NB: The present table, like those of the English and Egyptian, Hebrew and Egyptian, Akkado-Assyrian and Egyptian, Maori and Egyptian, and others, previously printed in A Book of the Beginnings, is offered to the student simply for comparative purposes. The collector, however, holds that words may be witnesses to a unity of origin in language beyond the reach of verb-stems, because they were roots which, in the condition of isolation, attest a unity that has to be determined by typology in the domain of things and in a more primitive stage of language.

a, ah.
adi, beginning, commencement, firstness.
ag, root of angula, a finger.
ag, the sun; agni, fire.
aha, yes, certainly.
ahan, day; ahan, dawn.
ak, or ag, to twist, move tortuously.
aksha, the soul, an organ of sense, the eye.
akahi, sun and moon.
an, or nen, not, negative.
anh, to speak.
anh, to press together.
ani, limit, boundary.
ank, ankte, anktuin, or anakti, to anoint, apply an  Ointment.
anjana, black pigment, collyrium, applied to the eyes.
anka, curve, bend, clasping round.
anta, boundary, limit, term, conclusion.
ann, repetition.
ap (Vedic), water.
ap, work, action, skilful.
apara, the west.
apt, placing over.
apta, reached, attained, equalled.
apūpa, cake of flour or meal.
ara, applied to the planets Mars and Saturn.
arbha, child, a boy.
ardha, place, region.
argha, worth, value, price.
ark, to heat or warm.
arma, a disease of the eyes.
armana, a measure of one drona.
a, ah.
at, emanation, lad, child; ait, substance, embryo; ati, Osiris primus.
ak, finger.
akh, light, fire, the sun shedding rays.
ia, yea, certainly.
han, young, the ever-returning youth.
ak, to twist.
akh, the spirit, and to see.
akh, light, illumine, orbs of light.
na, or nen, no, not, negative.
an, speech, to speak.
ank, to clasp and squeeze.
annu, the boundary and limit.
an, kind of unguent; nt, to anoint; ankh, oil of life.
an, appear, show, to be or make beautiful, paint the eyes.
anku, to clasp or squeeze; ankh, the tie, loop, and crux ansata.
antu, division or boundary of land; unnt, period, hour, end.
an, to repeat.
ap, or ab, water.
ab, work, skill.
apheru, the crossing, west.
api, head over, chief.
apta, place of equal roads, the equinox, the summit or horn-point.
pupa, cake.
har, applied to the planets Mars and Venus.
repa, heir-apparent.
arrt, or ruta, place, region.
rekh, to reckon, know, relation.
rekh, heat, brazier.
rema, to weep, eye running.
erma, or remen, a measure of land; er mennu, an arm, a span.
arsha, relating to the Rishis, the seven stars of the Great Bear.
aruh (Rohati), to mount, ascend.
arya, person attached; attached to.
as, to sit, rest, lie, dwell, inhabit, abide, to cease.
asta, end, death, sunset.
asthi, bone, kernel of fruit, stone; said to be from root as.
isu, root as, quick, haste, fast.
asu, breath, life, spirit, water.
at, to roam about as a mendicant or vagabond.
athithi, unfixed, not established.
att, or adhi, excessive, exceeding, extraordinary, over and above.
atma, creative soul, the seventh.
atnu, the sun.
atta, high, lofty.
attana, a disk-shaped weapon.
av, to satisfy ones self.
avata, a hole, chasm, cavity; avara, western, hinder.
ursha, watching, vigil, astronomical observation.
arru, or rut, mount, steps, ascent.
ari, companion, companions, one another.
as, rest, repose, dwelling, place of abode, sepulchre.
asat, period of time.
as, substance, a stone.
as, or as.t, haste, hasten.
ash, emanation, emission, wet; Tree of Life; as-asni, to breathe.
at, outcast, destitute, an orphan.
tat, or tett, to be established.
atai, superior; at, chief, prince; ati, a title of Osiris as the sovereign.
atmu, the creative soul of the seventh creation.
atnu, or aten, the solar disk.
atat, chief, superior, noble.
aten, a disk or orb.
afa, to be filled and satisfied.
aft, or khaft, west, hindward, posterior; heft, aft, or at, to squat, the
    netherworld, hades, or void.
ba, water, a water-jar.
badh, to abhor and detest.
bahu, forearm, foreleg; a native name of the Bore in the Hooghly River.
bahu, much, abundant.
bal, to hoard grain.
bala, vigour, strength, force, puissance.
bata, an interjection of sorrow; a weak, feeble person.
bha, to shine, be luminous, splendid, glorified.
bhaga, majesty, dignity, excellence; feminine pudendum.
bhagni, the sister.
bhakti, dividing, separating.
bhas, gleam, ray, light, lustre; bhasu, the sun.
bhasad, the hinder-part, buttocks.
bhasu, the sun; bhasa, light, lustre, gleam, glare.
bhatta, lord, my lord.
bhauta, a low kind of spirits; elemental, material; a god.
bhava, being, existence, state of being, production, birth, life.

bheda, striking, breaking, splitting, rending, violating.
bheka, a frog.
bhoga, baiting.
bhrtri, or bhratar, the brother.
bhruna, an embryo, foetus, child unborn, a pregnant woman.
bhuta, to become, being, be produced, a living being.
ba, water; bat, a water-vase.
bat, hateful, abominable.
bahu, male member, before. To fill, inundate, gorge; god of inundation.
bahu, supply, fill, gorge.
perit, granary; per, grain.
ber-ber, ebullition, fervour.
bat, bad; fet, to fail, be failing.
ba, to illumine, radiate, shed, effuse.
peh or pekh, glory, power, might; feminine hinder-part, rump of lioness.
pekhti, the sister goddesses.
pekhkha, divide, division; pekht, the double Deess.
pest, gleam, light, sunset, shine, brightness.
pest, back, spine, seat; Pasht, or Bast, the goddess of the hinder-part.
bes, candle, jet, blaze, warmth, fire.
bat, the inspirer of breaths; ppatu, God, divine image, or type.
pautt, a divine type, company of the gods pant, matter.
paif, breath; pep, engender; papa, produce, give birth; b, a soul;
     paf, breath.
pet-pet, to strike, rout, trample.
