pease or beans. khet, enclosure, shut, sealed.
kiddier, a butcher. ket-t, a butcher.
kiddle, a weir in a river with a cut to catch fish. khet, to net.
kill, to strike, to slay, to knock on the head. kher, an animal going to be killed; kar, to strike.
kiln. kar, a furnace.
kline, a silly fellow. kemh, to stare.
king. ank, the king.
kisting, a funeral; kist-vaen. kes, embalmment, a funeral.
kitchen. khet, small; khet, building; khen, interior, inner part.
kite, belly. khat, belly.
kith, knowledge, also a region. kaat, wisdom; khet, circuit, enclosure.
kitten, young of the cat. katen, image, likeness.
knap, to snap, to talk snappily, to browse. nehp, to seize.
ku-ku (Ir.), sacrifice. khu, ceremony, benefit, spirit; khuu, sin.
kut (Corn. Eng.), wife. kef, hinder, feminine half.
kut (Corn. Eng.), the wife; chavi (Eng. Gyp.), girl, daughter. kefa, the genetrix.
ky or chy (Cornish), house. ki, an abode.
kye, cows. kaui, cows.
kyle, a vassal or serf. kheri, a bound victim.
kyle, to strike, strike off, or cole. kar, to do battle with, sign of striking.
kyphor, to copulate.

khepr, to generate.



la, lah or lack, formula of exclamation, verily. ra, formula, verily.
ladder. rat, steps.
lage, to wash; alao lye, to wash. rekh, to full, wash, purify.
lara, round piece of wood turned; larabell, sunflower that turns round. rer, to turn round, be round.
latch, to invite, entreat.  rtu, urge.
lathe, invite. reti, beseech, ask.
lawter, 13 eggs to set a hen. retar, entire, a total; ret, set.
leach-brine, purified brine. rekh, to wash and purify.
leash, three dogs or partridges. resh, written with three feathers.
leche, a physician, to heal. rekhi, mages, knowers, doctors.
lede, lude, lithe, leet, people. ret, race, mankind.
leek, onion. rekh, heat, to be hot.
leiths, joints in coal. retha, to quarry.
leits, footsteps. rat, feet, steps.
lesse, to teach, lesson; llais (Welsh), voice. res, tongue.
let, causation of any action. rta, cause to do.
letter. ret, engrave, figure, write; teruu, papyrus roll.
liege, applied to a king. rek, to rule.
linn (Celtic), a deep still pool. renn, virgin-pure.
liss, pleasure, joy. resh, joy.
llan (Welsh), an enclosure or circle. ren, an enclosing ring.
lloer (Welsh), moon. rer, to make the circuit, grow round.
llyr (Welsh), sea beach. rer, go round, surround.
llyther (Welsh), letter. ruit, engrave, figure; rat, engrave, letter.
lly-thrau (Welsh), Druidic signs cut in wood. rut, scribe's palette with pen and ink; teruu, a roll of papyrus.
loll, to fondle. rur, to dandle.
look. ukha, to seek.
loon, a boy. renn, a boy, nursling.
loop. arf or arp, to hind, tie round with noose.
lope, dog-lope is a boundary between two houses belonging to both. rupu, either, or; takh, frontier.
lull, to dandle a child. rer, to nurse and dandle a child.
lum (Scotch), chimney. rem, the erect; ram, throat.
lycced tea, tea with spirits in it. rekhi, spirits.


ma (Irish), mother. ma, mother.
mache, to match. mak, match.
macks, sorts; make, to mix; makke, a mixed dish. maku, mixed.
make. mak, to control.
make. mak, work, inlay, composition.
make, mate. makh, pair of scales, balance.
make, to rhyme. mak, regulate, think, balance, measure.
Makhir, the divinity of dreams. ma, true; khir, word, speech, revealing, imaging, picturing.
mamma, the mother. mama, to bear.
man, man-ful.

men, to be resolute.

man, to man, the man. men, the fecundator.
man-cowe, baboon. kaf, a monkey.
mane. mennu, some form of hair.
Manx arms, three legs revolving, counter poise. maank, a counterpoise.
marge, margin. meri, a border, a margin.
marish, marygold. maresh, yellow, being yellow.
married. mer-t, attach, attached.
marrow, mate. meru, beloved friend.
mart, cow-fair. mer, cow.
mash, to steep. mas-mas, to steep.


mason. ma, true; sen, brother, to fraternize, found, build, establish.
mast, nut of the beech. mast, born, produced; mast, seed.
mat, for the feet. mat, soles of the feet.
mate. mat, to agree.
matere, womb; mid., middle. mat, mother; mat, middle, matr, centre, to centre.
matins. mate, sing, praise.
math, equal, true, like. matt, true, right, like, according to.
mattachin, ancient sword dance. matai, soldiers; ken, to dance.
matted. matet, unfold, unwind.
matter. matrut, soil, stain; matr, a mash.
matty, equal, alike, corresponding, mate. mati, ankles or feet (a pair).
May, the month; you 'may.' mi, seed, germ, growth, renewal; mai, come, invitation.
mayor. mer, prefect, governor.
maze. mes-mes, confusion.
meal meh-t, some kind of libation.
mean, resolve, intend. men, resolute.
meare, boundary; mur (Welsh), circle, Stonehenge; mill, a round. mer, a boundary, a circle.
measure. maser, an unknown measure.
meat. mat, some kind of food, dead.
meer, a measure, (Peak of Derbyshire). mahar, a quantity; mer, a limit.
mehaun, the devil, the old mehaun. mehaun, serpent.
mell, to wheel round. mer, circle, encircle.
mell, futuere. mer, to love, attach, kiss.
mell, a mallet, hammer. merh, club.
meni, stone monument. men, an obelisk.
mer (Eng. Gipsy), to die. mer, to die.
merkin, the pudendum f. mer, circle; khen, inner.
meskins, is an exclamation, 'By the mass'; mass, wafer. meskin, place of new birth; mes, cake, mass-wafer, cake or birth cake.
mich, to act by stealth, to steal. makhau, to kidnap.
miching, false show. maka, an artifice or artificial.
middle. mat, middle.
might. mat, granite; mata, backbone, phallus.
min (Corn. Eng.), brink, border, or boundary. men, go round, that which goes round.
mine, to establish, to penetrate. men, to establish; mm, plodding penetration.
ming, to mix, to knead; minginator, one who makes fretwork. menkh, to fabricate, form, work, create, make, a mallet.
minne, to remember. men, memorial.
minny, mother. mena, typical nurse or mother.
minnying, periodic memorizing. men, to go round, perambulate.
minster. mena, the dead; ster, couch of she laid out dead.
minute, sixty seconds. min, a measure; at, second of time; menut, a measure.
mirror. mher, mirror.
mist. mes or mest, product of a river, river-born.
mix. mak, mix.
moarg, to burn without flame, dead fire. merau, die.
moat, water enclosure; mota (Irish), earthwork enclosure. mehat, enclosure, sepulchre.
mob, a slattern, a sloven; mobile, the mob. mhubi, humble.
mock-shadow, twilight. mak, mixed.
mog, to enjoy one's self. mak, to dance.
mohyn (Welsh), bull. men or min, bull.
moke, the mesh of a net. maka, a reel, some implement used with a net.
mommy, all of a mass. mem, pitch, wax, mummy.
monument. men, to fix, monument.
moor, to void blood. mer, to die, end.
moor, farm-bailiff. mer, superintendent.
moray, coast-country. mera, land, limit; meri, bank, shore.
mormaera, pictish governors. mer, prefect, superintendent, monk; mer, circle, limit.


