aata, altar.
ae, yes.
ahi, fire.
aho, radiant light; aho-roa, moon.
ahu, move in a certain direction.
ahu, form, fashion, create in the likeness of.
ai, to procreate, beget.
aitu, sickness; atu, stand apart.
akarua (Mangaian), the north.
ake, from below, upwards, higher up, climb.
ako, teach, learn.
amai, or huamo, swell of the sea.
amaia, halo.
amar (West Aust.), pool of water.
amene, desire.
ameto (West Aust.), Hades.
amiki, to gather up carefully, make a clean sweep.
amo, bier.
ana, there.
anake, the only one.
anau (Mangaian), to give birth.
angi, fragrant smell.
ano, again.
ao, day, daytime.
apa, company of workmen.
apiti, curse.
apiti, two together, side by side.
apiti, radius.
apuru, enclose.
ara, means of conveyance
ara, rise, rise up, ascend.
atui, or atua, an altar, a chapel.
ia, yes, certainly.
akhi, fire.
aah, moon.
ahi, denotes the forward movement.
ahu, name of Tum as the modeller and former.
aa, to engender.
aatu, ill; aatu, unclean, destitute, accursed, leprous.
akar, the hinder region.
akh, elevate, lift up, suspend.
akh, a mage.
ima, or iuma, the sea.
am, splendour, halo; amma, orb, shedding light.
mer, pool of water.
amu, desire; amenu, come (the desired).
am.t, Hades, the devourer of the dead.
amakhu, duty, fidelity, faithfulness.
am-ur, cemetery.
annu, see, ho!
ank, I, the king.
annu, the solar birthplace.
ankh, living flowers, a nosegay.
an, or un, again, repeat.
hau, day.
abuu, company of workmen.
ap, consecrate, dedicate.
ap, equal; ti, two.
apt, the four corners.
apru, a fillet.
urri, a chariot.
ari, ascend.
ara, path, way.
aria, appear, likeness, imaginary presence; aro, face.
ariki, chief, leader, priest.
arita, eager to do.
aru, chase, follow, pursue.
ata, reflected image, shadow, whence a spirit.
ate, heart, liver.
ate-ate, calf of the leg.
atete, oppose, resist.
ati, a word used only for clans & tribes, as offspring, descendants.
atua, the moon at fifteen days old.
atua, first, god.
au, I.
auau, lift.
aue, groan, alas
auhaha, to seek.
autaia (E. C.). pest.
autaki, roundabout, circuitous.
hra, road, path.
her, appear, image, face, apparition.
arkhu, title of a king; rekhi, the mage.
ruta, cause to do.
rua, chase, rush, go swiftly.
aat, a soul; atta, a type, symbol, a mental image.
hat, heart.
ahti, two legs or shanks.
atat, to offer resistance.
aati, children, orphans, descendants on the motherís side.
ahti, dual bear deity; hetu, one half.
ati, title of Osiris as the sovereign.
a, I.
aau, raise.
a, oh, ah.
huh, to seek.
aati, the pests.
aut, the hek or hook.
ha, breath, taste.
haha, seek for.
ha-ha, shout to warn off.
hae-ata, dawn.
hae-hae, a wailing accompanying the cutting of the flesh as a rite.
haka, dance, sing and dance, merrymaking.
hakari, a festival.
hake, crooked.
hakere, stint, grudge.
hakui, old woman.
hama, he consumed.
hamama, to shut; hamumu, to invoke, mutter indistinctly.
hamu, to gather and glean.
hana-hana, to be smeared with red ochre.
hangai, across.
hango, an implement used for setting seed, a dribble.
hao, to draw round, enclose, encircle, encompass.
hapa, gone by.
hapai, rise, lift up, begin, start.
hapati, Sabbath on seventh day.
hapu, conceived in the womb.
hapua, hollow valley, depressed; hifa (Tongan), downward.
hara, excess, number over.
hara, to violate taboo.
haramai, come here, welcome.
hatea, whitened.
hau, food used in the 'pure' ceremony first offered to the gods.
hau, illustrious, famous.
hanpu, heap, lie in a heap.
hawa, ventral.
hawhe, to go or come round.
hehe, gone astray.
heipu, coming straight together, meet exactly, just and true.
hemi-hemi, back of the head.
hemo, to be dead.
hemepu, tie up in bundles.
haa, breath of life; hu, taste.
haha, search, seek for.
ha, hail, ah hailer.
hai-ata, beginning of day.
hai, ah, hail, oh, heaven invocation.
haka, a festival, a time.
haker, applied to some festival.
hak, crook
hakr, fast, famish.
aak old; mistress 'Heka.'
am, the devourer; ami, consuming fire.
ham-ham, to invoke with religious clamour.
ham, find, discover, pick up, fish for.
an, kind of ointment, also colour.
ankh, Crux Anasata.