Heka, the frog-headed goddess.
pekha, food, bait.
prut, the seed, the emaner, denotes the male manifestor, and sex.
rennu, the nursling, to nurse or dandle a child; rennut, the gestator.
bt, to inspire, give breath to, as the father.
bibh, to boast.
biksh, to beg; bhikshu, a beggar; bhiksha, hire, wages.
bila, aperture, outlet.
bis, to split in two; bishkala, parturient.
brū, to declare, announce, promulgate.
buddha, the awakened or opened.
budh, opening, waking.
budhna, the foot, root, or bottom.
bb, to boast; būu, boast.
beka, to pray, or beg; bak, servant, labourer.
buru, outlet, outward or outside.
pesh, to split, separate, divide.
pru, to show, make appear, explain.
ptah, the opener.
puth, open.
put, the foot, leg, or claw.
ćak, to be satisfied or satiated; ćaksh, or yaksh, to eat.
ćakra, a circle, disk, wheel, anything circular.
cam, food, to eat.
camat, as in festival, spectacle; interjection of wonder, astonishment.
candu, a monkey.
ćapala, denotes change, capricious.
capata, the fifth note in music.
ćapata, the palm with fingers extended.
ćatvala, the womb.
ćho, said to be the root of chaya, shade.
ćhur, to cut, engrave, incise, or etch.
ćoca, bark, rind, skin, hide.
kaka, to eat, digest, rejoice.
khekh, a collar; khakri, a kind of necklace.
kambu, a joint of meat.
khemat, a square-headed sistrum used at festivals; sake, favour, grace.
kant, an ape.
khep, or khepr, to change, to transform, assume shapes.
kep, the hand, a figure of five, Seb, no. 5.
kep, the hand, or fist.
kat, the womb.
shu, shade.
kart, mason, sculptor, stone-cutter.
kaka, the bark as boat.
dā or dad, wife, giving, presenting, giver, a gift; datta, given, presented,
     made over.
dagdhri, the wet-nurse who has much milk, the milch cow.
dam, house, house, domain.
dama, a string, cord, fillet, chapter, girdle.
dansa, biting.
danta, a tooth.
dara, or dal, piercing, cleaving, cutting, splitting open.
dasa, bond-maid, concubine, slave.
dsa, evil beings, demons of darkness.
dava, fire, burning.
deha, body, that which envelopes or defiles the soul (applied to earth).
deva, divine, celestial, heavenly.
dhatri, a founder and establisher.
dhav, to flow, give milk as a cow.
dhik, fie, shame, out upon.
dhvan, to sound, cause to sound, as a drum.
dina, a day.
dirgha, a length of time or space.

dis, region, allotment (applied to the quarters, divisions of the heaven).
diti, cutting, spitting, dividing.
div, heaven, sky, day.
ta, feminine article and terminal; Ta-urt, the genetrix; tat, to give;
    ta, gift, and to give.
tekh, to give drink, or to suckle.
tem, treasure-house, fort, village, district.
tami, a hank, twist, hand, or tie; a form of the ankh-noose.
tensh, to snap at.
tent, to cut in two, divide, separate.
taru, a pike, to pierce or transfix.
tes, to bind; tesas-neith, the mother alone, the later harlot.
ten, the depth, abyss or dis.
teb, tef, or tu, blast of fire, to burn, purify with fire.
tah, lees, dregs, straw; ta, soil or earth.
tep, heaven; tef, divine.
tat, to establish.
tef, drip, drop, flow, ooze, evacuate.
tekh-tekh, revolt, shudder.
teb, drum, tambourine, sistrum.
tena, one half, the division by two; ten, time, a time.
ark, to appoint a limit, fix a decree, end of a period; be ended, inclosed,
   perfected, 30th of the month.
tesh, the nome, or district.
tat, to rut.
tep, tef, or tuau, heaven the upper sky of day, dawn; tepht, the abyss or
   lower heaven.
div, or deva, divine.
dosha, defect, deficiency, morbid affection.
driti, a skin of leather.
duh, dugh, or dhuk, milk, yielding milk.
dut, a messenger, envoy, one who carries intelligence.
dvi, two.
tef, divine father; earlier mother.
tesh, the inert Osiris; menstrual, red.
tehert, a leather buckler.
tekh, supply of liquid.
tut, or tahuti, the mouth and messenger.
tiu, two (the phonetic t, an ideographic tef).
gabba, anything cloven, slit, or split in two, or forked.
gadha, fordable, a ford,
gam, the earth.
gama, sexual intercourse.
gantu, a traveller, wayfarer, a way or course.
garbba, the womb, foetus, or embryo.
gata, deceased, dead.
gava, gu, or go, a cow.
ghamb, to go.
ghana, who or what strikes and crushes.
ghata, killing.
ghuka, an owl; ghukari, a crow.
ghut, to protect, defend.
glev, to serve, worship, pay homage.
go, cow, earth.
grah, to seize, catch, capture, hold.
gup, to observe.
guru, to be pregnant.
kab, double, duplicate.
khet, a ford.
kham, matter.
kama, to delight in, create.
khenit, sailors, conveyors, carriers by the water-way.