morrow. mera, region, limit, boundary.
mort (Gipsy), female mate, doxy. mer-t, beloved person, attached to; mar-t, female relationship or office.
motion. mat, to go; maten, to go, move away, give way to.
month. ment, a total of two halves, as a lunation; men to go round.
mue, to change, to mue the feathers. mu, to end, die.
mugget, a crispy ruffled shirt. maku, some linen object, (t, is a terminal).
mul-berry. moe, mulberry-tree.
mull, cow. mer, cow.
mum, silent. mum, dead.
mumm, to make up a character, transform. mum, mummy, an image of transformation.
munch. munka, to work, form, make.
munte, to measure out. mant, a corn-bin; men, a liquid measure.
mur (Welsh), precinct. mer, precinct, enclosure.
mush, anything mashed, as wetted meal. mussh, mud
must, new wine. mustum, an intoxicating drink.
mute. mut, silent.
'Oh, my,' wonder, surprise. mahui, wonder, admiration.
my. maaui, in the power of.


nabbed, caught. nabt, tie, plait, noose.
nac-an (Anglo-Saxon), to slay. nakan, slaughter.
nadredd, Welsh Druids. nater, divine; at, father.
naf, the pudendum. Nep, goddess of seed.
nake, to make naked, known. nekhem, know.
nape, to cut a hedge, for renewing or forming anew. nahp, to form.
nart, a birth cake. naar (Hebrew), a newborn child.
name, drunken. nasp, delude, stupify, numb, i.e., drunk.
nash, firm, hard, gnash. nash, strong.
nasty. nah, foul; sti, stink, stench, smell, offend.
nasty, spiteful. nashti, plague, torment.
nat, a kind of mat. natt, shuttle.
nat or net (Irish), little. nats and netiu, little.
Nature. Natr, goddess, time, season.
navel, first breathing place of the embryo. nef, breath.
navigate, navy. nef, sailor, to sail.
neart, night. narutf (for anrutf), the sterile, infertile region.
neat, cow. Neith, cow-headed goddess..
neb, to kiss. nahap, to kiss.
nedder, an adder. neter, a serpent symbol.
nedder, inferior. neter, servants of priests.
need, anciently note. neht, wish, request, vow; net, address, save, help.
neigh or nicker. neka, provoke, incite, sign of male power.
neist, nearest, soonest. nas, near, close, after.
neit (Irish), god of war. netr, gods.
neme, care, to take care. nemm, to take.
neme, mate, associate, be near. nem, to join, accompany, engender.
nemly, quickly. nem, some kind of motion.
nen, an English river. nen, water, inundation.
nene, neither, none. nen, no, not, without.
nenet, will not. nen-t, no, not.
nesh, applied to strong cheese, 'choice of change' (1585), too nesh. nash, strong.
ness, a height, jutting, or promontory. nas, a tongue, out of; pedestal, upper crown.
net, to make water. natra, maker; netur, water of the west.
net, total, profit. net, all, total, limit.
nettle, a rope's end. netur, to pull a rope; unutt, a rope.
neuf, blaze. nefer, heat, fire.


'neus the matter,' something near or like the thing. nas, near.
nev (Welsh), heaven. nef, spirit of the firmament; nu or nupe, heaven.
ne-vydd (Welsh), celestial lord. nef or neb, lord; it, heaven.
newed, changed, renewed. nnut, sweet, fresh.
nice. nas, proclaim.
nick, to deceive, cheat. neka, delude, be false.
nicks, a siren; nicks-nan (Cornish), night, when boys play tricks on
  the unwary; nickhem (Scotch), applied to a child.
neka, delude, play false, provoke: nan, little boy, a ninny; nekhen,
  child; nakhem, knowing.
nidde, to compel. nat, submission.
nide, of pheasants. net, a quantity, total, a collection.
nig or nig-nag, coitus. nak, coitus.
nigging or knocking shop. nak, fornicate.
niggle, dawdle, trifle. nikau, idle, lazy, dawdling.
night. akht, light; n, no, not.
nim, to snatch; nimming, stealing. naham, to take away; nam, forced.
ninny-watch, a vain hope. nen, no, not, negative.
ninted, perverse. nent, ignorant, fools.
nirt, cut, gelt. narutf, barren, sterile.
no. nu, no.
noble, nab, or nob, head: nub, a husband. neb, lord, consort.
nod. net, incline, bow, salute.
nog, strong ale; nogged, strong-limbed. nakh, strong, strength; nakta, a giant.
nome, taken. nam, forced.
nominy, a public speech in 'rough musicking.' num, speech, utterance, tongue.
none, early form nen. nen, no, not, without.
noose or knot. nuut, a rope; nuuh, knot or to twist.

narutf, name of the north.

not. neti, no, not.
not, knot, naite, to deny. natt, impediment.
not, a name for bandy; 'out of notch,' out of bounds (Eng. saying). nnu, go hither and thither; natsh, tie, attach.
note, the time during which a cow is in milk. net, all, total; neith, the cow-headed Isis as the nursing mother.
now[7c]. nnu, time appointed, this time, continually.
nowed, in heraldry for twisted or tied. nuut, rope, tied.
nowte, black cattle. neh, black; neit, goddess, the black Isis, cow-headed.
nub, nape of neck; nur, head; nare, nostrils of hawk; norie, the nurse. nahb, neck; nar, head of the vulture; nrau, nostrils of the vulture; nar,
  the vulture, emblem of Mut, the nursing mother.
nuirt, an Irish amulet ring. nar, victory; ut, magic, written with a tie; nnuh, knot; ret, engraved.
number. num, to see, perceive, repeat, again, twice.
nunt, to be obstinate or sullen. nent, ignorant, fools.
nurt, Scotch birth cake. nehar, some kind of bread.
nut, a small vase. nu, the vase or jar sign of water.
nyfio (Welsh), to snow. nef, breath.
nytte, to require. net, tribute, collection.


ocub, cockchafer. khep, beetle.
oddy, the snail that drags it's abode also called the oddy. athu, drag, draw, an abode.
of. af, born of.
off, the line from which boys begin in playing a game of marbles. af, born of.
ogha (Gaelic), prefix to names; Irish O or H. akhu, illustrious, honourable.
oghsa, monuments. ankhem, indestructible.
oh! uoh, very much, increase, augment.
oil (by permutation). ur, oil.
old (by permutation). urt, old, oldest.


oned. unnut, double crown, twinned or oned; unn-t, the two crowns in one.
oned, united, made one, one hour. unnt, one hour, marked by the circle.
oo, one. ua, one.
oont, want; oonty, empty. un, wanting, defect, open.
oose, mud. ush, mud.
ope, open. ap, opener; uben, sunrise, shine, light, the opener.
orb. arf, to bind, bundle.
orchard. arr, fruit; karr-t, orbit or enclosure.
orp, cattle. rep, the beast.
onche, a clasp. uskh, a collar.
ought, should. haut, ought, should.
ouris (Irish), to manage cattle, gathering of girls to card wool, spin flax. ursh, watch, rigid, observe, be attentive.
out, also ut. ut, put forth, out.
oven. kafn, an oven.
over. apheru or aper, the place of crossing over; ap-her, up over.