The ankh.
hahu, a circle, drawn round, time enclosed.
habi, panegyry, festival of time past.
apa, rise, first, prepare, essence, ancestor.
hepti, peace, number seven.
kapu, mystery of fertilization,
kheb, down, lower; hefa, to squat down, crawl, go on the ground.
hera, over.
herui, evil-doers.
mai, come; heru, pleasure (come pleasure or welcome).
hut, white.
ha, first food, duck-offering.
ha, chief, leader, ruler, lord.
hept, heaped.
hua, excremental.
heh, circle, image of the eternal.
heh, wander.
hep, a masonís level.
hem, back.
khema, dead.
arp, packet, bundle, to bind.
hi, pshaw.
hi, draw, raise, catch with a hook.
hi, affected with diarrhoea.
hi, dawn.
hia, desire, wish, he in love with.
hika, perform a ceremony with magical incantations; hiki, a charm.
hikoko, wasted, starved.
hina, grey.
hine, young woman, or a young girl only.
hipi, ship.
hiri, to seal.
hirihiri, charm, uttered to impart energy; horu, yell in the wardance.
hoa, throw.
hoa, spouse.
hoe, travel in a canoe, voyage.
hokaikai, to move backwards and forwards.
hoki, return.
hokirara, idling.
hoko, barter, exchange, merchandise; prefix to numerals denoting ten.
hono, add.
hono, continual.
honore, honour.
hopu, a swelling.
hopu, catch, seize.
hore, not; hori, be gone by.
hori, false, deceiving.
horo, hurry, quick, speedy.
horu, yell, to the war-dance.
horu, grunt, snort, snore.
hou, feather.
hu, mud, bubble up, still, silent.
hua, cause, fruit, egg, roe, seed, bear fruit.
huamo, the sea raised in waves.
huare, spittle.
huhi, discomfiture, weariness, miserable.
huhunu, double canoe.
huka, froth, foam.
huka, hook.
hunga, a company of persons.
huri, turn round, turn of tide, turn of the year.
hurupa, fresh growth of young trees.
huti, hoist.
hi, impurity.
hi, draw, drag, probably yoke or hook together.
hi, impurity, thrust out; huu, excrement.
hui, light, hour.
uha, desire, wish, long for.
heka, magic, charm.
hekar, starve, famish.
unan, grey,
han, young.
hept, ark, boat, cabin.
herui, roll up a writing, seal.
heru-heru, an inspiriting cry.
hat, throw.
haa, spouse.
han, voyage, transport boat.
khekh, balance.
khekh, repulse, return.
uka, idle, idleness, festival.
khekh, scales, number, reckoning.
hannu, bring, tribute.
han, to and fro, continually.
hon, majesty, sanctity.
kepu, to be in a ferment.
kefa, catch, seize.
her, ended, to have finished.
herui, deceive.
her, go along, fly.
hru-hru, a war-cry.
heru-heru, to snore.
khu, feathers.
huua, filth, dirt, fermentation, menses.
hu, spirit, seed, corn, adult male.
iuma, sea.
urh, ointment, oil.
hui, tear the hair in grief.
khenu, a canoe; hani, barge of the gods.
huka, beer.
hek, hook.
ankh, the native, or natives of a district.
hru, a day, a turn round.
rep, to bud, blossom, take leaf, grow.
htai, ceiling; huti, the winged disk of the uplifted sun.
ia, current of water.
iho, above with reference to below, correlative of ake.
ika, a warrior, famous fighter.
ike, high, lofty.
iku-iku, eaves of a house.
ingoa, name.
inoi, prayer, entreaty.
iri-iri, to baptise or anoint.
iwi, the tribe.
ia, wash, water.
hiu, iu, or hu, the sun on high, brother to; hak, the sun below.
akh, illustrious, honoured, his highness.
akha, elevate.
akhu, horizon, edge.
ank, I (the king).
hana, for mercyís sake adore.
urhu, anoint.
uhi, uhi-t, tribe[1].
kaabo (West. Aust.), kangaroo battue.
gabbi (West. Aust.), water.