kherb, a first form, or formation, the model figure.
khat, corpse.
kavi, ka, kau, or kaui, a cow; kheb, the water-cow.
khem, to go.
kannu, power, victory, to heat.
khateb, to kill, slaughter.
kek, darkness.
khu, or khut, to rule, protect, screen.
kherp, to pay homage, consecrate.
kaū, cow; ka, land, earth.
kraw, claw; ker-ker, claw, seize, embrace.
kepu, to look, watch, lie in wait.
karu, to have, bear, carry.
hā-hā, a particular height, number, ten thousand billions.
hairika, thief.
han, to do an injury.
hausa, the goose.
hantu, a bull.
hanu, a wanton.
hava, calling.
heli, the sun.
heti, stroke, wound, missile, ray, splendour, light.
hetri, urging on, inciting.
hetu, the second of two.
hi, to discharge, send forth, impel, cast out.
hikk, or hekk, to make an inarticulate sound, hiccough.
hillolaya, to swing, rock, roll, or rollick about (cf. hillola).
hima, cold, frosty, anything cold and icy, as night or winter (Irish gamh).
hind, to roam or wander about.
hnu, to dissimulate and deceive.
hora, rising of a zodiacal sign, an hour or course.
hrad, or hlad, to rejoice, be glad, delighted.
hrag, to hide.
hresha, neighing, whinnying.
hrid, or hard, the essence or heart of a thing.
haa, millions.
rekai, rebel, culprit.
han, malice, envy.
han, to go to and fro, turn and return periodically; sa, the goose.
han, horn, phallus; anta, bull of Sut.
an, or han, wanton.
ha or haf, to call, hail, hailing, the hailer.
har, the sun.
hti, strike, stick; het, light.
htar, to charge, compel.
hetu, one half of the cycle, right-hand half.
hi, get rid of, thrust out, inundate.
khekh, gullet, throat, crack a whip.
heloli (Coptic), to be mad, frantic.
khema, the dead.
hant, go to and fro; anut, the wanderers.
hanni, to deceive.
her, to rise, above, over; hru, a course.
harrt, or hartu, to be pleased and delighted.
reka, to hide.
resh, joy.
kartu, testis; power, property.
hrika, modesty, bashfulness.
hrish, joy, or become erect as hair of the body with the thrill of rapture.
hru, to hurt or injure.
hulahuli, cries of joy made by women.
hum, an exclamation used at a sacrifice mystical incantation.
hve, or hu, to call, invoke, pray, beg, seek.
hvri, to go crookedly.
rekht, pure spirit.
rish, joy, feathers.
hurui, evil-doers, enemies.
her-hem, dilation with joy.
ham-ham, howl, to invoke with religious clamour.
hi, hail, call, address, invoke; hhu, to seek.
hfu, to crawl, as the caterpillar, worm or snake.
jakshi, eating, consuming.
jaip, to speak inarticulately, murmur, babble (cf. yelp).
jan, to beget; jana, man, male generator; jani, female, the genetrix.

jita, engendered, born, brought forth; jati, race.
jiv, to live, be alive, vivify.
jna, a knower, who or what knows.
juhu, or jihva, supposed root hve, the tongue.
juka, sign Libra.
jyotā, 'the brilliant or shining one.'
jyutt, light.
kaka, to eat and digest.
kherp, the first form of a thing.
han, male member; hent, or khant, matrix; khennu, the concubine;
    khent, to image and bear.
khati, child, race.
kep, to heat, fermentation; the mystery of fertilization; khu, spirit.
khennu, intelligence.
hit, the tongue.
khekh, the balance.
khuti, called the 'brilliant triangle in the shining place.'
khu.t, light.
ka, the mind, the soul.
kab, to praise.
kaka, the crow, a lame man, applied to the boys side-lock.
kakhya, an enclosure.
kaksha, girth, girdle, zone, clasp or wall round.
kakubh, quarter, as one of the four, also the peak or summit.
kakud, summit, peak, high place.
hat, to count.
kala, time, black.
kalpana, forming, fashioning, fixing.
kam, desire.
ham, sexual intercourse.
kana, small, diminutive.
kane, to bind; kanci, the womans zone or girdle, earlier loin-cloth.

kanda, a secret place, privacy.
kanctimātri, a bastard (cf. kana, the girl).
kapa, a class of demons.
kapala, a half; kapata, two handful.
kapha, phlegm, humour, watery froth, foam.
karas in karmanbusiness.
kara, the hand.
ka, the spiritual image.
kabh, libation, celebration.
kak, darkness, black; lame god who wore side-lock of Har, the child.
khakh, a collar.
keke, to bind round.
ka, the high earth; kab, one of the four quarters or corners.
khut, the horizon (and mount) of the Resurrection.
kher, to know, to reckon.
kar, a course of time, the lower; karh, night.
kherp, or kherb, a first form, formation, a model figure.
khemt, desire; to be pubescent.
kam, to create or generate.
kannu, deficient, diminution.
khenk, royal, mystical linen; unki, or ankh, tie, dress, strap, support, put
    on linen, a symbol of pubescence.
khenta, inner part or place, feminine interior.
khennu, a concubine, later whore.
kheft, the godless; evil spirits, or devils.
khep, one hand; kabti, two hands or arms.
kapu, fermentation.
kar, business.
ker, a claw, to take hold.
kara, killing.
karmara, a smith.
karshaka, a cultivator of the soil, husbandman.
kru, the poet who sings praises and celebrates.
kas, appear, see clearly.
kasu, speech in general.
kat, to surround, encompass.
kath, to speak, tell, declare, quote.
kati, buttocks, posteriors.
kell, amorous sport, pleasure.
keta, an apparition.
kha, an aperture of the human body.
khadi, bracelet, ring.
khakh, to laugh.
khan, to dig, delve, cut, excavate.
khanjana, to go, move, limp; the wig-tail.
khan-khana, the tinkling of a bell.
khar, to cover.
kharb, to go towards.
kharv, to be proud and haughty.
khash, to hurt, to kill.
khat, wish, desire.
khatti, the bier or bed of a corpse, on which it is carried to the pile.
kheta, a village, the residence of farmers and peasants.
klib, the created world.
kliva, or kliba, an eunuch; of the neuter gender.
koka, the goose.
krip, pre-eminence in beauty, splendour, the support of sacred rites.
krit, making, doing, performing.