pabo (Welsh), producer of life; papa, father. pep, to engender; papa, to produce.
pad, to make a new path in walking. pet-pet, trample.
pad, foot, pettitoes. pet, foot, claw of animal.
page, one side of a leaf. pkhkha, divide and divisions.
page, a boy-servant. bak, servant, labourer.
paint. pant, 'all the colours of Pant.'[7d]
pair-Keridwen (Welsh), Keridwen's vessel or vase. par, a pail (pair interchanges with pail).
papa, pope, the father. apa, ancestor, head, God; p, the.
par, to enclose, as in a house or paryard, or with a parapet. par, to surround, enclose, as in a house.
parish. par, to go round, surround; sh, apace, or measure of land.
parson. par, show, explain; sen, a brother.
pasgadwr (Welsh), the feeder; cater-cousin, one that is fed. pes, food; ketr, occasional.
pass. bes, pass.
passe, extend. pesh, stretch, extent.
past. past, back, behind.
pat, a blow. pet, strike.
path. pat, a course, path of the sun.
patter, to talk, discourse, a judge's summing up, a broad sheet. ptar, show, explain, slip of papyrus; pth, open-mouthed; ar, to be.
patticake. pat, cake, kind of food.
patty. ppatie, cake, kind of food.
paup (Welsh), everybody, the whole race. pa (pap), men, the race.
paw, tie; pa, a monitory exclamation. pa, an exclamation.
pay, satisfaction. peh, function, arrive, attain, reach.
pay, with pitch. peh, to follow up, penetrate.
peace. Pash or Pekh, is the bringer of peace.
peach, a cloven fruit. pesh, a fruit, cloven.
peck, victuals. beksu, something eaten.
peck, a mattock. pekh, to divide.
peck, food, victuals. pekha, kind of food.
peck, a measure. peka, peck-measure.
peg, a division, 'take down a peg,' clothes peg. pekkha, divide, division, divided; peka, gap.
peg. uakha, peg; peka, to divide; p, mas. art.
pega (Corn. Eng.), to sting or bite. peshu, sting, bite; pesh permutes with peka.
pegma, bill of advertisement fixed up at ancient pageants. p-ka-ma, the call to come, see.
pegma, a moving pageant. peh, glory; khema, shrine.


pes. 'My Gammer set her down on her pes.'[8] pest, back, pelvis.
pie. ppaui, a circular cake, or bread.
piece. pekh, a division.
pink. penkau, to bleed.
pit, pat, pot, patty. pet, a circle.
pobi (Welsh), to bake; pobs.[8a] pa (paf), to bake; pefs, to bake.
poet. paut, type, image, figure; the Artist.
poop, let fly. pepe, fly.
por (Irish), seed. per, seed.
pore, cram with food, pour. per, food, poor out.
port, appearance, portment, porting the ensign. per or pert, to show, sight, see, explain, appear.
port, harbour, storehouses, warehouses. per-t, granary, storehouse, grain, proceed, emanate, come forth.
posh (Eng. Gyp.), half; pease. pesh, to separate, halve, in two halves.
pous, a waterfall. pesh, water.
posse, a number of people, a following. pesut, followers, behind.
post, stay, support. pest, back, spine.
pour. per, to pour out.
power. ber-ber, fervour, ebullition.
precept. sept, precept.
pree (Scotch), to taste. pre, show, see, perceive, explain.
pref (Corn. Eng.), a worm. ret, a worm; with the article p, pret.
pren (Welsh), plant, tree; p article. renpu, plant, branch.
puck, hobgoblin. puka, magic, infernal locality.
'pucker up.' puka, to divide.
puff or fur, to blow. pet, breath.
puffs, light pastry. pefss, cook, light.
pup, to produce. pep, to engender; pa-pa, produce, deliver, give birth.
put or puttoch, the frog. Put or Putha, the frog-headed god.
put-pin and push-pin, one and the same in Eng. put and pesh, both mean to stretch.


quash, old form cams, to stop, make null. khes, stop, turn back.
quat, a diminutive person, a pimple or rising-up spot. kett, little; khut, horizon of the resurrection, i.e., place of rising up.
queate, peace, quiet. kaut, rest; khat, corpse.
quede, evil, the devil. kheft, evil, the devil.
queek, to squeeze, pinch. keks, to bind, entreat.
quiche, to move, kick. khekh, whip, repulse.
quick, go fast. khi-khi, move with rapidity, be quick.
quick, living. chich (Hebrew), life.
quim, a feminine name. kim, a female name.
quoy, enclosed land. ki, land enclosed.


race. rekh, race of people.
raise. res, to raise up.
rake, to deviate from a straight line, also suck up. rukata, curve.
raking coal, to keep in the heat. rekh, brazier, heat.
ram, to lose by throwing out of reach; rame, to stretch. remn, extent, as far as, up to, extending to.
ran, a noose or hank of cord. ren, an enclosing ring.
rate, ratified. rate, tie, bind, make fast.
rathelled, fixed, rooted. rat, fixed, rooted.
ray of sunlight; ra, roe-deer. ra, sun, also means go swiftly.
ray-grass or rye-grass, called 'ever.' ra, time.


re, again, to be repeated. re, to, and to be.
rea (Gaelic), rapid. rua, rush, go swiftly.
reach, the extent, measure, reckoning. rekh, to reckon, know
reap, a bundle, corn for binding. arp, bundle.
rear. rer, nurse a child.
rear, to expectorate. rir (Heb.), spittle.
reck, to calculate. rekh, know, reckon.
red, warn, advise, counsel. ret, urge, beseech vigorously.
red, stark, entirely. retr, entire.
reed, a water plant. ret, a plant.
reek, smoke. rekh, brazier, heat, emitting smoke.
reuse, cry, moan. rem, to weep.
reuse, to froth up. rem, to rise, surge up.
rena, to tie up, rein. ren, noise for an animal's foot.
rena, a water-course. ruan, a water-course, the gorge of a valley.
rena, to comfort. rena, nurse, fondle, dandle a child.
rere, egg boiled but not set. rir (Hebrew), white of egg, spittle.
rere-mouse, the bat that flits round and round. rer, circuit, go round.
resh, fresh, recent. resh, joy, feathers.
rest, last. res, absolutely, entirely.
rest. urs, pillow, head rest; urat, is pillowed; r-hest, in place, seat, throne.
retain. tenn, hold.
rhiw (Welsh), a cliff. rru, steps, ascent.
ric, kingdom. rekh, people of a district, mankind.
ricky, masterly. ren, the wise man, the magi.
riddle, the ring to which the neck-rope of an animal is made fast. ret, a tie with a ring and stake for fastening animals.
rids, shoots or rays of sunshine. ret, germs, shoots.
rie, to sieve corn. rii, powder or dust with determinative of corn.
rike, to govern, to rule. rek, to rule.
ring. ren, a ring for enclosing names.
ring, rink, round, rounded. ren, an enclosure or ring.
riot, a tumult, to be in a whirl. rruit, whirl.
riote, a company of men. rrut, those round.
rip, a lean animal. rep, a beast.
rivo, drinking shout, Bacchanalian exclamation[9]. ravah (רוה), Heb. soaked, drunkenness, satisfied[10]; repi, the inundation.
riw, set, both. rehiu, twin.
rixy, quarrelsome. rekai, rebellious, scornful, culpable.
road, route. rut, footstool, steps, feet, go out, gate.
road, at the mouth of a river. ruhaut, a river mouth.
roan. ruhar, superior mouth, authority.
roath (Corn. Eng.), form, figure. rut, engrave, figure, form.
roke or reac, to cleanse armour by rolling it in a barrel of sand. rekh, to wash, purify, cleanse.
root. rat, plant, grow.
rota. rut, to repeat.
rote, wheel. rut, whirl, wheel round.
rother, strong manure for forcing plants. rut, to renew.
rother, a sailor. rut, the Egyptians; urt, the water-horse.
rout, green or yard for strayed beasts. rut, tether of a beast whilst grazing.
routen, put to rout. rutan, attack.
rowth, plenty, lush. rut, prosper, vigorous.
ruck, to crouch out of sight. ruka, to hide.
run or rune, name of alphabet, means of naming. ren, name; rennu, to name.
runt, an ox or cow given over breeding. renn, cattle.
rush, a merrymaking. resh, joy.
rut, dashing of waves. rut, repeated, several.
rut, tracks cut by wheels, also to cut those tracks. rut, to engrave; rut, carved stone, to retain the form.
rutting stags. rut, to sow, germinate, renew, root.
Rye (Eng. Gyp.), a lord. Ra, royal, Pharaoh.