kahabu, excite, butt, toss, tear; kafa, hunt, enclose, seize by force.
kabh, inundation, libation.
kadjin (West. Aust.), the likeness in death.
kaha, noose, lashings.
kaha, boundary-line of land.
kahta, image of a human figure carved out of the post of a Pae fence.
kahu, hawk.
kahua, form, appearance.
kahu-kahu, the spirit or ghost of a dead man.
kahui, herd, flock.
kai, food.
kai, a prefix denoting the agent.
kaihe, ass.
kaka, intoxicated.
kakahi, part of the 'pure' ceremony.
kaki, throat.
kama, quick, nimble.
kamo, a wink.
kamu-kamu, food.
kani-kani, dance.
kapa, flutter, flap, wing.
kapo, blind.
kapo, catch at, snatch.
kapu, hollow of the hand.
kapura, fire.
karakia, prayer, perform a religions service, repeat a form of words.
karau, trap.
karaua, old man.
karawa, dam, mother.
kari, dig for, garden.
karu, eye.
kati, shut, closed, block up, stop, leave out, cease.
kato, flowing, floodtide (only).
katoa, all, the whole.
kau-kau, anoint.
kauwhau, recite old legends and genealogies.
kava, strong spirits.
kawa, open a new building with any ceremony, remove taboo.
kawe, handle.
kawe-kawe, tentacles of the cattle-fish.
kehua, spirit, ghost.
keke, to quack.
keke, obstinate, stubborn, mad.
keke, contrariwise, opposite direction; kaikaa (Mang.), boomerang.
kelap (West. Aust.), first appearance of pubes.
kere-kere, intensely dark.
kero, maimed or dead.
keti, gate.
keto, extinguished.
ki, full.
ki, say, utter.
kiki, instigate.
kimi, seek, look for.
kimo, wink.
kimo-kimo, to wink frequently.
kini, wink, to convey an intimation.
kino, evil, bad, hateful.
kita, fast, held tight.
kite, to reveal, disclose, discover.
katen, similitude; khat, dead body.
kua, tighten, hold, coin.
kai, land, region, direction, boundary, division of land.
kaau, or kahu, a figure, the mummy image.
kahau, claw, seize.
kaiu, shape, form, figure.
khu, or hu, spirit, manes.
kaui, herd, cows.
ka, food.
ka, agent, person, function.
‚ai, ass.
khaku, stupid, obstinate, mad, sick (query, drunk?)
khakha, sacred, repulse, whip; hi, impurity; kahkahu, engrave.
khekh, throat.
kemmu, a space of time, instantly, discover, find out.
kem, space of an instant.
kambu, a joint of meat.
ken-ken, a dance, dancing.
ap, fly, wing, mount on the wing.
khap, blind.
kaf, or kep, hunt, seize, catch.
khep, hand, fist.
afr, fire.
kheru, say, the word; khu, a ceremony.
kar, trap.
aua, cud one; kar, male.
kuraa, widow.
kari, gardener.
aru, eye.
khet, shut, closed, sealed.
khet, navigate, go (from port).
khuti, dual form of the God as the All, the Whole.
kah, anoint.
ka, say, tell, recall; hau, records.
kapu, fermentation.
kah, touch, anoint.
kahu, handle.
kahau, clan, seize.
khu, spirits, manes.
kaka, to cackle.
khak, obstinate, stubborn, mad.
kheki, to be repulsed, to return.
kherp, the first, first-fruits, the pubescent Horus.
karh, night.
kher, fallen, defeated victim.
khet, port, water-gate, shut.
khat, corpse.
khi, full-height, enlarged, extended, high.
kai, say, call.
khi-khi, to whip.
kem, to find, discover.
kemh, to stare.
khem, favour, grace, desire; kham, incline.
khenni, convey intelligence.
khennu, typhonian adversary, contention.
khet, shut, sealed.
khet, hidden things.
gobul (West. Aust.), a tadpole.
koeke, the old man.
kohi, wasting sickness.
koiri, bend the body.
koka, mother.
komeme, to burst inwards, stave in.
komo, thrust in, put in, insert.
kona, lower part of the abdomen.
kona-kona, smell.
konga, live coal.
konia, canoe.
kopa, corner.
kopi, doubled together, shut, closed.
kopiko, go alternately in two opposite directions.
kopiro, a duck, to cluck.
kopiu (West. Aust.), secretly.
kopu, womb.
korero, tell, say.
kori, native oven.
koro, person, man.
koro, fifth day of the moonís age.
korohu, steam, boil.