kriti, a war weapon.
kshema, residence of rest, place of peace and tranquillity.
kshur, barb to an arrow; also to cut, scratch, make lines and furrows.
ku, to call, cry, sound.
ku, the earth, ground, or base of a triangle.
ku, sin, badness in general.
kubera, regent of the North.
kubja, a scimitar or crooked sword.
kuć, to utter a shrill cry as a bird.
kumara, the prince, heir-apparent associated with the reigning monarch;
     applied to puberty.
kunda, a hole or hollow in general, a pool, pit, pot, vat, well, spring of
    water; name of Purga.
kup, to swell, heave with feeling; to shine.
kupa, a cave, hollow, bole.
kush, to rend, tear, force out, extract, assay.
kt, to burn.
kut, to bend, crook, curve, curl.
kuta, a painted cloth.
kuthera, fire.
kuti, cot or hut, a building.
kutt, to cut, divide, pound, grind, pulverize.
kar, to kill, war; kheri, the fallen victim.
kara, a smith; karr, the furnace.
kari, a gardener.
kheru, voice, speech, to speak, the Word.
khesr, to disperse, make clear.
kasau, the tongue.
kat, to go round, and encircle.
ha, to call, cry, say.
kheft, hinder thigh; kat, hinder-part.
kar or har, delight, pleasure.
khet, a spirit.
kha, vagina.
khet, a ring; keti, anything that goes round.
kaka, to rejoice.
ken, carving, incising, engraving, sculpturing.
kan-kannu, to leap or dance, to beat.
kar, to be under.
kherp, to steer, or paddle.
kherf, the majesty, first, chief; pay homage to.
khus, to kill, to immolate.
kaat, wish.
kat, the lion-couch, palanquin, or throne
khat, the corpse, also a couch or seat.
khet, an enclosure; khetmu, a fortress.
khrb, a first form, a formation, the model figure, circle or globe.
kherp (cf. Hebrew גרף), to consecrate, offer first fruits, as in castration.
kak, to cackle; kak-ur, name of Seb, whose bird is the goose.
kherp, princeps; to pay homage, consecrate.
kart, the mason, sculptor, to have power for doing; kartu, the testis,
    a sign of power and ability.
kar, battle, war.
khesm (variant of skhem), the Holy of holies.
khesr, ssr, and ser, an arrow; sser(t) dig, plant, cut, carve, sculpture.
k, to call, say, cry.
han, earth, ground, base, corner, angle; khuti, god of the triangle.
khuu, sin.
kep, Typhon, goddess of the North.
khepsh, the scimitar or sickle-sword.
kaka, to cackle.
khem or kherp, a title of the repa or heir- apparent at puberty; khemt,
     grace, favour, qualified to beget.
khunt, interior, within, feminine apartment, lake; to carry and bear.

kep, fermentation; light.
kep, a secret place, hiding-place, sanctuary.
khes, to ram and pound, khesr, to dissipate, and clarify.
khet, fire.
keti, to go round, make the circle, be curved.
khu, paint.
khut, fire.
kat, built, or to build.
khut, to cut, break in pieces.
laksh, perceive, apprehend, show intelligence, know (cf. lilh and lekha).
lal, sport, frolic, daily, cherish, nurse.
lalat, playing with the tongue, lolling the tongue; Lalita, name of a
    goddess as a form of Durga Parvati.
lava, cutting or reaping corn.
linga, sign of masculine power and generation.
Lri, a mountain and the mother of the gods (Akkadian Ri.)
lul, to roll round.
rekh, to know; rekhi, the knowers, intelligent beings, wise men, magi.
rer, to dandle, to nurse and cherish.
Rerit, the typhonian genetrix who lolls out the tongue.

Repit, goddess of harvest.
renka, the pubes.
rru, steps, mount; Rerit, goddess of Great Bear, the hippopotamus, sow.
rer, to go round, roll round, make the circuit.
ma, a mother, measure, light, water.
madhya, mid, middle, central.
magha, a gift or present.
mah, to measure, mete.
mah, to grow.
maha, the cow.
makha, active, sprightly, merry, festive.
makha, a sacrifice or oblation devoted to the gods.
mala, wreath, chaplet, garland, crown, rosary, tie.
mamri, mortal.
mandala, round, anything circular.
mank, to adorn.
man-man, a hymn of praise, petition, expression of religious feeling.
manu, the father of men.
manu or manas, mind, what perceives, conceives, reflects or images.
manyu, spirit, courage, mettle.
mara, dying, death.
nnartya, the mortal, who or what is doomed to die.
marut, wind, air, breath, gods of the winds; maruts, associate gods of
   wind and storm.
masa, a symbolical expression for no. 12.
masa, a moon, a month (a lunar month).
masala, a year; masha, a bean; masara, lentil.
mata, mother.
matha, hut, cell, cloister, hermitage.
mathin, the penis.
mati, measure, accurate knowledge; mad, measure, weight, quantity.
mati, prayer, praise, sacred utterance.
matka, bug, flea.
mangini, boat, ship.
maya, made of.
meb, worship, serve.
ma, mother, measure, light, water.
mat, middle, midmost, midday, centre.
mk, to give.
meh, cubit-measure; a name of the measurer.
ma, to grow, live; makh, ripen.