sab (Irish Celt.), counsellor of state. sab, a counsellor.
sabbed, saturated. sab, drink.
sabre. sapara (Ass.), sabre; khepsh (Eg.), scimitar.
sack. saka, sack, to sack a town.
sack, be discharged, get the sack. suakh, cease, stop.
sack, a drink. sakabi, a drink.
sad, heavy bread. sut, a kind of bread.
sad. saat, grief.
sage. skh or skha, a scribe.
sage, saghe, speech; sager, lawyer; sathe, reason; say, seghe, saw;
  segge, to say; sacrament, sacred.
saskh, scribe, write, letter, influence; illuminate, depict, symbolic eye.
sag-ledge, diagonal cross. bar of a gate. sah, a cross strap.
sain, to make the sign of the cross. senn, to found with sign of the cross.
saint, a cincture or girdle. shent, a circular apron.
saite (Irish), knowledge. sa, genius of wisdom, epithet of Taht; sai, to know.
sam, to stand 'sam,' pay the reckoning. sam, to eat, drink, enjoy; sam, total.
samach (Irish), happy. smakh, to bless, blessed, rejoice.
same, likeness. sem, emblem, similitude, image.
sand. shant-bu, sand of the desert; bu is the place.
sandy, red; sang, blood (sang is ittrue it is, the probable origin of
  the oath 'bloody').
sen, blood, red.
sane, sanation, curing, healing. san, physician, healer; san, to heal.
sanitary. sannut, bath, medicament, or healing.
sap (Eng. Gyp.), snake or serpent. sep, the snake; sab, serpent.
sap. sefa, humidity.
sapy, tainted. sep, corrupt.
sard, futuere. sart, to sow seed.
sas (Eng. Gip.), a nest. sesh, nests.
sash. sesh, ring, roll, something twined round.
sash, a reaping hook. shesh, harvest.
sasse, a river lock, a floodgate. sesh, draw bolts, open, a gate, pass.
sawed. ust, sawed.
sax, knife; sock, ploughshare; sikis, scythe; seghe, saw; sickle, for
 cutting; seg, castrated bull; saugh, trench, channel; sice, gutter, drain.
sekh, to incise, cut, cut out, divide, sever.
say, the say of it, knowledge. sai, know.
say, saghe, speech. ska, write, order, letter, depict.
scabby. skabui, eject, weaken.
scam, to stain; scammer, to daub. skhaau, to paint.
scabler, a parasite. skam, to stay, pass a time, dwell, remain, hang on.
scan, scrutinize. skhan, recognise.
scap, a snipe. shah, to double.
scar, cliff, precipice, inaccessible. shun, a fort.
scar, a piece or shred. skar, cut in pieces.
scare. s'har, scare.
scarifying, called 'sacrificing'[10a]. skar, a sacrifice.
sceat, a quantity or share. skhat, a quantity.
scent, a descent; scent. senti, found; sent, incense; senta, smell the earth, or make obeisance to.
school. skher, instruct, plan, design, counsel, picture.
scimminger, base money rubbed over with silver. skhemau, to paint, to represent.
scion, a shoot. skennu, to multiply.
scochon, an escutcheon; scog, to brag. skhkha, to write; skhakr, to emblazon, embellish.
scote, to plough up. ska, a plough.
scout, to field at cricket, a corner of a field. skhut, field, a region.
scrag, to hang. skarau, cut in pieces, destroy.


scrit, a writing, a deed, writ, act or deed. skher, plan, design, counsel, picture, instruct; skha, write, letter, scribe.
scrow, a writing[11]; scrowe, a scroll, a charm. skheru, writing, picture, scheme, plan, idea, doctrine, charm.
scut, a hare, also hare or rabbit's tail. skhat, hare.
scutch, whip, strike; scutchi, not killed. skhet, blow, wound, deprive, hinder.
scutlin, a small tart. sket, kind of cake.
scutz, a barge used in carrying bread to London from the country. skat, tow, conduct; skhet, make bread.
Se, Druidic priestess. Su, a royal scribe; Sua, Egyptian priestess.
se, assembly of the Seon. shem, an assembly.
seat. set, hinder-part, seat; asebt, seat.
seed. set, corn, seed.
seek. seakh, pray, adore.
seem. sam, myths, representative likeness.
seethe. shet, effervescing wine.
sefte, seventh. seft or sefkh, seven.
segd, a small ship. skhet, an ark or boat.
sel', self; sole. ser, the chief one, private, reserved.
semen. s'men, the erecting, preparing, establishing.
sen, a name of Michaelmas. sen, division; shen, a festival, one of two.
senage, fines and payments levied in the sene court. senhai, bind, conscribe, review, levy.
senche, to offer, place before. sensh, open, unclose.
sene, church court for correcting neglect, omissions of church reeves. shent, ancient name of magistrates, papyrus-roll containing the laws.
sent. sen, pass, traverse, extend.
sept, an enclosure by railing. sept, shore, lip, bank, margin.
septical, causing putrefaction; sepulchre. sep, corrupt, corruption.
ser, sure, safe. ser, the rock, a sanctuary.
serre, to join closely, pressed together. serr, dispose, arrange, organize, augment.
set, to plant with dibble. stem-t, dibble.
set, to settle, bind, 'set a broken limb.' sett, to catch, noose; suta, heal, make sound.
set, to plant or sow; sates, quickset. set, impregnate, sow.
set-sponge, cake it. set, cake.
seth (Corn. Eng.), an arrow. seti, an arrow.
seth or sethen, both names of set, since, afterwards. sate, female set, called 'yesterday.'
settle, for resting on. seter, rest.
seve, seven. sef (kh), seven.
sew. sa, Coptic so, to weave.
shaad, meadow. sha, field.
shab, abscond, slink. shap, hide, conceal.
shad, divided. shat, cut.
shade. shut, shade.
shadow, shut of day. shata, shade; shuit, shade.
shaft, handle. shep, hand.
shaft, anything created, Creation. sheps, conceive, create, bring forth.
shamnel, a masculine woman. shem, woman.
shamrock. sam, a clover, with triple sign.
shan, to turn out the toes; shin, two; shoon, a pair of shoes;
  shandy-gaff, a doubled drink; shandery-dan, a two-sided car.
shena, turn away; shen, two.
shauny, wild, half-idiotic, see Gaelic 'shoney,' sea-deity[12]. shannu, diviner.
Shap, name of a place where there are Druidic remains. shapt, solar disk, men belonging to religious houses.
shape. sap, form; sheb, shape.
shape, a dress of disguise. shep, hidden, unperceived.
shaped. shept, figured.
shaps, name of a prude. shapsa, conceal, hide.
sharp, scarped, parched, burnt up. serf or serb, fire, flame.
shaw, wood, small shady wood in a valley. shau, wood.
sheat, a young pig. sha-t, sow.