, steam.
koropa, food offered to the Atua in the 'pure' ceremony.
korote, squeeze, crush (garrotte).
korua, dual, you two.
koti, cut; kota, anything to cut with.
kotua, with the back towards one.
kotui, lace up, fasten by lacing.
kou, good.
koura, crayfish.
kowae, pick out, set apart, openings.
kumi, ten fathoms.
kumi-kumi, beard under the chin.
kumu, timid, reluctant.
kune, plump and round.
kura, school.
khepr, the transformer, frog-headed.
kehkeh, the old man.
khai, malady.
kheri, victim bound and bent.
kak, feminine sanctuary.
khem, break, break in pieces.
kama, bolt, lock; khem, lingaic.
kanau, lap, pudendum f.
khena, snuff.
ankh, live or living.
kheni, boat, navigate, transport, convey.
kab, corner.
kab, double; kep, fist.
kab-t, go alternately up and down.
khep, a duck.
kep, concealed.
kep, sanctuary, womb.
kheru, say, voice, speech, word.
karru, furnace.
kar, the male person.
kar, a course.
karhu, a jar with steam issuing.
karumahu, some kind of drink (obviously distilled).
kherp, consecrate, offer, pay homage.
kherit, victims bound.
kariu, testes.
khet, to cut, instrument for cutting.
khet, reverse; kett, different, otherwise; kat, seat, hindward way.
kat, a zone.
khu, benefit, good.
krau, claw.
kaha, light-holes or windows.
khemt, ten.
kemhu, a certain form of hair.
khema, spiritless, humble.
hun, young.
kher, sacred cell.
ma (Adelaide River), eye, see.
ma, in the power of.
maea, emerge.
maehe, month of March, Eg. 9th month.
maha, gratified in attaining.
mahanga, twins.
mahanga, a snare, ensnare.
mahuta, clan, family.
mai, come hither.
maihe, fence.
maka-maka, dancing.
makau, spouse, wife or husband.
makuru, setting fruit, denoting fulfilment of the flower in much fruit.
mana, effectual, enable, give power to.
mano, heart.
manu, float, he launched, afloat, rest on the water.
maonga, ripe.
marae, an enclosure, enclosed space in front of a house, the yard.
marena, marry.
maru, power, authority, shield, safeguard.
ma, to see, eye.
maaui, in the power of.
maa, come, approach, shine.
meh, number nine.
meh, satisfy, please, fulfil, complete.
ankh, pair, couple; meh, fulfilled.
menka, a collar.
mahauta, clan, family.
mai, come.
mahu, girth, water-line.
mak, to dance.
makh, devoted to.
makheru, justified, the word made truth.
men, place firm, fix.
mennu, sustenance.
mena, afloat, warp to shore, arrive by water, lie at anchor.
makha, ripe.
mer, a circle; mera, land, limit, region, space, street.
mer, love, attach, kiss, bind.
mer, superintendent, prefect.
maru, killed.
mata, medium for spirit communication.
matau, know, be sure of, certitude, right.
mate, dead, death, he extinguished.
matua, main body of an army.
mutua, parent, the father, a company.
mau, to carry in the hand, to bring.
mau (Mang.), spring up, light as vapour.
mau, fixed.
maui, catís-cradle.
mauri, twenty-eighth day of the moonís age.
me, with.
meda (West. Aust.), membrum virile.
mehua, measure; maoa, ripen, and be completed.
meka, 'true, true.'
mel (West. Aust.), eye.
memha, be dissolved, pass away.
mere, war-weapon.
mero, a whirling current of water.
miha, wonder; mihi, admire.
mimiha, a black, bituminous substance found in the sea.
mine, be assembled.
mit (West. Aust.), active and sustaining principle of anything.
mohio, wise, intelligent, understand, perceive,
mokai, captive, slave.
mote, suck.
mote, water.
muna, a ringworm.
mure-mure, go round and round.
merau, die, be killed.
mati, a title of Taht, the medium of the gods.
mat, truth, true; meti, examined judicially.
mut, death, end, die.
mati, a mercenary.
mata, the male; mahaut, family, clan.
ma, to hold in the hand, offer, give.
ma, wind, vapour, cloud.
ma, true, truth.
mau, cat.
meb, to be completed and fulfilled.
ma, with.
mata, phallus.
mehu, girth, water-line, a measure, cubit; meh, number nine.
m, true (earlier mak).
mer, eye.
mem, dead, or the mummy.
merhu, war-weapon.
mera, a name of the inundation.
mahni, wonder.
mum, pitch.
men, a herd.
mat, heart, substance, growing and renewing power.
mehi, a name of Taht, lord of the divine words;
 mehi, illumine.
makhau, despoil, kidnap.
menat, to give suck; mut, the mother.
meht, abyss of water.
men, go round in a ring.
mer, circle, go round.