Meh-urt, the cow-headed Hathor.
makh, to dance.
makh, devoted to.
mera, circle, ring, tie, swathe, envelope, bind round.
mam, the dead, the mummy, the mortal, to die, to end.
men, to go round; ment, a collar.
menk, clothes or ornaments; maank, the counterpoise of a collar.
men-men, to perambulate and go round, as in minnying.
men, the bull, the typical male; the generator Men-Amen.
mennu, to image; menkh, form, fabricate, create, the workman.
men, to be resolute, firm, to stand.
merau, to die.
merti, the dead.
ma, wind, vapour, breath, puff of air; merit, persons attached, the dead
    or spirits.
mesore, last month of Egyptian sacred year; masiu, last night of the year.
mes, a new birth; mesiu, evening meal of New Years Day.
mesore, month of the lentils offered to Horus, the child.
mut, mat, or meht, mother.
mahat, an enclosure of the dead, a sepulchre; mat, chamber, tomb.
mata, male member.
Mti, the goddess of measure, weight, and right rule.
mati, sing, praise.
mat, venom.
makhennu, boat of the dead; khennu, boat.
mak, to make.
mhebi, humble.
mehana, penis.
mekhala, girdle, belt, zone.
mu, to unite, he united, accompany; milah, joining, combining together.
minute, or minoti, to fix, fasten, found, establish.
mira, the sea, ocean, limit, boundary.
mish, to sprinkle, moisten, wet.
misra, mixed, adulterated.
mit, a column.
mita, meted, limited, divided, hounded.
mith, par, unite.
mitra, the sun who beholds with unwinking eye.
mna, or man, to fix in the mind, remember.
mn, to crush, smash, kill.
mrita, dead, deceased.
mud, wife, woman.
muhus, in a bewildering, confusing manner.
mukura, a mirror.
mula, a root, to be rooted or attached to.
munda, to he defective as in baldness.
mura, rushing, impetuous.
Murmura, the god of love.
mushka, mass.
mushka, the pudendum muliebria; also the scrotum.
hana, phallus.
mhu, girth, wreath, or crown, sign of fulfilment.
mer, to be attached; merti, persons attached.
men, to place firm, establish; a monument, memorial.
men, the sea; mera, land and water limit.
mas, to steep, anoint, dip.
mesi, chaos, cake, mass; maka, adulterate or mix; mak, mixed.
mat, granite, sole of the foot; mats, stay, support.
mat, division of land, boundary.
mati, pair of feet, the Two Truths.
matra, the witness.
men, to fix, place firmly, a memorial.
mer, to end; merhu, club, lance, pike.
merti, the dead.
mut, the mother.
mes-mes, confusion, mes; English, muss.
mher, a mirror.
mer, attachment.
mennut, defect, ills.
maharu, the hero, soldier, warrior-youth, the Mars.
mer, love.
mesi, mass.
meska, place of birth; mest, sexual part.
na, or nan, no, not, particle of negation.
nabh, to connect.
nabhas, vapour, fog, mist.
naga, snakes in general.
nagna, naked; nagnika, a pre-menstrual girl, or about ten years old.
nah, connecting heaven and earth.
naićika, the head of an ox; a prince of the Nićitas.
naidra, somnambulancy, also relating to sleep and dreams.
naiga, ones own.
naisa, or nisa, nocturnal, of the night.
naitosa, granting, giving.
nakk, to kill, destroy.
nakta, night.
nam, to bow, bow down, submit ones self.

naman, name, mark, sign, token (how person, thing is known).
nami, a title of Vishnu.
napat, offspring in general.
napti, two pieces of wood used for pressing out the soma.
nara, original man, the male.
nas, to be fraudulent, go crookedly.
na, or nen, no, not, negative.
nahp, connection, conjunction.
nef, breath.
neka, or neki, the snake, the 'crooked' serpent.
nakhen, childhood, young, impubescent; naked until the age of puberty.
na, firmament, space between heaven and earth.
naka, hull, steer; nuk, I, the king; nak-hekh, whip, rule.
nuter, prophet or diviner.
nuk, mine.
nas, behind, hinder, lower world.
nat, giving, paying tribute, offering.
naken, slaughter.
na, no; akht, light.
nam, be forced to bow; nemma, bow-legged pigmy; namt, place of
    bowing, for beheading at the block.
nam, to guide, direct, repeat.
num, the Egyptian Vishnu.
nap, seed.
naph, copulate, squeeze, emit.
nra, man; nerau, a chief.
neka, he false, to delude, the crooked serpent.
nas, to copulate.
naś, to be destroyed; nasa, destruction.
nata, bent, bowed, bowing.
ntra for nntra, praise, eulogium, surprise, wonder; natras, a sage.
natya, continual, perpetual, regularly, eternal.
nan, or nay, a ship, boat, vessel.
nava, or ma, fresh, new, young.
nema, the other half.
neman-ish, following guidance.
nemi, a circle, or circumference in general.
nepa, water.
neshta, disagreeable, undesired, unfavourable.
nt, or nis, without, deprived of.
ni-ni, to bring.
nins (supposed from root nam), to kiss, salute.
nodin, impelling or forcing away.
nak, to fornicate.
nashesh, to destroy; nasht, poison.
nat, bowing in submission, subject, lower.
nuten, for minter, diviner, a prophet or sage.
nat, being, existence; nuter, time, season, nature, divine, divinity.
net, sailor, and to sail; neb, to float or swim; neb, seed-basket.