shed, to separate. shet, separate.
shed, for covering over. shet, a small shed, a shrine.
shed, applied to light shut, illuminate.
shedar, female sheep. shtar, betrothed wife.
shedle, a channel of water. shet, a pool or ditch.
sheep, male. shet, a ram.
sheen, play of light and shade. shen, indicated by a storm cloud (shen, twofold).
sheen-net, a drag-net. shen, to encircle, and enclose, a crowd.
shefte, 30 gads of steel. sha, 30.
shende, ruin, spoil, destroy. shenti, rob, blaspheme.
shent, scolded, blamed, abused. shenti, abuse.
shere, an egg with no tread in it. sher, a junior, youth as non-pubescent.
shet, to join. shat, to join.
shet, running water, watershed. shet, pool, ditch; shetu, water-skin.
sheth, a division of a field; sheading, division, watershed. sheth, ditch.
shield. shit (Hebrew), shield.
shift, part allotted. sheft, a section.
shin. shenb-t, leg.
shindy or shinny, a gamealso called bandy and hockey. shenti, stop; shenti-ta, go, return; shena, twist, turn back; shenbtu, bandy.
shingle, on the shore, round the sea; shingles, an eruption round the body. shen, circuit, go round.
ship, an ancient piece of figured family plate. sheps, figured; shebu, traditions.
shit. shat, noisome.
shittles, buns given to children. shatt, food, sacred.
shod, covered. shet, clothed.
shoe, for the feet. shu, feet.
shoon, pair of shoes. shen, two, a pair.
shoot, a. s'hut, transmit; shat, shoot.
shoot, an arrow. shat, an arrow.
shop, a place where goods are sold by measure. shep, an Egyptian measure.
shope, made, did shape. sheb, shef or shep, to fashion, figure forth.
shore. tser, to sit upon the waters, the rock.
shot, light and shade, shot-silk. shu-t, light and shade.
shot, a reckoning at an inn. sha, drink; what, book.
shote, a young pig. shu, pig, swine.
shout, small, flat-bottomed boat. shetu, a water-skin, straps used in a boat.
shout. shetu, shout.
show. sha, make naked, unveil, discover.
shrew, to curse. sriu, curse, insult.
shrove, to be merry. shen, joy, to rejoice.
shun, to avoid. shen, avert, turn away.
shun, to save. san, to save.
shunt, turn off one line and back on another, put off, delay. shenti-ta, go, return; shentt, return, stop; shenti, turn down, shent, stop.
shuppare, the Creator. skheper, to make live, creator.
shut. shet, closed; khut, to shut.
shuttle-cock. shut, plumes.
shy, shady or shy. shui, shade.
Sib (Anglo-Saxon), goddess. Sef, a goddess.
sibrit, the banns of matrimony. sep, time, turn, verify; seb, priest; rut, repeated several times.
sice, a sizing, college allowance of food or drink. ses, measure of compatibility.
sieb, a gutter. sekh, to cut, incise, liquid.
sieve. sef, determinative a sieve; sef, to purify, refine.
sighed (Irish), to weave. skhet, to weave.
sighi (Irish), a noose, or a score, twenty tied up. sak, to bind.
sight, a great quantity, a 'sight' of people. sekht, a quantity.
sign. sekhen, the sign of sustaining; sekh, to represent, signify.
sign-tree, the support of the roof. sekhen, a prop, to sustain the heaven.


siker, sure, safe; sikere, to assure. skarb, to soothe; sakr, perfect.
sil, a bed of rock containing lead. ser, the rock.
sin, step, ascent, throne. ser, to extend, rise up.
sin, stand, 'don't sin talking, but go to work,' i.e., don't just stand[12a]. senn, a statue, also to found, establish, make stand.
sin. san, evil; senn, to break open.
sineways, sundry ways. shent, crowd, many, various.
siney, bladder-nut tree. shenni, oak, acacia; shenuu, tree, oak.
sin-grene, evergreen. san, preserve, keep long; shen, ever.
sinoper, ruddle. sen, blood.
sinter, cincture, circle. shen, enceinte, circle.
sis, the cast of six on the dice; suse, six. sas, six.
siss, a pet name for a girl. sest, she, her, the female.
sister. sest, she, her.
siser, a servitor. shes, service or servitor.
sizing, yeast. ses, to breathe; sesh, movement in general.
skaith, harm, damage, injure. skhet, wound, blow, deprive.
skate, fish prepared by squeezing or crimping. skhet, to squeeze.
skeen, sword and dagger. scheen (Heb.), knife.
skeke, contest or harryings.
  'With skekes and with fight,
  The ways look well aplight.'
skhekh, to destroy[14].
sken, to squint. shen, bend, deflect, turn in, awry; shena, turn away, twist awry.
sket, a part, a region. skhet, a field, a region.
sketch. skhet, to paint or draw a plan.
skew-bald, pied. skab, double.
skill, reason, to know, signify, understand. skher, counsel, instruction.
skin, to ladle out. skhenkt, a ladle.
skin, to drink, pour out, fill the glass. skann, imbibe, give liquor to, pour out.
skittle, to hack. skhet, wound, blow.
skute, small tow-boat. skat, to tow; skhet, a boat.
sky. skhi, image of heaven.
sky, to toss up. ski, to elevate.
slasher, name of the fighter. sersh, name of a military standard.
slew, to turn round, re-arrange. sru, to dispose at pleasure, place, arrange.
slewed, to be drunk. sru, to drink.
slick or silk. serk or selk, smooth, polish.
slon, a name of the sloe. sion, a thorn, in Hebrew.
smack, sound of a kiss; smacker, to kiss. smakh-kh, rejoice.
smeeth, to rub with soot; smut, blacks. smat, to black the eyebrows with stibium.
smentini, (Eng. Gipsy) name of cream. smen, constitute, fix, make durable; tena, divided, apart.
smeth, depilatory ointment. smeh, anoint.
smi, a fish, 'Apua, a smi, which if kept long will turn to water.'[15] senui, name of Typhon the Apophis or 'Appu' of the waters.
snaich, thief in the candle. seniu, thieves, thievish.
snap, take quickly, hastily. snhap, take.
snash (Scotch), blackguardly, foul abuse. shanash, stink, foul, impure.
snatch, a hasp; snitch, to confine by tying. snett, to tie, tie up, to found by tying up.
sneeze, with the custom of invoking a blessing. snes, to invoke, to reveal, or discover itself.
snib, to shut up, fasten. snab, wall, case, enclose.
snitchel, used in measuring oats. snith, measure.
snoo, noose. senhu, bind, prison.
snood, to bind the hair. sen, to tie, bind; aat, a net.
snout, an organ of breathing. ssnut, breathe, with nose sign.
snow, snew, old spelling; inns (Scotch), snow; sniff, to snuff up
  with the breath, also a slight snow.
sanu, breath, images, or to image; sna, breathe.
snuggle, hold close to the breast. snk, to suckle a child.
snuskin, a little delicacy. snus, nourish. 
so, pregnant[15a]. saa, belly, set up.
soap. sef, to purge and purify.
some, a quantity. sam, a flock.