na, by.
nahea, long in time; nehe, ancient times.
nakahi, serpent; neke, snake.
namu, a small fly.
nanu, mixed, confused, indistinct, inarticulate.
nanu, express disappointment, dissatisfaction, disgust.
napi, cling tightly.
nati, fasten, retain, constrict, contract, as by a ligature.
nau, come.
naumai, welcome, or come here.
nawai, denoting regular procession of time.
nawe, be excited, agitated.
nawe, be immovable.
nehu-nehu, dusky.
nga, breathe, live, heart.
nga, plural the; nga-huru, ten.
ngaki, tilling the land, clear from weeds.
ngaore, a fish.
ngaotu, to work timber with an adze.
ngatahi, together.
ngaueue, quake, shake.
ngou-ngou, wearing the hair with a knot at the forehead.
ngou-ngou, a live coal.
ngt, landmark; ngutu, rim.
ngu, tattoos on upper part of the nose, an organ of nga or breath.
niko, tie.
nun, sticks used for divination.
na, by.
naheh, an age, for ever.
, Apophis serpent.
nemma, a pigmy.
nini, to be amazed, astonished.
net, no, not; nnau, m. period.
, seize, futuere.
nat, limit, noose; natr, pull a rope.
na, come.
mai, you may.
nnu, time, appointed time, time continually.
nnuhu, be agitated, movement; masturber[2].
nnu, rest.
neh, black; nehs, negroes.
ankh, life, live.
nai, plural the; har, ten.
nakht, hard land, corn land, arable land.
nar, a fish
nater, to work with an adze, the carpenter.
ankh, pair; taui, two halves.
nahuh, agitate, shake.
ank, to clasp; ankh, tie, knot, image of life.
ankh, living, image of life.
net, limit.
ankh, make covenant, an oath.
neka, compel, with tie; ankh, tie, noose.
nun, divine types.
noa, free from taboo, or other restrictions.
noho, sit, rest.
nohu-nohu, nauseous, unpalatable; neu (Fiji), an interjection used
  by women; nonol, disfigured, urgent negation, as no, no.
noti, knot.
nui, great, superior, exalted rank.
nuka, deceive.
nuke, crooked.
nnu, time appointed.
nnu, sit, squat, rest.
nnu, flowing period; naha, foul lace; nini, flux, flood,
  catamenial; nnanu, defile.
nnut, knot.
nia, or nut, deity.
neka, deceive, false, delude.
neka, 'crooked serpent.'
oha, abundant, generous.
ohia, long for.
ope, troop, number of persons moving together.
opure, pied.
ota, green.
ota-ota, herbs in general.
ourourouro (Mangaian), the ha!-ha! or hurrah of the wardance.
uah, increase, flourish very much.
uha, long for, desire.
ab, a company.
ab, pied.
uat, green.
uat, plants, green herbs in general.
herheru, dilatation with joy, an inspiring cry.
pa, stockade, or fortified place.
pae, horizon, rest, perch, a border; pahao, a threshold, margin.
pahake, to bask.
paheke, have a running issue.
paho, soaring.
pahure, come in sight, appear.
pai, good, pronounce good, praise.
paiere, bundle, tie up.
paihau, wing of a bird.
pakaru, gap.
pake, crack.
paki, girdle.
pakohu, cleft, rent, chasm.
pana, thrust or drive away, cause to go away, block up.
pane, head.
pao, hatching eggs; papa, Earth-goddess, hinder-part; papa, father, male.
para-para, sacred place.
pata, hole.
patu, strike, beat.
pehi, sit as a hen.
pennu, deities.
pepe, close together.
pitau, fancy figurehead of a war canoe.
po, night, underworld, place of departed spirits.
poka, hole, pit, well.
poti, cat.
poti, corner, angle, cardinal point.
pu, precise, very, exactly.
puka, to swell.
puka, passions, affections in operation, as swelling.
puku, the silent word, secretly.
pupa, eructate; puhi-puhi, to blow frequently.