nnu.t, sweet, fresh, new; nefer, youth, and the young.
nem, second, again, repeat, twice, the second or other half of two.
nem, to guide.
khnumur, circle.
neb, nep, neat, water.
nashti, plague, torment, opposition.
ni, ideographic nen, no, not, without, deprived of; nas, out of.
nen, to bring.
nem, delicious, engender, go together.
neta, to compel, detach.
o, vocative particle oh.
om, Buddhist sakti.
om (possibly from ām), mystic word of invocation.
uoh, very much, exceeding.
hem, typical female.
ham-ham, invoke religiously (variant han, supplicate, adore); am, seek.
pach, or pair, to cook.
pati, the lord, the husband.
paitra, relating to the father.
pantha, sea.
pan, around, round about.
patni, a female possessor.
peru, swelling in fermentation.
peat, split peas.
pha, swelling, enlarging, expanding.
pheru or phar, a jackal.
pinga, relating to the rat, or mouse.
pivan, wind, swelling, to swell out, be inflated.
pota, hermaphrodite.
pre or pana, to come forth, go forth, appear, proceed, away.
pud, to emit.
put, to pile, accumulate, heap up.
puna, cleansing, purifying.
pupa, a rake, a sort of bread.
pur, a rampart, wall, stronghold.
pur, filling, fulfilling, a flood, a stream.
push, to increase, to divide and share.
pushpa, a flower, or flowers, be in flower.
pushtika, a bivalve shell, an oyster.
put, to clasp, fold, encircle.
puth, to destroy, kill, annihilate.
putt, fetid, foul, a stench, putridity.
putt, to decrease, sink, diminish, be failing.
puy, to be foul, putrid, to stink.
pes, or pekh, to cook, hake.
bat, the father.
pat, mankind.
pant, mythical Red Sea.
pari, wrap round, round about.
putu, belonging to.
peru, manifestation, to show; beru, boil.
pesh, divided, separate, split in two.
fu, dilatation.
apheru = Anup, the jackal.
pennu, the rat.
pet, breath, a gust of wind, to puff or swell out.
panti, Osiris in the male-female character.
per, to come forth, go forth, appear, proceed, runs away.
puth, to open; fet, to sweat.
her, the supreme height, the top, roof.
penkau, to bleed.
pufs, cook light; pupat, cake.
pur, to surround, go round.
pur, manifestation, grow, going forth, pour out; her, well or boil up.
push, extend, increase; pesh, to separate, divide.
push, flower or fruit.
pesh, to separate or divide in two; teka, the shore; tekai, the adherer.
put, circle.
fetk, to exterminate.
futi, ordure, impurity.
fet, to fail; fetka, to sink.
fi, to repel and disgust.
ra, fire, heat, warmth, scorching.
rad, to scratch and scrape.
raj, to rule or reign; rak, an able person.
raksh, to guard, protect, rule over.
ram, relating to staying, stopping, remaining, resting.
rana, joy, delight, pleasure.
randa, term of abuse applied to women, the widow.
ras, to raise the voice, shout, yell.
rasana, the tongue.
rat, to call, speak, proclaim aloud, shout.
ratha, a two-wheeled chariot car of the gods.
raya, king, price.
reka, an outcast; raksh, hurt, damage, destroy; rakshasa, evil being.
retas, seed, offspring, progeny, posterity, descendants.
rić, lustre, splendour (cf. the Rishis).
rich, to emit, discharge, breathe out.
ridh, to grow, increase, flourish.
riju, straight line, right, upright.
ritu, time, season, epoch, period, or  times of repetition, menstruation.
ru, to make any particular sound, cry, praise, cutting, dividing.
rupa, phenomena of taking form, figure, shape; ropa, to grow, as trees.
r, sun; rekh, brazier, heat.
rut, to engrave, figure on stone.
rek, to rule; R, the Pharaoh.
rek, rule.
rem, the limit, at the place of.
ran, to please.
rannut, the gestator, nurse, the Virgin or mother alone.
ras, to raise.
ras, the tongue.
ruti, beseech, urge vigorously.
urta, two-wheeled chariot; ta-urt, the Bearer or carrier of the gods.
r, the Pharaoh or king.
rekai, rebel, culpable, profane, scorner.
ret, the race itself, plant, germ.
rekhi, the pure or white spirits.
rekh, voice, word.
ret, to plant, germinate and grow.
rek, role.
retu, sanies; ret, time and repetition.
ru, mouth, word, discourse, division, edge of a sword.
rep, to grow, bud, flower.
sabd, to cry or rail out, make a noise.
sać, to speak, tell, say, eloquence.
sać, (cf. sakhi), follow, pursue, attached, friends, associated with,
    honour, serve, worship.
sad, to sit, sit down, rest, settle; sadas, a seat; sadru, resting.
sagh, to hurt, injure, kill.
sakra, strong, mighty; sakti, ability, force, puissance.
sam, happiness, health, blessing, beatitude.
sam, together with.
sama, wholly, entirely, same, like, similar.
sama, quiet, peace, rest, calm, be tranquil.
san, together.
sana, a kind of hemp.
sana, a whetstone.
sand, to cut, wound, hurt; santha, the emasculated male, an eunuch.
sano, eternally, ever, perpetually.
sans, to recite, repeat, celebrate, wish, desire, invoke.
santa, appeased, stilled, calmed, hushed, at rest.
sap, to join, unite.
sebhu, roar, sob, groan, pray, squall.
skha, to write, depict, an order; saakh, influence, illuminate.
kakh, chase; shus, follow, serve, a servant, follower, worshipper,
    devoted to, as the 'Shus-en-Har.'
set, seat, hinder-part; setru, rest.