some, (in blithesome). sam, image, like, similitude.
son. sun, to be made, to become.
soot, black. sut, stibium, black.
soothe. suta, to please.
sop, soup. sets, make humid, moisten; set, dissolve.
sort, to sort. sert, arrange, distribute.
sough, wind. suh, wind.
sound. sunnt, to make a foundation, open the ground.
south. sut, south.
space. shepa, to be conceived, figured, born, spaced.
speed. spet, pace.
spere, to ask, inquire. sper-t, to ask, supplicate.
spew, a fourth swarming of bees. spau, make to fly.
a spit and a stride, a very short distance. spithams, span.
spit, lay eggs, dig; spittling, prepare soil; spitter, staff for weeding. spet, create, prepare; spet, a pole or staff (use unknown)
spit, with lips. spt, lips.
spole, shoulder; sprit, to split; spur, of bacon. sper, one side.
spot. spet or setp, to select, choose.
spouse. spes, wife.
spunk. spu, creator, preparer; ankh, life.
spur, to spur: sper, to prop up. sper, conduct, lead, cause to approach; spr, come to side.
ss-collar. ss-t, a collar.
ssrue, son, child. sheru, child, son, junior.
sta, state, stay. sta, entwine, reel thread.
stab, stop. staibu, stop the ears.
stair or story. st, to extend; arm, ascend upward by steps.
stake, to shut up, fasten. steka, hide, lie hid, inside.
stall or stool for casks. ster, couch, to lay out.
stan, to reckon; stone. sten, to reckon.
atathe, a wharf. sta, conduct, tow.
stave, break down. stafu, to melt down.
steek (Scotch), to shut, a ditch. stek, to lie hidden, crawl, escape notice.
steg-month, of a woman's confinement; stag, watch, keep a look out. stk, to lie hid, escape notice of.
stell, to fix. ster, lay out.
sten (Scotch), to rear up, rise suddenly. sten or stenh, turn back, fly.
step. step, walk, circulate.
stert, the point of anything. steru, pierce.
steven, appointed. step, chosen, appointed.
stew. stu, pickle.
stick it in. stekh, make not to see, hide.
still. ster, to lie on the back, supine, stretched out dead.
stithe, firmly fixed. stat, tied up, bound, noose, cord.
stool. stur, couch.
stooth, to lath and plaster. stut, to preserve, embalm.
stotaye, to stagger. stut, to tremble.
stow, hinder, stop. stuha, repel.
stoyte (Scotch), the walk of a drunken man. stet, tremble, flutter, fearful; stet, liquor.
straight, street. stert, laid out.
stry, spoil, waste, destroy. stri, laid out, killed, destroyed.
stutter, stotor, a settler, a tearful blow. steter, frighten; stet, flutter, tremble.
suck. sak, draw.
sucke, juice; sukken, moisture. sekh, liquid.
sue, to follow. sui, behind.
sue, to entreat. sua, come along.
sue, to issue in small quantities. suh, the egg.
suet. sat, grease.
suirt, to smooth off the sharp edge of a hewn stone. sert, sculpture.
suist, an egotist. su, the personal pronoun.
suit. suta, please.
sum and some, a total. sem, total.


summit, highest point. smat, end of a time.
sur, over, beyond, supra. ser, to extend.
sus, a nest (Eng. Gip.). sesh, nests.
suskin, a very small coin; miss, a great fat woman. suskh, enlarge, stretch out.
suss, an invitation signifying free to go; applied to hogs, dogs, etc. suskh, free to go.
Sussex, divided into six rapes. ses, six.
suse[16], six. sus, no. 6.
swack, a blow, to throw violently, a whack. suakh, molest, cut up, harm, destroy.
sweet. set, aroma.
Sywed, priests of Ked. sha-t, men kept to enforce the sacred laws.


ta, to take. ta, take.
ta, the one. tai, the.
tabby, pied, grey ('an old tabby'). ab, pied; t, the; tabi, a bear.
tabn, a piece of bread and butter. tep, bread.
tabor, small drum. tupar, tambourine.
tabs (Corn. Eng.), twitch harrowed out of the ground; to be burnt. teb, to purify by fire.
tabularia, Druidic amulet shaped like an egg. teb, circle, circumference, something round, sacred, an ark.
tache, clasp, tie, fasten, tacked together. tekh, join, bind, unite, adhere.
tack (ship), crossing. tek, crossing.
tack, bad ale. tekh, supply with drink, wine, liquid.
tade, to take. tat, take.
tat, a Welsh cake shaped like a man riding on a gnat. tept, a cake; teb, a goat.
taffy, a Welshman ('Taffy was a thief').

tefi, he, male; taui (tafui), to steal.

tah, to drop, deposit excrement. ta, to drop, deposit excrement, earth.
taht, given. ta, to give; tat, take, assume, given.
take, lease. teka, fix, attach.
take-on, associate with. teken, to accompany, frequent.
takene, to declare, to show, token. tekhn, an obelisk, memorial.
tall. ter, extreme, extremity.
tally or tony, male organ. ter, male organ.
tam, to cut or divide. tern, blade, cut to pieces.
tan, to pull, stretch out, beat out. tun, to extend, spread, lengthen out.
tane, the one. tan, this.
tanist, heir-apparent. tehan, heir-apparent; ast, great, noble, ruler.
tanist-stone (Celtic), coronation-stone. ten, seat, throne; ast, sign of rule.
tannin, a preserving substance. tahnen, a preserving substance.
tant, disproportionately tall. tent, pride, rise up.
tantivy, toifonn (Ir.), coursing with dogs. tanh, fly, flee away; tefi, send away, dance, or, as we might say, 'go it.'
tap, to call attention. tat, attention.
tap, of drum. tab, a drum.
tar, to urge on. tar, urge, require.
tarme, mentula. tar, mentula.
tart, a cake. tart, a cake.
tasker, the reaper. askh, mow; t, the.
tass or tassie, a wine cup or measure. tem, a pint.
tat (Ir.), first day of harvest. tat, beginning; tet, seed, fruit.
ta-ta, leave-taking. tat, take; ta, leave; tata, go.
tatel, to stammer. titi, to stammer.
tath (present tense), takes. tat, take, assume.
tatting, crossing by knitting. tat, cross, to establish.
tauntle, to toss the head; taunt. tun, rise up, revolt.
tavas (Corn. Eng.), a tongue, token. tap, a tongue, typhon.
taw, to stretch; tease, stretch out. tabs, stretch.
tay, to take. ta, to take.
Tay, chief river in Scotland. tat, chief, go in a boat, navigable.
tassie, entangle; tissue. tes, tie, coil.
te (Gael.), a woman.

t, feminine article and sign of gender.

te, to go, draw, pull, tug. ta, to go, to go in a boat.