pupu, to bubble up.
putere, go in a body.
pa, house, abode, city.
pe, heaven; peh, arrive; peh, hem, border, a water-frontier, a marsh.
pekh, or pekht, stretch out, basking.
bek, squat, naked, waste, void, menstruate.
pa or pai, fly.
par, appear, show, manifest
peh, glory.
pari, wrap.
pai, wing of a bird.
pekar, gap, hole.
peka, divide, division.
peka, kind of linen or tunic; fekh, girdle, band.
pekah, gap, hole.
ban, no, not, unclean; pena, reverse, turn back.
ben, cap, top, roof, tip.
pa-pa, produce, deliver a child; peh, rump, hinder-part; p, men, males.
para, the sacred name of Heliopolis.
puthu, open.
pet, strike.
peh, the seat, rump.
pen, emphatic the; nnu, deities.
pep, to engender.
ptah, or patakoi, a figurehead of the Cabiri.
bau, the void, hole of the tomb, lower world.
peka, hole, gap, pit, infernal locality.
buto (pasht), the cat-headed goddess.
fetu, corner, the four corners or quarters.
pu, it is.
pekht, stretched out.
bekh, to engender, conceive, fecundate.
beka, to pray.
puf, breath, to blow, a gust.
beb, to exhale.
put, company or body of nine deities.
Ra, sun-god, monarch, day, the west as place of sunset.
rahui, warn against breaking a taboo; rai-ona, lion (ona, of him, of her).
raka, to entangle, be entangled.
rako, an albino.
rangai, herd, flock.
rapu-puku, bud, put forth buds (puku, swell, put forth).
rapu-rapu, be in doubt.
rara, twig, small branch; rere, be born.
ratou, they, them.
raua, the two.
remu, posteriors, end of a thing.
renga, to pull up by the root.
reo, voice, speech, language.
rere, run, place, fly, sail.
rere, to and fro, rise and set.
reti, snare, catch.
rewa, melt, become liquid.
rewa, be elevated, ascend.
rima, five; ringa, bind, arm.
rino, twist of two or three strands.
riwha, cleft.
rohe-rohe, to mark off by a boundary-line.
rone, bind, confine with a cord.
roto, the midst.
Rupe, Maui, as son of the Divine Father.
Ra, sun-god, king, day; ruha, evening.
rehui, twin lion-gods of the boundary, the turners-back.
ark, to weave, a noose, envelope.
rekh, full, whiten.
renu, cattle; kaui, herd.
rep, to bud, flower, grow.
rupu, or, either, one or the other.
rer, nursling.
ret, several.
rehui, twin.
remn, the limit, extending so far.
renpu, plant, renew, young.
ru, mouth, chapter, word, discourse.
rer, traverse.
rer, go round and round, on circuit.
ret, a loop or noose for fastening cattle.
ru, drops.
rru, steps, sign of ascent.
remnnu, the arm, extent.
ren, noose, or cartouche.
ruha, quarry.
ru, mark, division; ru-ru, hot iron, place of two lions.
renn, cartouche ring, noose for cattle.
rrut, those around; rra, in the midst.
repa, the prince, son, heir-apparent.
ta, print, paint.
ta, tattoo.
ta, mallet, maul.
ta, whip a top.
tae, go in a boat, arrive, reach the utmost limit, be reached.
taepa, place where the sky hangs down to the horizon.
tahae, thief.
tahati, seashore; tahatu, horizon.
tahe, menses; tahae, filth.
tahei, divided by crossing.
tahi, together, altogether, unique, one.
tahoe, swim first with one arm then the other.
daht (West. Aust.), sly, cunning, noiseless.
tahu, husband.
tahu, light.
taiki, wickerwork.
taipu, betroth.
taita, timber fixed in the bed of a river.
taka, fasten, tack.
taka, heap up, a mound, a post.
taka, round, on all sides, wind round.
takahi, trample underfoot.
takapau, end of the 'pure' ceremony.
take, absent oneself.
take-take, well-founded, firm, lasting.
taki-turi, death-watch beetle, from taki, to proclaim, announce, tell;
  turu, the end, or shortly.
tak-urua, the Dog-star Sirius; uri (Polyn.), dogs.
ta, register, the writer,
ta, type.
ta, the head of a mallet.
ta, go along.
ta, go, go in a boat, navigate, cross.
tep, heaven, and hill of the horizon.
tehai, thieve.
tattu, the established region, the horizon.