sekh, to cut and wound.
seker, force, power, potency; sekhet, goddess of the double force.
samakh, rejoice.
sam, assemble; sem, combine, join together.
sem, whole, total; sam, likeness, image, representative sign.
sm, tame, subdue.
shen, twin, brother and sister, crowd, flock, congregation.
shenu, flax.
an, a whetstone.
shenti, abuse, rob; shenti, male, female or mythical brother and sister.
shennu, eternal circle, extent; shen, infinite; sheni, beyond the tomb.
sans, to salute, adore, invoke.
snatem, to be at rest, reposing (gestating).
hap, unite.
sap, worship, honour.
sap, to curse, imprecate, execrate.
sapa or sepa, organ of generation.
sapta, seven.
sara, an arrow.
sara, coagulum of curds, milk or cream.
sarada, perennial, renewed from year to year.
sarga, loss of consciousness, fainting, the creation of the world.
sarka, air, wind.
sarpa, motion of the serpent or snake.
sarv, to hurt, injure, kill.
sarva, whole, entire, universal, complete, the all.
sat, best, most perfect.
sat, being, existing, real, essential.
sati, a kind of perfume.
saubha (from subha), a god, divinity.
say, to corrupt, cause to decay; sava, a corpse, a dead body.
savaka, generative, productive, causative.
scut, to ooze, flow, trickle, drop.
sekhara, a summit, a peak.
seva, worship, salutation to the gods.
seva, a snake.
seva or sepha, the emphatic male, in type and token.
sha, the embryo.
sha, wise, learned, a teacher.

shash, no. 6.
shu, childbearing or birth.
sić, liquid, water, wet.
sidh, to be fulfilled, finished, effected, established.
sidhu, distilled spirit, rum.
sila, rock.
siman, boundary, border, limit, frontier, horizon.
sinha, the lion.
sit, expression of sexual enjoyment.
sita, the goddess, light half of the month from new to full moon.
sita, spirituous liquor.
siy, to sew.
siva and sepa, the male.
slagh, to praise, celebrate.
smara, to collect.
smara, love, loving.
smasana, from sma, a cemetery or place of repose for bodies.
smasru, the beard.
smat, together with.
sna, to bathe.
snai, to wrap round, envelope.
sun, top, summit, tableland, fixed, stationary, aloft, as the firmament.
snusha, a daughter-in-law, the milk-plant. Slav. snocha.
son, to be, or become red; sona, red colour; sonita, the blood.
spaś, a protector, a guardian.
spaś, to perceive clearly, to spy out.
sphati, expanding, swelling, increasing.
seb, adore.
seb, profane, insulting, wicked.
shapti, prepuce; Seb, ithyphallic god.
hepti, seven.
ser, sser and khesr, an arrow.
ser, cream or butter, to anoint.
srut, plan, renew.
serka, to finish, go out, be completely exhaled and dried up.
serka, to breathe, supply breath.
ref, the worm, snake, or reptile.
serf, blast, hot breath.
kherf, chief, principal, majesty, type of the first form, the model figure.
sata, perfect.
sa, denotes personality and foundation.
set, aroma.
Seb, a god.
sep, corrupt, corrupter.
saph or sap, to prepare, make, create.
shut, to suckle.
sekaru, a fort.
seb, worship, to adore.
sep and seb, snake, serpent.
seb or tef, the father, the divine father, ithyphallic.
sha, denotes forms of commencement or becoming; substance born of.
sa, all order of priests, sage, scientific man; sa, god of knowledge, an
   epithet of Taht as the skilful and clever.
sas, no.6.
su, the egg, sign of birth; shu, the suckler.
sekh, liquid; sekha, the flood-time.
sata, perfect.
shethu, spirits of wine.
ser, the rock.
smen, region of the eight gods, the circumference, boundary, height.
shena, the hon.
seti, to copulate.
seti, goddess of the white crown, beam and arrow of light; set, illumine.
shetau, spirits of wine.
sa, k, or kaf, woof.
har-shefi, the khemt, or homme fait.
serkh, the sacred shrine.
smeru, to collect.
smar or mer, love, loving, beloved.
sam, or samta, burial, couch, bed for the mummy.
sma, hair, lock or curl of hair.
samt, combined, joined together.
sanna, a bath.
shen, or senh, to envelope, or wrap round.
sheni the mount, the region beyond the tomb.
sunsh, nurse; senkau, to suckle.
sen, blood.
seps or shaps, the great ruler and protector.
sheps, to conceive.
sept, to spread.
sphut, to split, rend, burst in flames, kill.
sriv, to dry up, make dry, parch.
sru, stream, flow, be liquid.
sruti (from sru), anything heard, sound, oral account.
subh, to shine.
suna, born, produced.
snu, son.
surpa, a winnowing basket for fanning corn.
sush, to beget, propagate, bring forth.
sush, or sus, to dry, become dry, dry up.
sut, generating, begetting.
svad, sweet, pleasant.
svameka, a year.
svap, to repose, recline, sleep.
svar, sacred place of the gods and spirits, a sanctuary.
svarga, heaven, Indras paradise on Mount Meru.
svas, to breathe, respire, draw breath.
svas, tomorrow, future time.
sveta, white, silver.
svi, the child or young one.
svid, to sweat.
syuma, or sumna, Vedic, a ray of light.
sept, to lighten.
serf, blast, hot breath; serb, flame, burn.
ser, liquid, drink, lake, water, flowing.
khru, voice, speech, to speak, the word.
sebau, morning, dawn, star; shap, light, time of light.
sun, to become.
sif, or su, child; nu, a male type.
serf, a blast; sert, fans.
sesh, nests of birds; sesht, preparing-house; ses-mut, brood-flare.
ses, to breathe, to curdle, attain land.
suti, copulate.
sut, aroma.
sman, a total.
suba, solace.
ser, summit, holy place, the rock.
serkha, palace, shrine, perfecting.
sas, to breathe, respire.
sas, time, date, epoch, day.
huta, white, silver.
sif, the young one, the child.
fet, sweat.
sam, a ray of sunlight.
ta, this.
tan, to stretch.
tank, to bind or tie.
tara, (with the sense of) through.
tavura, a bull without horns, eunuch.
tep, to distil, ooze, drop.
tev, to play, sport, pastime.
tik or dich, to explain, make clear; tika, a commentary.