tea or tay. tua, some kind of liquid.
team. tum, altogether.
teats, too much, surpassing, continual; tootoo, exceedingly. tots, eternal.
teb, fundament. teph, the abyss, the lower heaven.
teche, teach. Tekh (Taht, divine word), the teacher.
tectly, secretly, covertly. teka, lie hid, escape notice, unseen.
tee-hoe, laughter. tehhi, rejoice; tehhut, rejoiced.
teet of day, peep of day. tuaut, morning, dawn.
teme, race, progeny, to beget. tam, male, to make again, issue; tamu, generation; tam, race.
teme, make empty; tame, to broach liquor. teham, visit, waste.
tempre, to rule; tame, to subdue. tam, sceptre.
ten, number in reckoning; a half-score. ten, reckon, amount; ten, highest, Egyptian troy weight; tna, a hall.
tench, 'the tench's mouth,' sub-anatomic term. tenah, kensh, snap at, extort, hunt, delight, det. of a fish, perhaps tench.
tende, to stretch forth; tense. tens, stretcher.
tent. tenn-t, throne, cabinet.
tent, intent, design, 'tak tent,' take care of, reckoning. tent, reckoning; tent, having charge of.
tep, a draught of liquor. top, to taste.
term or turn, a time. tar, a time.
test, testing. tea, self, substance, verdict.
tet, cow-dung. teta, defile.
tether, bind. tethu, contain, imprison.
tetta, 'shall we?' tat, speak, tell, speech.
teyne, a thin plate of metal. tahen, tin.
the, the article; taa, one. ta or te, article the.
theat, firm, close, united. tut, to unite.
thede, a country. tata, the double land.
thedorn, prosperity. tet, to establish, sign of being established.
thekt, thought. hek, thought, charm, magic (t, the article).
thepos, gooseberries. tep, kind of goose.
thief. tat (t), to steal.
thin. tun, extend, spread, lengthen out.
thou. tu, thou.
thought, to image mentally. tut, image, type; Taht, the god of thought, is also named Tekh.
thought, rower's seat across a boat. tat, to cross.
thraw, a turn, a turn of time, to twist round. teru, a turn, a turn of time.
threp, torture. teru, afflict, bruise, rub,
through, thorough. teru, extreme limit.
throw, a space of time. tru, a space of time.
thunder. tun, to extend, spread, lengthen out; ter, the extreme limit.
thunk, a lace of white leather. unkh, strap, sash, noose, support, dress; (t, the).
tidings. tet, speak, tell.
tie. ta, not; determinative, tie of a book or roll.
tig, a game of crossing the frontier and touching. taka, a frontier, to cross.
tight, quick, instantaneous. teka, a spark.
tight, fixed. teka, fixed; teka, adhere.
timarrany, two poor things. tem, a total of two.
time, to call. tema, announce.
tin, money. ten, account.
tine, bind a hedge, enclose.

tenh, to bind, to hold.

tined, divided. tent, separated.
tinestocks, the two scythe-handles. tena, two halves; tenh, to hold.
ting, to split; tine, fork. tena, cut in two; tenh, divided.
tinse, to tinse, cover a ball with worsted work. tena, part of net, a mesh.
tint, gone, fled, lost. tenh, flee. 
tint, half-bushel of corn. tent, half-measure.
tiny, a moth. tenhu, wings, fly.
tip, the tip or forecast as to the winner of a race. tep, to guess.


tip, head. tep, head.
tip-teerers, Christmas mummers. tef, dance; ter-ter, go round at certain times or seasons; tep-ter,
  commencement of a season.
tipo, globe; tips, faggots; tippet. teb, crown, a jug, jar, chaplet, a round, clothe, clad.
tipped, headed; top, head. tep, head.
tiret, leather straps for hawks; thwart, strap across. tehen, leather; tehert, leather buckler.
tirr (Scotch), work. ter, work, fabricate.
tit for tat. tut, to give; tat, to take.
tit, a galloping goer; teite, quick. tat, go galloping.
tith, fiery. tet, fire, jet of flame.
titmose, the pudendum, f.,[17] mes or mest, the place of birth, sexual part.
ti-top, name of a garland. ti, honour; teb, chaplet, a crown of flowers.
tist, tied. test, tie.
toast. tes, hard, dense.
toddy, two-one, a drink; titty, ditto, breast ditto, doubled; teeth, double. teti, the two-one, as lunar deity.
toes, the five. tu, no. 5.
token (early, token), to mark. tekhen, obelisk, monument.
token. tekhen, to wink.
ton, unity of weight. tennu, unity of weight

ankh, a pair, and to clasp; t, article.

toot, to blow a horn for telling. tet, to tell.
top, a-top, head (the Irish 'top of the morning to ye'). tep, head, heaven; tep, the point of commencement.
top, which spins round. tep, potter's clay, spun round.
torete, a ring; turret. tam, encircle, a cell, a college.
touie (Scotch), ruddy with warmth. teak, red.
tot, generative member. tut, generative member.
tot, a hill. tu-t, rock, mountain.
total. tet, the hand; tetu, both hands; l (ru), mark of division.
tot-hill, head of crossways. tata, head of roads; tat, pillar, landmark, cross.
tou, snares for game. tuia, net, catch, return.
tourte, bread made of unbolted meal. tert, kind of food, a cake.
tow, tow a boat. tau, navigation.
toy, an ancient Scotch female headdress. taui, a cap, kind of linen, linen object.
trape, the wing, said of the lover in wooing. trup, receive favourably.
tree. tru, a kind of tree; tern, roots, stems.
tremble. trem, cause to weep.
trip. tref, dance, sport, lively.
trip, new, soft cheese, made of milk; tripe. trep, food.
two (Corn. Eng.), turn, circuit. tru, turn, time, season.

tropic, i.e., the tropics which the sun's annual path is contained.

tro, time, a turn: pekh, division, dividing time.
true, the true. tru, time.
try, a sieve, to sieve. tar, a sieve; ter, to rub, drive away, question.
tu, 'Where hast tu been'[17a]. tu, thou.
tu, work hard. tu, go.
tuadh (Ir.), North pole. tat, image of the Eternal.
tuagh (Gaelic), battle-axe. tu, slaughter, kill; aka, an axe.
tuar (Ir.), a bleaching green.

tur, wash, purify, whiten.

tub, for washing in, an old ship. teb, box, jar, chest, or ark.
tuen, to go. tu, go along.
tuff, to spit like a cat. tef, to spit.
tuff, a tassel. 'tufi,' papyrus reeds, which were tasselled.
twin (Gael.), to mourn. tur-t, mourners.
tunic. unkh, dress; t, the.
tup, to bow to a person before drinking. teb-teb, humble, fall low.
turret. ter, kind of crown; ret, steps up.


tut-sen (Car. Eng.), healing-plant, supposed to be French tout-saine. tut, type; san, to heal.
tutsen (Car. Eng.), sweet-leaf plant. tut-san, health-giving.
tuz, knot of wool or hair. tes, tie, coil, joint, a tied-up roll.
twat, the pudendum, f. tuaut, strumpet, a receptacle.
twig, to perceive. tek, to see, hidden.
twist. tust, twist.
twitty, crass. tat, cross.
twy, two. ti, two.
'tyb of the buttery,' a goose; thep, a gooseberry. tep, a kind of goose.
typh-wheat, corn like rye. tef, grain.