tua, sanies; tua, filth.
tat, to cross; tat, the cross; hu, adult.
taui, twin.
taui, halves.
tat, craft.
tai, the male; hu, adult.
tahuti, dual lunar light.
teka, plant, stick, join, cross, unite, reunite, twist, weave.
tebu, seal ring, be responsible for.
tat, fixed, established in the waters.
teka, fix, attach.
tekhn, an obelisk.
teka, boundary, cross over.
tekh, throw down, overthrow.
tekhbu, anoint.
teka, hide, escape notice of.
teka, stick in, adhere, cleave to; tekhn, obelisk.
taki, announce; tur, extremity or end; tur, a name of the beetle-headed
  god, Khepra.
taka, see, behold; uhar, the dog (the announcer of the inundation).
tamahu, remove taboo.
tamau, fasten.
tami, repress, smother.
taone, town.
tapu, religious restriction, with especial relation to cleanliness.
tara, influence by charms.
tara, rays of the son before sunrise.
tara, phallus, mettle.
tari, platting with eight strands.
taroi, tie up.
tarua, tattoo a second time, repeat.
tata, strike, beat, strike repeatedly.
tatari, sieve, strainer.
tatua, girdle, put on as a girdle; tau, loop or thong.
tau, hark.
tau, thy.
taua, wear mourning garments, sign of mourning for the dead.
taua, we two.
taua, hostile expedition, a murderous raid.
tautau (Mangaian), the ages.
tau-tau, tie in bunches.
te, article the.
teitei, high, tall, summit.
tekau, ten.
teke, the pudendum muliebria.
teke-teke, nudge.
tepe-tepe, clot of blood.
tete, figurehead of a canoe.
ti, a game of telling.
tiemi, play at seesaw.
tihema, December.
tika, right, just, fair and true.
tiki, post marking a 'taboo' place, a memorial, a token.
tinei, put out, end, extinguish, destroy, kill.
tini, hosts, myriads, innumerable.
ti-ti, Mutton-bird, sacred, only goes inland at night.
titi, stick in, a peg, nail; tete, stand fixed in the ground.
tito, invent, compote.
to, pregnant.
tohe, thief.
tohi, ceremony, also ceremony before battle.
tohu, preserve, save alive, spare.
tohu, mark, sign, proof.
toihi, to be split in two.
toitoi, trot, gallop.
toka, to overflow.
tokari, to cut, notch.
tomo, be filled.
topu, pair, couple.
toro, consult by divining, stretch forth the hands.
toro-ihi, sprout, bud.
tu, to stand.
tu (Mangaian), strong enough to stand.
tu, part of the fishing-net which is first in the water.
temau, restore, renovate.
temaiu, band or fastening.
tem, no, not, avoid; tem, dumb.
tun, royal seat.
tebu, a clean beast; teba-t, purged and purified.
tari, invoke religiously.
ter, indicate.
ter, male member, to engender.
terui, no. 8.
terui, papyrus roll, limits.
terui, two times, twice.
tata, strike, strike terror.
tar, sieve; ta, the.
tat, buckle of a girdle; taau, a loop.
t, bark.
ta, thou, thine.
taau, prob. mourning clothes; taau to kill; tet, death; ta, burial.
taui, halves, pair, couple, double.
taau, foray, slaughter.
teta, eternal (aeonian).
ta, knot, tie.
te, article the.
tata, head, princes, heads; taut, hill, summit.
teka, a measure, quantity, weight; tek, a cross.
kha, pudendum muliebria; t, fem. article.
tekhn, wink.
tef, drop of blood; tef-tef, drip.
tat, image, type, figure.
thui, to tell.
tem, two halves.
tem, complete, whole. (Eg. year ended at midsummer, Maori December.)
tekar, perfect, absolute.
tekhn, obelisk, a memorial sign.
ten, cut off.
tennui, millions.
teti, Ibis religiosa, lunar bird.
tat, image of fixity.
teti, the divine scribe, mouth, word of the gods.
ta, to bear, carry, be enceinte.
taui, steal.
tua, consecrate; tuau, adore, honour, pray.
tehu, beseech, offering.
tehu, to tell.
taui, two halves.
tata, gallop.
tekh, to be full.
tekar, graver; tekh, cutter and notcher of the palm-branch.
tem, be fulfilled.
tebu, pair of sandals.
tri, adore, invoke, interrogate, question, hands outstretched.
ter, a shoot.