tira, margin, shore, bank, edge, brim.
titha, fire.
tmau, the person, self, soul of self.
toya (supposed root tu), water.
trip, to be pleased, gladdened, exhilarated, be satisfied.
triphu, the serpent or serpent race.
trish, to thirst for, long for, desire.
tu or tva, thou, you.
tuh, to vex, to pain.
tuh, to kill.
tuj, to strike.
tar, to hurt.
tug, to satisfy, or satiate, to be drunk.
tusha, the hem, fringe, or border, husk, chaff.
tush-nim, silent, in silence, silently, be taciturn.
tvar, to urge forward.
tui, this.
tun, to extend and stretch out.
ankh, the tie or bond.
ter, to run through, transfix.
tepa, an ox.
tef, drip, drop, spit, bedew.
tef, to dance.
teka, to illumine; tekh, the teacher, the measurer, calculator of time,
   inventor of geometry, letters and learning.
ter, frontier, boundary, extreme limit.
tet, fire.
tem, created persons.
tua or tuau, liquid; tef, drop; tekh, drink, supply with drink.
terf, sport and dance, be lively.
ref, snake, worm, scorpion (t, article).
tar, urge, require.
tu, thou.
tuhi, to deprive, take away.
tua, slaughter.
tuk, to attack.
tar, afflict, hurt.
tekh, supply of wine, be full or drunk; tuha, to be drunk.
tesh, the district, boundary, border, nome; tes, case, to encase.
tesh, left destitute, separate, the inert form of Osiris, feminine period.
tar, to urge, require.
ucca, high, lofty, elevated, above, in heaven.
ud, out, out of, away from, apart, separation.
ud and aut, relating to the north.
uh, to push and thrust.
uksh, to sprinkle, scatter, emit, in drops.
uksh, relating to growth and increase, become tall: Zend ukhs, to grow.
uib or uiva, the bag of the embryo, the womb.
uma, wharf, landing-place.
umā, flax.
unna, wet, wetted.
uras, breast, bosom.
unat, a wave, a current, the flowing of water.
uru, great.
uab, to consume.
usha, the dawn; ushi, twilight, night.
ushman, heat, steam, vapour, exhalation.
uśij, desiring.
uta, woven.
utta, wet; uda, water.
ut-tan, to stretch out.
akh, to elevate, the horizon, aloft; ukh, a column.
ut, out, divorced, separated, to go forth.
uat, ait, aft, khept, hinder-part, primarily the north; khut, going north.
hu, to thrust out.
usesh, evacuation, paralleled with hes, excremental as in menstruation.
ukhs, to create and mould; ukh, a column.
arb, a bag for tying up gold-dust and gems.
hema, the water-frontier.
huma, hemp.
unnu, inundation.
ura, pillow, headrest; ras, to rise or raise.
urm, a name of the inundation.
uru, great.
ushu, to consume, destroy by fire.
usha, nightfall, twilight; sha, night.
ushna, essence, decoction.
uash, to invoke, desire, wish.
khuta, woof.
uat, wet, water.
ut, out; tan, to stretch and extend.
vā, wind, air.
va, the arm.
vā or vavau, to blow as the wind.
vaha, speaking, uttering.
vah, to bear and carry.
yap, to procreate, beget.
vapita, a father as procreator.
vapus, embodied; vapushe, dative case for beauty of formin order to
   be beautiful.
var, water.
vira, one time or turn, a day.
vas, to praise repeatedly, to sing or sound forth.
vas, dwelling, resting, house, habitation.
veća, hire, wages.
vega, impulse, passion, shock, haste, force, expulsion.
ven, to go, turn, twist, move about or round.
veni, hair worn behind by widows in mourning.
veta, a reed.
vi, to engender.
vi, to go, move, fly away; vika, a bud, wind, air.
vik, to divide.
vrisha, one who pours forth, first in kind.
pfa, wind, gust.
fa, the hand or arm.
pef, to puff, gust of wind, breath.
pethu, to open the mouth.
fa, to bear and carry.
pep, to engender.
pp, to produce.
f, or ff, to bear, carry, be pregnant, or embodying a primitive type of
   the beautiful; pp, to produce a child.
par, liquid, to flow or pour out.
ur, one.
hes, to sing, praise, celebrate.
as, house, chamber, dwelling, repose, rest.
fekau, reward, plenty.
fekh, fullness, to roar, split, burst open.
pena, reverse, turn round.
pena, to reverse.
uat, a papyrus-reed.
ppi, to engender; pipi, to produce.
pt or put, to fly; ppt, fly; pif, breath.
pekh, to divide, division.
pri, to pour out, flow, shed, come forth; sha, first came, drink.
yag, to worship.
yan, to bear.
yat, going, proceeding, moving.
yava, barley, or o her corn.
yavana, one who keeps back.
yoni, female organs of generation.
kak, a sanctuary.
khau, to bear.
khet, to go, navigate.
khept, harvest.
khept, the back, or hindward part.
knau, hunt, khent, pudendum, matrix, womb.





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