ubbly bread, sacramental cakes. apru, consecrated.
ucaire (Ir.), a fuller. akh, white.
uchab (Welsh), supreme. kef, force, puissance, potency; khep, to create.
uchel (Welsh), lofty; ucht (Irish), hill. ukh, a column; akha, elevate.
ucht (Gael.), breast, bosom, lap, womb. kat, womb.
ugh! houge! ugge! ukha, night.
ughten-tide, morning.  
ulst, western isle, English west. uast, the Thebiad, West Thebes.
um, 'I see,' or 'let me see.' um, perceive.
un (Corn. Eng.), a while. un, a time, an hour.
up up. ap-ap, to mount swiftly on high.
uppen, to disclose, open, heaven. uben-t, informant; ubn, sunrise, opening, light.
ure, use, custom, practice. ur, that which is first, chief, oldest.
un, a stunted elf-like child. erp, the repa-child.
urne, to run. urn, a name of the inundation.
usere, a usurer. user, power, force, rule, sustain, possession, prevail.
utensil. utensu, some utensil, a box.
utter, publish. utau, speak out, give out voice.


vaga, to wander about idly, whence vagabond. uka, idle, idleness, rob.
vane, weathercock. pena, to reverse, return.
vat and faud, a fold. a-t, place, cabin, house, shrine, enclosure; aut, shepherd's crook.
vese, to hurry up and down. as (fas), haste.
victor. fekh, to capture, take captives; teru, all, wholly.


wack, sufficient quantity of drink. uika, a week, a full measure of time.
wad or woad, colour for staining, also blacklead[17b]. uat, colour for eyes, collyrium; uat, a blue cosmetic.
'wad,' a mark to guide men in ploughing. uat, order, transmit; uti, word; uat, ploughman.
wad, word.  uti, the word, Taht.
wahts, greens. uat, different kinds of green.
wain, carriage. khen, carriage.
wake or week. uaka, a festival and a week.
wakes, rows of damp green grass; wax, to grow, to thrive. uakh, marsh, meadow.
wane. annu, recoil, look back, turn back; un, show, appear wanting, defective.
wap, to futuere. khep, to generate.
waps, wasp. kheb, wasp.
warp. kherp, a first form, figure.
warre, wary, aware, war; harr, dog's snarl. uhar, dog.
wart. uart, a knob at the top of the Atef crown.
was. uhas, lose, forget, neglect; oh, escape from; as, depart.


wash. ash, wet, moisture; kash, wash.
wassail, call health, wish. uash, call.
waste. uat, waste, ruin, blot.
wat (Scotch), a man's upper dress, a wrap. uat, wraps.
watchet, blue. uat, a blue cosmetic, paint.
water. uat-ur, water.
wath, a ford. khet, a ford; uat, water.
wattle-jaw, a long jaw. uat, distance, length.
waught, a deep draught. uah, very much; uat, transmit, liquid.
wawe, woe. uha, sack, lay waste, want, long fur, desire.
way, modified from the harder form. uakh, road, way.
wb-wb (Ir.), cry of distress, weep. heb-heb, weep, wail.
wesky, moist. uakha, marsh, meadow.
wearied. urrut, peaceable, meek, figure squatting.
weave. af (fa), knit.
wed, a pledge. khet, a seal, to seal.
weem, Pict's house. khem, shrine, box, or small house.
weigh. khekh, balance.
weights, waite, to know; weight, means of; what? wet, wit. uta, try, examine, suspend, weigh, stillyard, stand, weights of balance.
Wessex. uas, western.
wet. uat, water.
weyd-month, June. uat, green, fresh plants, herbs, grass; Uat, goddess of green things.
weye, to go; ye, to go. ui, go, go along.
wharf or warp, a shore, boundary, hank. arp, to bind or bound, a bundle.
wharre, crabs. kar, to claw, seize with claw.
whaten, what like. kheten, similitude.
whatten, what kind; wita-gemote, place of deciding. uta, examine, question, verify, decide; khemat, securing truth, justice.
wheam, womb. khem, shrine, feminine abode, snug, very close.
when, a worthless woman. khennu, concubine.
wheant, quainte. khent, feminine interior.
wheat, corn; ith (Ir.), corn; yd (Welsh), corn; had (Welsh), seed. uahit, corn, wheat.
wheden, fool. khat, fool.
whee, a cow. kai, cow.
wheel (by permutation). urr, wheel.
wheen-cat, a female cat. khen, female.
whenny, make haste, be nimble. khena, fly.
whent, terrible. khen-t, typhonian, adverse, disaster, calamity.
wherry, a light rowing boat. kheru, an oar sign; urri, chariot.
whet, to cut. khet, to cut.
whiff, a glimpse. khef, a look.
whimling, childish, weakly; whim. khem, small, weak.
whip. uat or auf, to chastise.
whip the cat, get drunk. kabh, libation.
whip-jack, a beggar who pretends to be a distressed sailor. kheb, hypocrisy, deceit, be in disguise.
whipper, a lusty wencher. khepr, generate, beget.
white. hut, white.
'white it!' 'devil take it.' hut, demon.
why? uaui, meditate, discourse, to reason why.
wi, a man. ui, he, him.
wicca, magic, witchcraft. huka, magic.
wick, entrance, bay, inlet, narrow passage. uakh, entrance, road.
wicke, wickedness. khakh, obstinate, coward, mad, fool.
widdie (Scotch), rope made of withys or osiers; with, binding; withbine. huit, bundle, bind up reeds.
widow. uta, solitary, separated, divorced.
wig or wicche, an idol or Spirit. ukh, spirit.
wine, the wind. khen, to blow, impel a boat.
winnow. khena, to blow, puff away, avert.


wish. uash, invoke, wish; usha, to aspire.
wish-rod, must be forked. uas, a sceptre, forked.
wisp, bundle of straw. usb, stack.
wit, witch, wite. ut, magic.
wit, to know. uta, to examine, verify.
witch. uit, magic; ka, person or function.
wite, to depart, go out. uti or utui, journey, expedition.
woh, to horses, be still, stop. uoh, abide, be quiet.
won, to dwell, inhabit. un, to dwell; uni, inhabitants.
woot, call to horses. aut, go along.
word. uart, indicated by foot, leg, go, fly, that is, to carry word.
worth. her-t, superior, above.
worth, a nook of land. hert, a park, garden.
worth-ship. hert, superior, high above; shep, type of.
wrap. arp, to bind, bundle.
writ, a legal process. rut, the judgeRutamenti, judge in amentes.
write. ruit, engrave, figure.
wysse, to direct, conduct, command. hess, to order, will, command.


xenia, New Year's offering. khen, act of offering; kennu, plenty, abundance, riches.


yacht. iti, a boat.
yanks, labourers' leggings. ankh, strap, dress.
yape, to futuere. hap, unite, couple, marriage.
yat, heifer. Athor, heifer, goddess; kat or hat, cow.
yaud, an old horse. aat, old, outcast.
yede, went. khet, to go, went.
yep-sintle, two handfuls. sen, two.
yeth-hounds, spirit hounds of clear shining white.

hut, demon, spirit, light, white.

yetholm, the Gipsy locality near Kelso. uat, a name of Lower Egypt.
yore. ur, old, oldest.
young, junior. hun, youth.
youth. uth, youth.
ysse, in thy scat. hess, seat, or throne.


NOTEThe compiler is, of course, aware that a few of these words may be claimed to have been directly derived from the Latin or Greek, but they are printed here on purpose to raise the question of an independent derivation from a common source. Sane, for example, and sanitary, believed to come from the Latin, may be directly derived from san (Eg.), to heal[18]; and he holds that in this and numerous other instances the Egyptian underlies both.





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