tu, the rock or mountain.
mentu, the rigid stander, image of erection.
tuia, to net, catch.
tua, the further side, as the western sea.
tua-ahu, sacred, consecrated place; tua, a spell; ahu, high place.
tuhi, indicate by pointing, draw, delineate, write, paint.
tuhua, obsidian.
tupare, chaplet.
tupehu, blustering, angry.
tupo, cave for bones where incantations for the dead were performed.
ture, law.
turu, time, moon at fifteen days old.
turuapo, midnight.
tutu, a message sent to summon people.
tutu, stand erect.
tuaut, the place of sunset, lower heaven.
pa-tua, chapel where the pharaohs were consecrated.
tuhui, to tell.
tu, rock; huh, everlasting.
teb, chaplet; tepr, tie.
tef, Typhon.
tebhu, chest, sarcophagus.
teru, papyrus roll; torah (Hebrew).
ter, time, season, limit.
teriu, two times; ap, first.
taht, the divine messenger.
tutu, erect image.
u, reach land, arrive by water.
ua, backbone.
ue, paddle a boat, steer with a paddle.
uho, heart, pith, substance.
uka, be fixed, preserved, last.
uki, ancient times, the old.
uku, or ukui, white, white clay.
unene, to plead importunately.
unga, cause to be horn.
ungutu, meet together.
upoko, head.
uri, offspring.
uri (Polynes.), dogs.
uri, join, be associated with in act.
uruahu, tabooed place where certain ceremonies were performed.
uta, land, earth.
utu, ransom.
u, go by boat, depart, arrive.
uas, sceptre, the backbone.
ua, boat being paddled.
uai, substance.
uka, a week, a festival, a peg, a column.
aaki, old.
akhu, white.
unun, to flatter, caress, cajole.
ankh, life, to live, be living.
ankh, couple, pair.
api, head.
ur, or ar, child.
uhar, dog.
her, with, function of being with.
urhu, anoint, oil; ahu, house.
ta, earth, land.
uta, salvation.
waha, carry on the back.
wahina or wahine, virgin, woman.
wai or waia, water, be filled with tears, melt in tears.
waka, spirit-medium.
waka, canoe.
waka-waka, parallel ridges.
wana, a young shoot.
ware, viscous fluid, spittle.
wene, a noose.
weti, weigh.
weu, a single one, also hair.
wha, get abroad, be disclosed.
whana, bowed, bent.
whana, company, people.
whanau, offspring, young.
wíhangai, feed, nourish, bring up.
whata, an elevated storehouse for saving food.
whata, elevate, support, hang.
whatero, put out the tongue.
whati, turn and go away, flee, be broken off, separated.
whatu, eye, pupil of the eye.
whatu, weave, lace.
wha-wha, lay hold of.
wheko, become black, very dark.
wheku, a distorted figure in symbolic carvings.
u‚‚, lift, carry away.
hannu, youth.
uaua, melt, in meditation.
akhu, spirit, manes.
ukha, sacred bark.
akha, horizon.
hannu, young.
urh, anoint, oil, liquid.
nu, a noose.
uta, weigh.
ua, one, alone.
uha, escape.
anu, to be afflicted, oppressed, forced down.
unnu, beings, people.
hannu, young.
ankh, food, life, living.
uta, a storehouse or treasury.
uts, hang, support, bear aloft.
hut, tongue.
uta, go forth, pass, proceed, alone, separate, divorced.
uta, symbolic eye.
khet, woof, net.
uha, enfold.
ukha, night; kek, darkness.
heka, the frog-headed goddess; hekau, charm, magic.
whenu, warp of cloth.
whetau, small.
whete, to make eyes.
whete, or whetete, be forced out.
whetiko, a shellfish.
whetu, star.
wheua, bone.
whiri, twist, plait.
whiti, hoop.
whitu, number seven.
wiki, week.
witi, wheat.
anu, plait; ans, linen.
ket, little.
uat, colour for eyes.
utu, or utut, command, order, go out, exact.
uti, a fish.
hetu, star, sign of a period.
hu, ivory, tooth, bone.
herrui, roll up.
khet, ring, bound.
hept, number seven.
uak, week, festival.
uahit, corn.

NOTEóVocabularies compiled by Dieffenbach[3], Mariner[4], Moore[5] and others, have been used; but the chief authority is A Dictionary of the New Zealand Language by the Right Reverend William Williams, Bishop of Waiapu, New Zealand[6].





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